Toyota Yaris 93C66 AKL by Xhorse Mini Prog Key Tool Max

Easy 3 steps to complete Toyota Yaris 93C66 all keys lost job without soldering.  Xhorse Mini Prog and key tool max are required here to finish the task.

Step 1: Read and save eeprom

Step 2: Prepare dealer key

Step 3: write back new dump file


Le’s get started.






In vvdi mini prog app, select EEPROM Flash function-ATMEL-AT93CXX-AT93C66 (pressure)
clean the 93c66 chip pin



Connect the 93c66 Eeprom chip with mini prog and pin adapter




Press Read EEPROM
Put the adapter on the chip (press the light button to turn on the floodlight)
Click continue below or press START button on mini prog to start operation




Read Eeprom data success, save data.




In xhorse key tool max app, select Special function-Immo data tool-File management-Local file
You can see the Eeprom file was saved to MINI PROG folder








Select Eeprom file, click More and copy the dump to MINI OBD folder



In key tool max app, select Immo data tool-Aisa-Toyota-Yaris-2003 93c66-start execution




upload dump in MINI OBD folder
Insert a vvdi super chip into the indiction coil




Select an unused key position and prepare dealer key
Select use vvdi super chip
Making key in progress
Prepare dealer key success. It can start car engine after write back new dump file.
Add another key need load the new data file.
Press ok to continue




Save new key file to MINI PROG folder





In mini prog app, select EEPROM Flash function-ATMEL-AT93CXX-AT93C66 (pressure)
clean the chip pin
Connect mini prog and chip via pin adapter



This time select Write Eeprom
Upload new dump form MINI PROG folder to write back


Write success. The new key can start engine now.
Reinstall the Immo box to the vehicle and test the new key.

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