FAQ Xhorse VVDI2 Audi A3 All Keys Lost

Question 1: can you advice why this xhorse vvdi2 tool is not reading Audi A3 cluster Micronas cdc3217g? I know AVDI can read in 2min.
Never the less is it possible to get 7 byte CS from ECU to make dealer key?
Answer: You can get only 6 bytes from ECU. Reading Micronas in-circuit is also possible with a good programmer to get 7 bytes.
Question 2:Thanks mate I know but I do not want to go stripping instrument, can anyone confirm vvdi2 will not read micronas cdc3217g is this hard to answer yes/No
Answer: No…
Question 3:
Can any one confirm if with VAG obd helper able to read cluster Micronas cdc3217g?
Answer :
If you have working key you can take 6bytes from ECU thru obd and the 7th byte from working key.
Make dealer key and program it.
No need to strip anything.
Question 4: Lost keys or add key. Pretty sure i did some ass a add with VVDI. If Lost keys i use Carprog on it
Answer: Lost key mate otherwise I would not have been crying, are you shore Carprog can read? is this by OBD or solder way?
Question 5: Positive about Carprog mate.
Need some sort of “service mode”. Soic clip will do
Answer: Mate forget carprog on this vehicle, been told the chip in Audi A3 instrument cluster micronas cdc3217g have more memories therefore you have to read by solder connection or you can get a key from dealer and learn by obd tool.
Final Solution:
vvdi2 do it this car AKL
tested work 100%
read abs coding,take out dash read eeprom
make service mode ,write eeprom,put back to car,read immo data,save
and you have pin and cs.turn off ignition and write back orginal eeprom from obd
make dealer key and learning
all ok
tested 100%
car audi a3 2010 year engine 1,6d pcr2,1
VVDI2 works fine on Audi Micronas. For AKL you have to open dash. Without key it is impossible to enter bootloader mode. There is no tool that will get data from dash via OBD in AKL situation.
VAG OBD helper or pull the dash. No big deal.

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