How to Download Dump File from Xhorse Data Center?

Here’s an easy guide to download a dump file from Xhorse website on Windows PC to your xhorse vvdi key tool max or key tool plus device.

Turn on key tool max

Go to Setting on the top right corner




Select Scan function




Browse Xhorse website on Windows PC which will give you a QR Code to login

Scan the QR code




Scan successful

You need to read the dump data and upload dump to Xhorse data center


Then go to Key tool max, select Special Function->Immo Data Tool->Select region->Car brand and model, i.e European BMW EWS4







Go to File Management->My data





Now you can choose correct bin file from File management




You are allowed to download dump file to the new Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad as well.

Select “Programmer” function of the key tool plus, and choose “Data edit”>>“Scan code & login”, then scan the QR code on the xhorse website and login.


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