Program Audi S5 2010 BCM2 Smart Remote Key with VVDI2

How to: Program Smart Remote to a Audi S5 year 2010 5th generation immobilizer BCM2 with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer.


Step 1:Read BCM2 data


Open VVDI2 software->Audi->Key Learn->5th Immobilizer system

Precedure to read BCM: choose Read by OBDII
Press Read BCM2 data (OBDII)

Insert working key into ignition and switch on before continue
If working key is already in car, take out and insret it again (also switch START/STOP button)
If lost all working keys, open the headlight, and step on the brake before continue
Disable security access level1 Success

VVDI2 read VAG number and key number


Save BCM2 data


Step 2: Check key status

Step 3: Make dealer key by BCM2 dump


Choose A4L A5 Q5 add key or lost all keys- Don’t need working key
Press Next

Press OK to load BCM2 data read from step 1

Put new key into VVDI2 VAG programmer,then continue
Start read key information, please wait

Now reprogramming key info, please wait

Start make key


Dealer key make successful


Step 4: Key Learning 

Connect with our VVDI2 device to vehicle, prepare all the key for this car. Insert one key into switch ignition,
input key number you want to learn.

Here 2 keys need to learn. Press Key Learning to continue.

Press OK to load BCM2 data read from step 1
Insert working key into igniton (or nearby ignition coil) and switch on beofre contonue.
If lost all working key, insert dealer key into ignition (or nearby ignition coil), open the headlight, and
step on the brake before continue.
Start learning key

Insert every key into ignition in turn
Once a key is learned successful, X/Y in the dashboard, X will be added 1.
If only have ignition coil, please stop and start the START/STOP button after X added 1.

1st key learned successful
Insert 2nd key to ignition switch and turn on

2nd key learned successful

All keys have been learned success

Test start ok


Test remote control ok


Xhorse VVDI2 Program Audi S5 2010 BCM2 Smart Remote Key

How to use VVDI2 VAG to Re-adapt Key Audi A7 keyless Go

As titled, here’s the test on re-adapting key on Audi A7 Keyless Go using  Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer.
Insert working key into VVDI2
Open VVDI2 VAG software
Select Key Learn->5th Immobilizer system->Check key status
The current key has keyless. The key is locked.
Insert another key into VVDI2 key programmer, check key status again
The current key does not have keyless. The key is not locked.
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Read BCM2 Data (OBDII)
Insert working key into ignition and switch on before continue.
If working key is already in car, take out and insert in again (switch START/STOP button as well)
If lost all working key, open the headlight, and step on the brake before continue.
Transfer data
Save data
Connect VVDI2 with car,prepare all the key for this car.  Insert one key into switch ignition, input the key number you want to learn, Then press “Key Learning”, it requests load the BCM2 data read in step 1.
Insert every key into ignition in turn. Once a key is learned successful, X/Y in the dashboard, X will be added 1.
If only have ignition coil, please stop and start the START/STOP button after X added 1.
Insert working key into ignition or nearby ignition coil and switch on before continue.
If lost all working key, insert dealer key into ignition. Open the headlight, and step on the brake before continue
Start learning key
VVDI2 re-adapt Audi A7 keyless go success.

How to Enable Free MQB Activation for Xhorse VVDI2

Good News!!!  Great gift from Xhorse. Since today is able to enable for free MQB activation (VV-05) for all user who have VVDI2 Full.  You can buy ID48 96bit cloning and get free MQB, but if you no need copy 48, you can request free MQB.

1.Just for oversea VVDI2 users.

2. Make sure your VVDI2 is full version

(VV-01)VAG 4th immobilizer YES
(VV-02)VAG 5th immobilizer YES

3. Provide your device Serial Number to our customer service.

Along with your full name, country, address, email and telephone number.


4. We’ll inform you when authorization is done.

5. Update your firmware and check free MQB activation.





Program Skoda Octavia 2015 MQB Keyless Go with VVDI2 VAG

Here’s an example of programming a smart key in the car Skoda Octavia 2015 (MQB platform VAG) using Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer.
Open VVDI2 VAG software
Select Key Learn->MQB platform instrument immobilizer->Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental/VDO)
Click on Diag to load vehicle information
Instrument version 2210
Instrument type: MQB NEC35xx Continental VDO
Read EEPROM data and save
Switch on with working key before press ok
If car has keyless Go, put the working key nearby car coil and switch on
Choose Login Method 2, the car software for dashboard belong to 2210
Press Next to continue
1. The dashboard is dark when you see this tips. You need finish all operation before reset instrument.
2.Read EEPROM and save it.
3.Read IMMO data and save it.
4. Prepare a dealer key (You can go to step 7 if have working key aslo
don’t want to add key)
5. Reset instrument
6. Add key use immo data to learn the new dealer key to car
7. Finish other customer requests.
Save eeprom
Click on Read Immo data and then save it
Select Maker Dealer Key->Skoda
If prepare normal dealer key, follow instructions below:
Here we select Prepare OEM key
Prepare OEM key: need special key or OEM key. You must provide an original key ID to prepare OEM key. The OEM key can do online operation. OEM key can start engine directly for 4th immo system.
For 5th immo system need learn again.
Select key position 3
Press Next to continue
Input original working key to VVDI2 and press OK
Input OEM key to VVDI2 key programmer and continue.
Use “Reset instrument” to active instrument after all the operation is finished.
Click on Add key
Select Learn key, login with security code from immo data. Put the key into ignition switch on accord flowing tips. You must prepare all the working key.
Select key number to learn: 2
Press Next
Confirm car has keyless.
Put the dealer key nearby car ignition switch and switch ON dashboard before continue
First key learn succeed
Learn second key with VVDI2
Test the remote control and start car.

Xhorse VVDI2 V5.6.0 adds JLR Remote Proximity Programming via Dump

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software Update V5.6.0 on  20th June 2018.
No Firmware Upgrade required
Update Online via Upgrade Tool Now
What’s New Highlights
Finally 1st in the world
all working Remote / Proximity for all JLR – Jaguer & LandRover via RFA/KVM dump, starting + all functionality will work instantly no extra Security Learning OBD programming required.Land rover 2015 all keys lost via transponder prog

VVDI2 V5.6.0 Update Feature:
*** 2018-06-20
*** Requires firmware V5.5.0
===== VW V5.6.0 =====
1. Improve the automatic diagnosis of the public security system
2. Refresh the original firmware (frf, odx, sgo): Supports fast, medium, and slow 3 refresh modes
3. Other bug fixes
===== BMW V5.6.0 =====
1. Repair BMW FEM/BDC backup and recovery code, support to version ISTAP64.2
2. Other bug fixes
===== Porsche V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Peugeot Citroen V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Key Programmer V5.6.0 =====
1. Fix remote copy instability
2. Fix the issue of smart card generation
3. Add write startup: Europe -> Land Rover -> New Land Rover/Jaguar (2015-) MC9S12EXT256/MC9S12EXQ384
a. Need to load KVM/RFA DFLASH and EEPROM data
b. Support emergency start function, need to write back BCM DFLASH data
c. After the key is generated, write new data back to the KVM/RFA module. The new key is started directly. The remote control is intelligent and effective. No additional matching is required.
d. support to erase the lost key
4. Other bug fixes
===== 96-bit 48-copy V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== J2534 V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Online Upgrade V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Quick Start V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes

VVDI2 Golf 5 EDC16U1 K-line Data Upload Failed Solution

Hi, I have with Xhorse vvdi2 vag v5.5.0 problems with edc16u1 ecu and dashboard.
It can’t read golf 5 2005 year. Something not ok with it
It looks like K line not working.
picture attached:
Error “Can’t connect to device. Switch ignition OFF/ON and retry”
Error “Non-standard upload data failed”
Here’s the customer solution:
I test it this morning and all works fine now.
I removed soldering ball and i reinstall drivers and all working fine.
It reads now over kline it detects edc16 ecus and it read immo data eeprom and also dashboard it can read now.
I check k line from vvdi2 db25 connector on PCB to the optocupler (relay) omron, and from it to the ADG1606B multiplexer then from multiplexer to the L9637 interface. Then from it to the mcu Rx and TX line. All is ok. Even replace from vvdi 1 L9637 ISO 9141 interface. Didn’t work. Then I measured supply to the omron optocoupler relay it has 1.2 v when activate Kline communication. Check also 120ohm pull down resistors, check supply to the multiplexer ADG1606B it is ok 3.3v ako also on iso 9141(L9637) interface, and also I have on oscilloscope TX and TX signals from mcu to the L9637 it send data when It activate Kline. And in the end I found one solder ball between legs of multiplexer. You can see it on picture that I send you before. First time i open it. That was the main problem and USB drivers.
this is all i tested on this interface. Now all is fine and i can work now 😉
Interface is very high quality production, but this is something that happens from time to time.
Hope this helps.

Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 Configuration File Database

Attention: VVDI2 database file released newest version: V1.0.0, Please update
your software with VVDI2-Update tool.
VVDI2 database file lower version may cause some function failed. WE
Update VVDI2 Configuration File via upgrade kit
Or download VVDI2-Configuration file database here directly:

How to Read BMW MEVD7XX ISN code with Xhorse VVDI2

With BMW DME ISN cable set, you can read out BMW ISN code on bench without drilling hole for boot pin.
Connect DME ISN cable with engine computer ECU and Xhorse VVDI2 BMW key programmer.
Start VVDI2 BMW software
Choose Key Learn->ECU/CAS ISN
Click read, then processing.
Get BMW ISN successfully
If you need BMW DME ISN cable, please contact:
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147

How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to Program BMW X3 2007 EWS4 Key

Here’s the tutorial on programming BMW X3 year 2007 chip 73 transponder key EWS4.4 system with VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.
Step 1: Read EWS4 dump with VVDI Prog
Remove EWS4 box from vehicle
Disassemble the EWS4 module
Connect VVDI PROG with EWS4 adapter, then connect vvdi programmer with computer with USB cable
Check connection diagram
Read IC 2L86D by VVDI Prog and EWS4 adapter
Choose Immobilizer-BMW-EWS4 adapter
Press Read and save file
Step 2: Make dealer key with VVDI2 BMW
Now use VVDI2 for programming chip
Select Transponder Programmer
Check adding chip: 7935 blank
Choose Menu Immobilizer Data Tool->Euro->BMW->EWS4
Load EEPROM dump just read by VVDI prog
Key 1, 2,3 used so choose to program key4
Put chip 7935 into VVDI2 then press Make Dealer Key
start make dealer key
Prepare dealer key success.
After program key then install EWS box back to car
Test key by trying to synchronize key then start.
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How to Program BMW EWS4 Key with VVDI Prog and VVDI2

How to Bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool with ID48 96bit Copy Function

Great News from Xhorse!!!
VVDI Key Tool remote generator user can buy a Clone 48 96 bit since 1.04.2018
1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDI2.
I’ve bought authorization clone id48 96 bit for VVDI2. Can I use it also for vvdi key tool? how to use?
If you have VV-04 with VVDI2 , and you have Keytool , you can combinate both device and use COPY 48 on both.You don’t need to pay extra money.
You can bind both device by yourself without providing Serial Number and contacting reseller for activation.
Update your VVDI2 software to latest version, provide Serial Number and buy license to activate ID48 96-bit function.
Open VVDI2 Quick Loader
Select Transponder Programmer
You’ll see Points System tab
Select Bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool, the bonus points will add to VVDI2.
If you buy Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit)  license you will have 1500 free points.
Cloning costs 100 Bonus Points each time.
Bonus Points can be accumulated by using VVDI Remote
You can Buy Calculation Tokens as well. Price for Token is $8 each
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