VVDI Mini Key Tool Database V207 New Added Model List

Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool remote database released to version 207 (25-12-2019)
supports more models
supports more remotes
supports more KeylessGo
V207 Database newly added model/Remote/KeylessGo
Infiniti KeylessGo ID47
Nissan ID47 2308
Nissan ID46 2383
Infiniti KeylessGo ID4A(panic)
Infiniti Q70L KeylessGo ID46 315MHz
FX35 (2009-2012) KeylessGo
QX80 ID46 2383
KR5S18014406 5btn 2315
Infiniti G35 (2007-2009) KeylessGo
Infiniti QX56 ID46 2383
FX35 (2009-2012) KeykessGo
Q50 (2016-2019) KeykessGo
Nissan KeylessGo ID47 2308
Nissan KeylessGo ID46 2383
Hyundai Elantra (2018+) KeylessGo ID47
Hyundai Elantra KeylessGo ID46 2272
Hyundai IX35 (2010-2013) KeylessGo
Hyundai IX35 KeylessGo ID46 D shape
Hyundai Elantra (2014-2017) KeylessGo
Hyundai Sonata8 KeylessGo ID46 2272
Hyundai New Santa KeylessFo ID46
Qoros5 KeylessGo ID46
Honda Odyssey USA (2014-2017) KeylessGo
Honda Odyssey KeylessGo ID47
Honda Odyssey (2018-2019) KeylessGo
Honda Accord 8th KeylessGo ID46
Honda Accord (2016-2017) KeylessGo
Honda Accord (2013-2015) KeylessGo
Ford Edge/Explorer KeylessGo
Ford Fiesta/Taurus (2017+) KeylessGo
Ford C-Max (2010-2015)KeylessGo
Ford Expedition (2015-2017) KeylessGo
Ford F150 ID49 433
Ford Ecosport KeylessGo ID4D-83 2274
Ford Ecosport (2015-2019) KeylessGo
Ford Fiesta (2015-2019) KeylessGo
Ford Fiesta (2017+) KeylessGo ID4D83
Ford Fiesta KeylessGo ID4D-83 2274
Ford Fiesta (2017+) ID49 433
Ford Fiesta (2008-2017) KeylessGo
Ford Mondeo KeylessGo ID4D-83 2274
Toyota Corolla (2019+) KeylessGo 433
Toyota Levin (2019+) KeylessGo ID4A
Toyota 12BER 15 Taiwan 1451
Toyota 1512H 314 71
Toyota 2015+ Taiwan 433 74
Nissan Altima (2016-2018) KeylessGo
Nissan Bluebird KeylessGo ID46 433
Nissan Bluebird (2019+) folding ID46
Nissan Bluebird/Sunny/Sylphy/Tiida 315
Nissan Cima KeylessGo ID4A















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