VVDI Key Tool Plus Online Program VW MQB Dealer Key

Please be informed: to match a key successfully with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, you are required to do 4 things: generate MQB key, read immo data, generate the dealer key as well as learning the key. Here are the detailed steps:



Ⅰ. Generate MQB key

Now, we’ll use Xhorse VVDI smart remote to generate MQB key.

Click “Golf VII”>>“MQB smart card”>>“Generate”.









Ⅱ. Read the data

  1. Click “Immo matching”>>“Europe”>>“Volkswagen”>>“Online calculation”>>“Start”.







  1. Turn on the ignition and click “Online calculation”>>“Yes”, then the info. of the vehicle will be read.






Ⅲ.Generate the dealer key


  1. After finishing reading the info. of the vehicle, please recharge and upload the data.
  2. Then we can begin to generate the dealer key. Click “Volkswagen” >> put the key that we’ve just generated to the detection coil of the tablet >> “Generate common dealer key”>> “Confirm”>> “Yes”>>“Add key-need a key of the vehicle”>>remove the key and put the original key to the detection coil of Xhorse Key Tool Plus and save the synchronous data of the vehicle>>remove the original key and put the new key to the detection coil of VVDI Key Tool Plus.










Ⅳ. Learning the key

  1. When the dealer key is generated, click “Confirm”>> “Confirm” again.
  2. Enter the number of the key, say, “2”, and click “Confirm”.





  1. Put the original key to the induction coil of the vehicle and click “Confirm” .
  2. Click “Confirm” again, then check the meter status, it shows 1-2.
  3. Remove the original key and put the new key to the induction coil of the vehicle, click “Confirm”. Check the meter status again, it shows 2-2.
  4. When the key learning is finished, click “Confirm”.


Job on the key matching using Key Tool Plus is done.


Good luck!

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