Xhorse Adds Free Language Devices in Latest Update

Good news! Some Xhorse tools support free update multi-language. That means no more need to get the language authority from dealer. It is free with the last update.





What Xhorse devices free language limitation now?

VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Mini OBD Tool

Dolphin XP005

Condor XC-Mini Plus


Mini Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Dolphin XP-005 app language: 

English, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese


Condor Mini/Mini Plus language:

Portuguese Spanish French German Czech Arabic Turkish Dutch Polish Bulgarian Norwegian Slovak Italian English Russian Chinese


Provide device serial number to change language you desired.


What Xhorse devices are still language limited?(until 23th, Apr.)

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

Xhorse Mini Prog

Panda key cutting machine


Any questions welcome to contact us.


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