How to Clone 2015 Toyota Corolla Key with VVDI Super Chip

Today I’m gonna be cloning a Xhorse Super Chip by using VVDI Mini Key Tool for the 2015 Toyota Corolla key here.


So basically I have to put the key in the Mini Key Tool coil, super chip right on here. I already turned it on.






Then go to Mini Key Tool menu in Xhorse app,


Press “Transponder clone”


Put transponder into coil position as the picture shown, press “Read transponder”.







Follow the prompts to operate:

  1. Put original key into Mini Key Tool to recognize;
  2. Put the xhorse super chip into Mini Key Tool coil to initialize;
  3. Server calculated data;
  4. Transponder clone.






Detected vvdi super chip.

Initialize completed.

Calculate success.

Successful copy.









Actually I don’t have to wipe it out, with super chip you can just override it any time you want and it’s done.


Okay, let me hold the blade key with super chip on it to start the car. It can turn on the engine and works perfectly.







This is how to use Xhorse Mini Key Tool to copy a super chip from 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Programming had done.

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