Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Program BMW CAS++ AKL via OBD

It is recommended to program BMW CAS3++ (ISTAP) CAS4+ all keys lost on bench because it is safer than via OBD.  Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus pad has the capacity program CAS3++ AKL via OBD and customer have tested it successfully.  Check step-by-step guide below.  Make sure you have enough power supply.



Vvdi key tool plus bmw cas 3 ++ istap all keys lost all the process:

Connect key tool plus pad with vehicle via OBD socket using main test cable

Select IMMO Programming->Europe->BMW->Automatically diagnose models







Key Tool plus pad will detect system type: CAS3++ (ISTAP)







Select Generate keys via OBD->Read Key information



Here all keys are lost, insert a blank key into ignition switch and connect the vehicle and device well
Click “NO” for All keys lost




Reads key info. 2003 315MHz
The dealer key should be taken away from ignition switch
If key is keyless, move it out of car
If there’s no key in ignition, continue anyway








Reading key info (2 keys have been programmed to this car) and save

Select Prepare dealer key with programmer



select an unused key position


CAS key data is encrypted. support make dealer key for it.
All keys lost require ECU ISN code
If you have ISN code, enter ISN code and continue
Here we don’t have ISN code, press No



and continue


Lost all working key, press Yes



The dealer key should be taken away from ignition switch




Read EEPROM file first for this type, then run File Make Key for this type




Select eeprom bin file saved on the key tool plus
Select an unused key position






CAS3+ encrypt detected. Need working key or DME/DDE dump or ISN
Here we use try start method to start engine, no need working key or engine dump file
Press Yes to continue



If already made new key (already saved new EEPROM dump), press YES, else No
Select No to continue
The vvdi key tool plus pad will ask the current key is smart key or not, it is not smart key, press NO








Save new EEPROM dump file
Flash the new CAS EEPOM dump into car, then use the new dealer key start engine.
If CAS belong to ISTAP4 version, don’t write new dump back to CAS.
If the car can switch ignition on EVEN it can’t start engine, don’t write new dump back to CAS.
Enter try start procedure click Yes, write eeprom dump click NO



Use the current key to start the engine, if start success press YES, else NO.
If can not start engine, take out the key and insert to programmer before press NO.






If engine not running, take out the key and insert to the pad, repeat this procedure until engine runs.

You will have 64 attempts.

After repeat this for over 10 times, the engine runs.







Program a new key success.



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