Xhorse VVDI Toyota 8A AKL Adapter Manual and Wiring

Here vvdishop.com provides opearyoion manual to the new released Xhorse VVDI 8A adapter for non-smart key all keys lost without disassembling immo box.
Manual including:
Toyota Camry 2015 2016/2017 Years 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota Corolla 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota High Lander 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota Hilux 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota Levin 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota Prado 2017 2018 8A All Keys Lost
Toyota RAV4 8A All Keys Lost
  • can be used with vvdi2key tool max + mini obd tool
  • Toyota 8A Non-smart key car models:
    Levin, Corolla, Rav4, Prado, Land Cruiser,Camry, Highlander, Reiz, Sienna
  • NOT ON BENCH: not on bench on car no need to dismantle the dash anymore vvdi2 new software + keytool max u can read immo data and make keys directly to immo or other option is baraccuda and tango on bench
(Click to enlarge manual images)
Camry 2015, 2016/2017  8A AKL
Corolla 8A AKL
Highlander 8A AKL
vvdi-8a-adapter-toyota-high lander-akl
Hilux 8A AKL
Levin 8A AKL
Prado 8A AKL
Rav4  8A AKL

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