How to Read BMW MEVD7XX ISN code with Xhorse VVDI2

With BMW DME ISN cable set, you can read out BMW ISN code on bench without drilling hole for boot pin.
Connect DME ISN cable with engine computer ECU and Xhorse VVDI2 BMW key programmer.
Start VVDI2 BMW software
Choose Key Learn->ECU/CAS ISN
Click read, then processing.
Get BMW ISN successfully
If you need BMW DME ISN cable, please contact:
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147

How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to Program BMW X3 2007 EWS4 Key

Here’s the tutorial on programming BMW X3 year 2007 chip 73 transponder key EWS4.4 system with VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.
Step 1: Read EWS4 dump with VVDI Prog
Remove EWS4 box from vehicle
Disassemble the EWS4 module
Connect VVDI PROG with EWS4 adapter, then connect vvdi programmer with computer with USB cable
Check connection diagram
Read IC 2L86D by VVDI Prog and EWS4 adapter
Choose Immobilizer-BMW-EWS4 adapter
Press Read and save file
Step 2: Make dealer key with VVDI2 BMW
Now use VVDI2 for programming chip
Select Transponder Programmer
Check adding chip: 7935 blank
Choose Menu Immobilizer Data Tool->Euro->BMW->EWS4
Load EEPROM dump just read by VVDI prog
Key 1, 2,3 used so choose to program key4
Put chip 7935 into VVDI2 then press Make Dealer Key
start make dealer key
Prepare dealer key success.
After program key then install EWS box back to car
Test key by trying to synchronize key then start.
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How to use VVDI2 to Program BMW 730Li E66 Smart Key

Guide: How to program smart remote on a BMW 730Li E66 year with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer.
BMW 730Li E66 year 2007 with CAS1 immo system with key slot
Have 1 working 3-button key, need to add another smart remote key
Procedure with VVDI2 BMW:
Connect VVDI2 with vehicle and laptop
Insert original remote into key slot and turn ignition on
Open software VVDI2 Quick Start
Open BMW software
Press Connect button
VVDI2 identified vehicle information: BMW CAS1 315MHz key No 4
Select first option: Add key: add key you should insert working key before continue next
Take away dealer key from ignition witch before press OK
If keyless remote should bring outside car
Connect to CAS
Save key info
There are 4 keys in system
Save key into file
select unused key position and Prepare dealer key with programmer
Put new key into VVDI2 programmer
Is the new key have keyless, if have press YES, otherwise NO
Key make okay and locked. Please use it start the car.
If cannot start engine. Use Add key function add the dealer key to CAS system.
If key can start engine, but keyless not working, pleas use “Repair Keyless key” function
Now key already programmed try to start
Try to synchronize then start.

How to make BMW X3 EWS4 key by VVDI Prog EWS4 adapter

Here’s little guide to make BMW X3 EWS4 transponder key with new VVDI PROG EWS4 adapter and VVDI2 key programmer.
Step 1: Read EWS4 Eeprom by VVDI Prog
Remove dash
Take out EWS4 immo box
Disassemble the EWS4 module
Put EWS4 module in the VVDI PROG EWS4 adapter and lock it
Connect VVDI PROG with EWS4 adapter, then connect vvdi programmer with computer with USB cable
Open VVDI Prog software
Select Type 4th Immo, BMW and chip EWS4 adapter
Check connection diagram
Click Read ID to identify the Micro and make sure that the connection is correct to avoid possible failures.
Chip initialization, make sure all chip type matches
It has to match any of them, if not, it is connected badly
Click Read to read eeprom data and save it
Step 2: Program EWS4 key by VVDI2 BMW
Open VVDI2 software
Select Transponder Programmer
Select Auto detect Transponder: PCF7935
Choose Immobilizer Data Tool function
Select region, vehicle make and immo type
Click Load EEPROM Dump
select an unused key position and press Make Dealer Key
Prepare dealer key success. Now the key can start engine.
Reinstall EWS4 module back to car.
Test the new key, remote works, car starts

VVDI2 Program 2013 BMW X1 CAS3++ Smart Key Step by Step

Here’s step-by-step guide on programming smart remote key BMW X1 CAS3++ 2013 with Xhorse VVDI2 BMW key programmer.
Connect VVDI2 with vehicle and computer
Choose VVDI2 BMW menu
Select Auto Detect> Connect
VVDI2 read information: CAS ID, Key cutting code, frequency 315MHz etc
Click on Get Key Info:
Add key: You should insert a working key into ignition and connect device with car before continue.
If you want to program all keys lost, you should insert a new key into ignition and connect device with car before continue (You need backup CAS EEPROM for CAS3 encrypt version and ISTA P4 version)
VVDI2 will ask to flash CAS firmware
Need to flash CAS firmware 10 minutes to continue
Current CAS is ISTAP version, we need flash CAS firmware to continue OBD opeartion
Press YES to flash CAS firmware
Flash success. Insert working key to ignition and turn on
The dealer key should be taken away from ignition switch
If key is keyless, please move it out of car
If there’s no key in ignition, continue anyway
USE “Save Key Info” to save the original key information
Add new key to key number 3
Select Prepare dealer key with programmer
Put new key into VVDI2 key programmer
New key is not keyless, press NO
VVDI2 makes BMW X1 2013 dealer key success
Try to start, synchronize then can start

How to use VVDI2 4.3.0 to program BMW FEM BDC key

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer V4.3.0 software released BMW FEM/BDC system key programming function.


VVDI2 V4.3.0 update (2017-08-16)
*** Require firmware V4.3.0
************************************************* *********************
===== VAG V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== BMW V4.3.0 =====
1. Add BMW FEM/BDC system key learning, erase key
2. Add BMW FEM/BDC system reset KM
3. Add FEM/BDC syste backup coding, restore coding
4. Attention: FEM/BDC Key Learn is an option function, it require buy license or exchange with bonus points. Contact your dealer for help!===== Porsche V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== PSA V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== Transponder Programmer V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== J2534 V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

Q: After activation the fem bdc it will work without tokens?
A:  Yes.

VVDI2 – BMW FEM/BDC system(function released and available, just no user manual)
Users can refer to following information (3 steps for make keys:get key info->programming FEM/BDC system->make keys) make new key with ignition switch(support add spare key and all key lost, all key lost require ISN) reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually) erase key(after erase the key position become blank position) backup coding restore coding


1.backup coding and restore coding can direct operation generally.
2.add keys, reset KM, erase key must programming FEM/BDC system first FEM/BDC interface, if ‘get key info’ the type not support, it will show:customer should use “BMW E-sys software” program FEM/BDC system.then programming FEM/BDC system with VVDI2 BMW
4.when operation on ‘programming FEM/BDC system’interface,please don’t close this software window until all procedures completed.
5.programming FEM/BDC system, require soldering and get eeprom.(FEM 95128 chip, BDC 95256 chip)usually there are 2 same chips on the module, please refer to the software diagram, select the correct one.
6.programming FEM/BDC system,must restore the original eeprom, restore coding.if cannot restore coding or after restore coding assemble FEM/BDC module back to car,but with problem(such as the remote control cannot start the car
or the car with window problem)please use “BMW E-sys software” coding for FEM/BDC system
7.if connect power to FEM/BDC module, but the relay keep ringing,please contact technical support for help.usually operation on FEM/BDC should be ok,just need to programming.

If your vvdi2 already bind to condor,then BMW FEM/BDC = 600 USD
without condor: BMW FEM/BDC = 800usdPls note:1.Your vvdi2 must already has BMW OBD functions
2.After payment, pls give us serial number of VVDI2 and condor(if you have)

Instructions of FEM/BDC:–18197.html

BMW FEM/BDC Authorization for VVDI2 (With Condor)

BMW FEM/BDC Authorization for VVDI2 (Without Condor)


VVDI 2 Updated to V4.3.1 (2017-08-18)
Free Download VVDI2 V4.3.1 Software

For 4.3.0 software users, just download 4.3.1 directly, no need update firmware again.

Require firmware V4.3.0
************************************************* *********************
===== VAG V4.3.1 =====
1. Copy 48 function: Support Passat B6/CC with 48 transponder
2. Bugfix

===== BMW V4.3.1 =====
1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn
2. Bugfix

===== Porsche V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== PSA V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== J2534 V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.3.0 =====
1. Bugfix

VVDI2 and Tango Key Programmer review on BMW VAG

Topic: VVDI2 or Tango? Which is better for auto key programming?


Program keys: VVDI2 via OBD, Tango from dump


If you are going to make keys from dump and reading with a programmer buy Tango.
If you are looking to make keys over OBD buy VVDI2 is a good tool for BMW CAS/MB EZS. (read and write MB IR key)
Tango more features, VVDI2 good for OBD

Better buy VVDI2 with VVDI Prog

I personally prefer Tango good support and more features, xhorse it is also a very good for obd.
If you buy VVDI2 i also recommend complement with VVDI programmer.


Tango has guides with pics, free with standard tool


I don’t know VVDI2… but I have tango and it’s excellent so long as you have good programmers too like xprog etc. Most makes/models have guides with pics. Also many makers are free with standard tool and you can just add when you need


VVDI2 + Tango better than Zed full


If you mean original Tango and VVDI2 full…than this group will be better than zed full, thats my opinion…but there is a lot of car that you will need to remove BCM’s, immo’s…etc because vvdi2 and tango are more eeprom based tools, except vvdi2 making bmw and vag over obd2, skp900 and obdstar are obd2 tools but cant help you with fiat, opel, renault and with some few brands


VVDI2 + VVDI Prog good for VAG + BMW


If you looking only for VAG + BMW , then VVDI2 and VVDI prog is way to go. No need any other tool. In VVDI2 you have also programmer similar to Tango that you can make keys buy dump, but 90% of VAG and BMW can be done by OBD in VVDI2.


VVDI2 = VVDI + Tango + …


VVDI 2 includes all the VVDI functions, the function of Tango…. has improved remote control generation and chip identification, and also enhanced the coil’s stability
Moreover, you don’t have to connect VVD2 with a computer or other devices to identify chip or detect remote frequently.




VVDI2 wins! Wins in OBD making keys! Wins in VAG + BMW key programming.



Correct odometer
Generate key
Unlock key
Fix CAS computer



Read & write Immo4/Immo5 system
Learn key
Program BCM remote
K-Line instrument immobilizer box
Correct odometer
Program control unit
Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection
Support data manipulation tools


VVDI2 key programmer:

Program key chip
Generate specialized chips
Immobilizer data processing tool
Other key tools
Generate remote control