Audi A4 B7 cluster RB8 Key Learning by VVDI2

Have Audi A4 B7 cluster RB8 to make key. no problem with Xhorse vvdi2..If u want to be on safe side save eeprom first.
I’ll explain how make new key using Xhorse VVDI2:
option: Key learn in menu then cluster instrument A4 rb8
And follow procedure
Read eeprom and save then read immo data and save them as text example vin , cs , pin code , ……..
Then precode transponder with cs and then learn it to car using pin code
That way in case something went wrong you be safe
I prepared key and add key option. Not use pin code.
Key learning and car start but not have a remote control.
Maybe wrong key
Fcc is the same of both key ?
You should consider that remote controls must be programmed separately from transponder with diagnostic device. but if its electronic it should work straight ahead.

VVDI MB or CGDI MB to add FBS4 key?

The answer is only dealer can add FBS4 keys. VVDI MB tool V5.0.2 can disable FBS4 key, CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys.
1. Since VVDI MB V5.0.1, it adds FBS4 disable key function(Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support
W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type.
2. CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys:
CGDI can read FBS4 keys and knows if it’s in a working status or if the key is damaged;
That is CGDI can’t make calculation for FBS4 . Only Read to know the status.


FBS4 applicable models: April 2013 to Present, Model W212; July 2013 to Present, Models 166, 207, V212; September 2014 to Present, Model 218; November 2014 to Present, Models 117, 156; April 2015 to Present, Model 172; MY-AII, Models 205, 217, 218, 222, 231.
MY2013, Model 166 with Code 803, Models 207 and 212 with Code 804.
Besides, you can check SA Codes on vehicle data card or use any suitable online vin decoder to see SA codes related to your vin. You are looking for the presence of SA code 803 or 804, depending on the Model this means vehicle is FBS4 related.

Jaguar XJ8 2016 New Key Programming with Mart Tool

Have a JAG ’16 to make a key, the client already purchased the key, smart key.
all we have to do is programming.
Tools to use:
Vvdi Prog + Cheap Mart Tool
Firstly, Vvdi Prog can read data out of it on the bench.
Then generate keys with other tools like Cheap Mart Tool and write data back to the kvm.
Google search ” Mart tool vvdi pro” and you can have the result on how to use Vvdi Prog and Mart Tool to program new key for Range Rover 2015 FK72 KVM All Keys Lost. You can refer to the procedure.
which can program new keys when all keys lost for Landrover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.



Range Rover 2006 EWS All Keys Lost Programming by VVDI2

How-to: program Land Rover Range Rover 2006 EWS system all keys lost using Xhorse VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.
Step 1: Read EWS Data
Remove EWS from vehicle
Follow wiring diagram to connect ews with vvdi prog
In VVDI Prog software, select Range Rover EWS (2004-08)
Read and save IMMO data.
Step 2: Make dealer key 
Open VVDI2 software, select Transponder Programmer->Immo Data Tool
Select Euro->Range Rover->9S12
Load eeprom dump read by vvdi-prog
Insert transponder into vvdi2 programmer
Select Make dealer key
Save new key data
Step 3: Write back data 
Write new key data back to EWS module with vvdiprog

How to change VVDI2 Database Language to English?

Hi, my VVDI2 remote function does not work. It displays in Chinese language. Also give an error “Decode failed! Please retry after update device! Error: E0-9C”
Your VVDI2 database version is Chinese, your remote is english version.  They don’t match.
Provide us your device serial number and country to us to change database language to English.

Dolphin XP005 Adds Key Biting Scanning Function

Xhorse App V1.6.7 adds key bitting scanning from photo function.
Xhorse App V1.6.7 Update:
Support connect more than 1 device at the same time
Support scan key bitting from photo
Improvement for online copy
Improvement for auto connect
Improvement for search remote
Xhorse DOLPHIN XP005 key cutting machine now with key scanning functions. Will improve more in time.







Solved! VVDI Key Tool V3.2.8 Get Upgrade files failed

Offer solution to VVDI Key Tool V3.2.8 “Get Upgrade files failed” Solution.
Tried three different computers. No firewall and no antivirus. Still keep getting error.
Post a screen from error.
Possible reason and solution offered by engineer:
That is the problem about the version , please use the xhorse app ‘online service’ for contact the people, and show your serial number of this , they can help you.
Finally update well , no problem.
Contacted xhorse via skype. They logged onto my computer via teamviewer. Noticed everything was good on my end. He did something on his server. Update now went through. Thanks Xhorse.
VVDI Key Tool stopped producing because VVDI MINI Key tool replaces it, but the tech support never stop, thumb up!!!

Xhorse VVDI Key Max and OBD mini Tool Overview

Xhorse New Tool: Xhorse VVDI Key Max with Mini OBD Tool Bluetooth adapter, it is an upgraded version of Key tool, which is supposed to replace vvdi key tool.


Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max improvements:
5-inch touch HD screen
Support Wifi & Bluetooth wireless communication
More powerful copy & data collection function
What Functions will Key Tool Max have?
Support Smart card remote, super remoteSuper Chip XT27A66
Generate transponder
Transponder Clone
Generate Remote
Remote Clone
OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.
Be connected to Dolphin XP-005 cutting machine via Bluetooth to cut the key
Enter the car directly using KEY TOOL MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
Match the chip remote control for a wide range of car makes worldwide.
Toyota H chip will be released first.
More details will be upgrading…
Watch Xhorse Key Tool Max video demo:
Video Player

Overview of Xhorse Key Tool Max APP (menu, software version, firmware update etc)
More images of Xhorse Key Tool Max ports and cable





VVDI MB Tool V5.0.1 Update Features

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool released to V5.0.1 on Sep. 9th, 2019.  This new version adds FBS4 disable key function.
VVDI MB Software V5.0.0/5.0.1
1. Password calculation: Improvement for W169 password calculation while all key lost
2. Password calculation: Improvement for the all key lost diagram
3. Password calculation: Improvement for the online calculation interface
4. Add FBS4 disable key function (Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type
5. Bugfix
Update via Upgrade Kit App
Free Download VVDI MB software V5.0.1
Note:  vvdi mb v5.0.0 has bugs. Xhorse fixed it already, New version came out 5.0.1, Tested and this version works.