VVDI2 BMW FEM “Current version is not support”

A 2012 F30 BMW 335i. FEM is out and on bench. Have isn from DME. Xhorse VVDI2 reports this message” Current version is not support, please perform program FEM/BDC operation with “BMW E-sys software” first.  ”
Same with Autel IM608…it doesn’t recognize the SW version and has no upgrade path.  Neither tool recognizes the software on this fem.
Software version:
SWFL 0000155E 003.007.010
SWFL 0000155F 000.003.025






*This is normal.  This FEM software is not yet supported by VVDI2 BMW yet.
Possible solutions:
Had same issue with vvdi2 . Downgrade fem with esys.
You’re better off putting the module back in the car and use e-sys to do a istep update.
If using Autel MaxiIM im608 and go through smart mode. You can update the S/W on the 608 through the Autel BMW router. Follow instructions, job done.
Just do coding with esys or autel and go again.
If failed with IM608, try maxisys.
Autel has BMW/Mercedes server that only the cool kids with 908p get to play with.

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