Program Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch by VVDI

Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch is designed and manufactured by Xhorse & FIYTA. This is an introduction of using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to program SW-007 smart watch to your car, the tutorial is taking BYD as an example.


How to program?

Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus with car OBD;

Put Xhorse SW-007 watch on key slot.


  1. Generate remote

Remote program >> China >> BYD >> Select appropriate model (BYD all types_smart white sliding key) >> Generate remote







  1. Write password to watch

After generate successfully, press

Transponder clone >> ID46 online calculation >> Start clone >> Write BYD directly


Find out the password from original key, then write it into the smart watch.





  1. Program the watch

After completing step2, go to

Immo programming >> BYD >> Select by model >> Select appropriate model (SONG) >> Start >> Clear and match original key or vice key(no need password)


Completed! Now you have a new generated remote watch including keyless go function, locking/unlocking, trunk opening/panic function, etc.







Let’s test the watch, it can open and starts the car.

Programming has done!


Xhorse Smart Watch will bring much convenience for car owners’ daily life.

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