VVDI Prog MCU Cable V1 V2 or V3 to Read Benz W211 HC12

I have w211 HC12 EIS 211 545 10 08 (3K91D). Xhorse VVDI Prog manual says use cable V3 but on picture with connection there is V1 cable (it tell to use V2 or modify V1).
In VVDI Prog software, I select EIZ-W211 (HC12), it failed to read and said chip crack failure.




So which cable do I need to use? Need be 100% sure which cable to use, in order to avoid (or minimalize) risk with that tricky 3k91d.
Anyone succeed reading W211 HC12 EIS with VVDI Prog recently?
Use MCU Reflash Cable V3 to read this mcu (confirmed by Xhorse engineer)
There is a new adjustment v3 for mcu cable.
Then try with 12v adaptor to vvdiprog
Choose correct EIS type
MCU reflash cable V2 modified to V3
vvdi-prog can read W211-ST very fast.  For HC12 need mcu cable modification.
Read w211 HC12 with R270 programmer no problem (new R280 should be ok)
R270 can read W211 HC12 eeprom and flash
Choose the correct masket of mcu of R270
Tried Xprog 5.0 clone, read successfully, keys generated and EIS is working with new keys.
Blue R260 clone also read this MCU no problem but with some software trick.
W211 has 0K50E and 3K91D
Here diagram for Xprog and R270
W211_0K50E (3K91D)
W211 HC12 wiring to R260

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