Subaru Forester DAT17 All Key Lost Cutting by Xhorse Dolphin XP005

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine to cut a key for Subaru Forester lock when all key lost? Today I‘m gonna use a DAT17 key blank to do this job.


Having been read out the key biting codes: A-44223, B-32433, T2468.

Let’s go ahead to start:






Firstly, connect Dolphin XP005 machine in Xhorse app, press


All key lost >> Subaru >> Input lock code: T2468>> OK


Install M2-A clamp, tip align 2 position according to prompts.

Fix a DAT17 key blank flat on clamp.













The bitting codes are all correct, press

Cutting key >> Cut


Dolphin XP005 Machine starts working…

Wait until one side key cutting finished.


Clean the iron scraps, turn it over to cut other side.

Repeat same operations as before…


Alright, key cutting has completed!

Let me take out to have a try, it can smoothly open the lock!











This is using Dolphin XP005 Automatic Machine to cut a Subaru Forester DAT17 key successfully.

How to Generate Toyota XM Proximity Remote with Xhorse VVDI2

How-to: generate Xhorse Toyota XM remote (8A) using VVDI2 key programmer.






The XM smart key does not come with key shell.  key shell is available on ebay or aliexpress.

Insert xhorse smart key into vvdi2.

In xhorse vvdi2 software, select Asia->Toyota->All remote-> 2110 314.35/315.10 type, tick From default database and press Prepare proximity remote





Read the following requirement:

The function requires special XM proximity remote and network connection.
It needs some bonus points for each XM proximity first use. (200 points)
Using Toyota proximity remote does not have bonus points.

Insert prox into vvdi2 coil before continue





Identify remote information






Synchronize with server





Calculating requires 5 seconds.




Preparing XM remote until succeeded



Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate 40 bit 4D Ford Transponder

Here is the using tips of xhorse vvdi key tool max on generating 40 bit 4d ford transponder key.


Use super chip and generate the chip by selecting the option for the chip (New 4D chip (40 bits)).
key tool max ford 4d 40bit
Ford 80 bit chips are backwards compatible with the 40 bit keys. Just stock the 80 bit and you good to go.
Don’t delete keys as you can only use 1 super chip and need 2 keys minimum to program in or car won’t start.
Just add key, don’t do akl (all keys lost), you can add 1 key without another key by selecting add key instead of AKL.

How to Renew Nissan Smart Key with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Today I’ll show how to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad key programmer to unlock/renew a Nissan Micra key.


Separate outer shell of Nissan smart key.

Take out the chip into Key Tool Plus slot, press

Transponder clone >> Read transponder


We can see the transponder info here, including locked or not.

It is said “Already locked” state.


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 1


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 2


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key3


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 4



Go back to home page, press

Special function >> Remote renew >> Nissan >> Hitag2 Smartkey FCCID-CWTWB1U825 2BTN


Connect the smart key chip according diagram, press “Unlock”.


Unlocked successfully, press “Complete”.


Pull out the connection cable, then go back to read transponder again.

It is “Unlocked” now.



xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 5


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 6


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 7


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 8


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 9


xhorse key tool plus Renew Nissan Micra Smart Key 10



Xhorse Key Tool Plus can unlock the Nissan Micra smart key easily.

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Read 2010 Citroen Berlingo Pin Code and Add Key

This is an operation procedure about how to add a new remote key for 2010 Citroen Berlingo with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Key Programmer.


Read IMMO Password

Plug Key Tool Plus connector into OBD2 port, press

Immo programming >> Europe >> Citroen/DS >> Password reading >> Type 1 CAN(all key lost or adding) >> Start programming >> IMMO password reading >> OK


Follow the prompts to operate:

Turn on the double flash indicator, press “OK”.


Open then close the driver door once, press “OK”.


Password was read out, press “OK”.













Program Key

Go back to press

Select by model >> Berlingo >> Type 3 (CAN) >> Start programming >> Key programming


Follow the prompts to operate:

Switch ignition to ON position, press “OK”.


Enter the password. Press “OK”.


Press “Yes” to continue to match.













Switch ignition off, press “OK”.


Insert the key to be programmed, switch ignition on within 15s!


Key match successfully!

Press “No” to complete.


Steps to reprogram the remote:

  1. Turn off the ignition switch & remove the key.
  2. Insert a key, turn the ignition switch to ON.
  3. In 20 seconds, press any button of remote for 10 seconds then release.
  4. Turn off the ignition switch and remove the key.
  5. If need to program multiple remotes, please repeat step 2-4.

Press “OK”.


Let’s go to test the key, its remote works fine!

Key programming has done!











Using VVDI Key Tool Plus to add a remote key for 2010 Citroen Berlingo successfully.

VAG Cluster Bench Connection Pinout for Xhorse VVDI2


I have s Skoda supreb 2012 which has one working smart key (orignal key MEGAMOS ID48), car push start button. Customer need another key so i program xhorse vvdi smart key with vvdi2 vag but end process in cluster dispalys 0-2.  0-2 mean no key learned still in programming mode. Key not program with near push start & original key only remote work, not ignition & not start.  I have saved original immo data from vvdi.

Than i remove odo & read nec24c64 eeprom & autel do automatic service mode & then write eeprom via obd & make cs, pin , mac. but end of same key not program.









Read 24c64 direct in PCB in a programer.
Put dump in service mode in vvdi2 and write back in the eeprom in programer.
it vvdi2 read the eeprom and then write the original eeprom previously read it the programer.
read the immo data and them write the backup you have of the immo data.

Need to learn 2 keys.
Original and new key.
You put key quantity 2
Reset instrument cluster
If it works this will allow you to restore the cluster to its original state!
You need original brand new keys or xhorse proximity key to the this job.
If vvdi prepare new dealer key them you have to add both key original and new using immo data option.

Connect the cluster on the bench with vvdi2 and do the steps above.
vvdi 2 allow direct connection to the cluster, only need connect power and ground to the cluster and CAN  lines.







And here is another wiring pinout


Credit to Mr. danyguit and cristo who provide pinouts above.


Test feedback:

Do the procedure above and car start with the original key. below attach picture






i try xhorse smart key & make dealer key & info with vvdi 2 = MEGAMOS 48 [ LOCKED] . I read orignla key detail = MEGAMOS 48 = TP24 [ SKODA ]
but when i make dealer key some error
the new key id checksum error , this key cat be learn to car
below attach pictures of error photo
then i learn key one original learn ok 1/2 , second new one fail & again car off
again do all make service mode & back immo data & again car start with original key







Then i made vvdi super chip transpoder memamos 48 tp-24.
than lean key one original & one only transponder, all 2/2 success & original remote also work.

But second key only transpoder no remote.

vvdi2 proximity remote may support but my vvdi2 serial number has Chinese database so today change to EU database and try


Finally i change my sn to global database & make proximity remote & write. All success.

Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max Program 2013 VW CC 95320

How to use Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max to program a dealer key M95320 for 2013 Volkswagen Passat CC? Today I’ll demonstrate it on bench.


Read & Save EEPROM

Remove the outer shell to take out chip.

Hold and push Mini Prog straight down on the M95320 chip.

Press on Key Tool Max meanwhile,









EEPROM and FLASH >> ST >> M95XXX >> M95320(pressure) >> Read >> EEPROM >> Start operation >> Continue >> Rename, OK


(Note: DO NOT lay down Mini Prog during reading.)


Read & save EEPROM file successfully.

The Mini Prog screen will show an OK button, which means “Done”.












Program Dealer Key

Switch to Xhorse Key Tool Max function page, press

Special function >> Immo data tool >> Europe >> VW >> Passat >> Comfort ID48 – 95320 >> Start execution >> Load EEPROM file









Select an unused key position: key 4, press “Prepare dealer key”.


Select “Megamos 48”.

Place a new key into Key Tool Max coil.

OK >> OK


Prepare dealer key success.

It can start engine after write back new dump file.

Press “OK” to save the new dump file.

Rename, save >> OK











Let’s go back to Xhorse Mini Prog page to write new dump file.

EEPROM and FLASH >> ST >> M95XXX >> M95320(pressure) >> Write >> EEPROM >> Start operation >> Select dump file to load


Turn on Mini Prog and hold it straight on M95320 chip again.

Start operation >> Continue

(Note: DO NOT lay down Mini Prog during writing.)


Write completely.

Key programming has done!







Program 2013 VW Passat CC a M95320 key with Xhorse Key Tool Max & VVDI Mini Prog was successful!

Xhorse Key Tool Plus MQB Online Token Wechat Issue Fixed

Xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad VW Skoda Seat MQB key programming requires token to calculate immo data online.





The token used to get paid via WeChat only.

The token now is free Wechat pay. The wechat issue has been fixed.

You can buy MQB online tokens from and wait on the device.

For Adding key job, it cost 1 token each time to calculate online.
for All key lost job, it cost 10 tokens each time to calculate online, not support Hybrid and W12 type at present.


Enter “IMMO Programming” – “Europe” – “VW”, select “Get IMMO data online”
VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS device will show that you can charge token online and check how many token you have.



1. When i need this token?
the VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS cost 1 token each time when you need to calculate IMMO date online for VAG, such as MQB49 remote adding.
2. Can i exchange this token by VVDI points?
– No, the VVDI points can be exchanged to token for Benz calculate online. but not support VAG IMMO data calculate online.




2019 Vw polo Mqb49/5c add key success

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Program Ford Freestyle (2018-) ID49 Key

This is a quick demonstration of how to add a key ID49 for Ford Freestyle(2018-) with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Programmer.






Prepare an original working key & a blank new key.

Connect Key Tool Plus with car OBD.

Turn ignition on, let’s start:


Immo programming >> Ford >> China Market >> Select by model >> Eco sport >> Immo system >> 2018- >> Start programming











Open then close drive door once and turn off ignition switch, press “OK”.


Backup D-flash before add key, have been done, so let’s go to

Add key >> Read note, press “Yes” >> Select D-flash file, open











Processing data, please wait…


Place the new key to be programmed into car emergency sensing area and continue.

Flip-key: insert the key to be programmed and turn on ignition switch.

Press “OK”.


Current number of keys: 3, press “OK”.


Program successfully!

Press “No” to complete key programming.


Okay, let’s test the new key now, it can start the engine and remote works well.

All done!










This is using VVDI Key Tool Plus to program a new key ID49 for Ford Freestyle(2018-) successfully.

Xhorse Adds Free Language Devices in Latest Update

Good news! Some Xhorse tools support free update multi-language. That means no more need to get the language authority from dealer. It is free with the last update.





What Xhorse devices free language limitation now?

VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Mini OBD Tool

Dolphin XP005

Condor XC-Mini Plus


Mini Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Dolphin XP-005 app language: 

English, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese


Condor Mini/Mini Plus language:

Portuguese Spanish French German Czech Arabic Turkish Dutch Polish Bulgarian Norwegian Slovak Italian English Russian Chinese


Provide device serial number to change language you desired.


What Xhorse devices are still language limited?(until 23th, Apr.)

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

Xhorse Mini Prog

Panda key cutting machine


Any questions welcome to contact us.