VVDI MB BGA Tool 3.0.0 cannot read Motorola key data fixed

I have upgraded Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer to new version 3.0.0 but Motorola old key failing to read or write. Giving error message (reading data failed! Error :FFFD).



VVDI MB Tool 3.0.0 will read and write Motorola old key. Other VVDI MB owners have tested it and verified working.



I try to read one MCU, what i have desoldered soon from one old motorola PCB key  and it read in 1 sec success
very fast reading.



Worked for me too.
Got “reading data failed! Error :FFFD” on first attempt. Chip was wrong way round in adapter. Turned chip worked perfectly.


VVDI MB BGA Tool 3.0.0 Failed to Read old Motorola Key Data?

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