3 Steps to Exchange BMW FEM/BDC Module with Xhorse VVDI2

The answer is Yes. BMW F chassis FEM/BDC module should be exchanged in case it was damaged due to misoperation when matching keys or repairing. Using Xhorse VVDI2 to replace FEM/BDC module directly will be much faster and economical.


How to exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2?


Step1. Preparation

Find a same year & model of FEM/BDC as the damaged one, new or secondhand is workable.


FEM/BDC module requires programming before exchange, the way to program new module is same as key matching.


Connect FEM/BDC with VVDI2 programmer on car/ bench for programming.

(It will prompt if the FEM/BDC should be programmed, if not, please go to step3 “Exchange FEM/BDC” directly)


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 1



Step2. Programming FEM/BDC System

FEM/BDC key learn >> Get key info >> Programming FEM/BDC system


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 2




Follow the notes to operate step1 – step5:

Backup coding >> Prepare service EEPROM file >> Programming >> Restore original EEPROM file >> Restore coding


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 3




Step3. Exchange FEM/BDC with VVDI2 BMW

Go to “Exchange FEM/BDC” after programming completed.


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 4




Read FEM/BDC data >> Revise 3 options including:

  1. VIN, the VIN of damaged FEM/BDC;
  2. Frequency(The remote will not work if selecting wrong frequency);
  3. Key/CAS security key, fill in the original vehicle ISN(it can be acquired by reading engine data)


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 5


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 6



Change FEM/BDC ISN >> Yes >> Has a working key or not? No(select according to situation) >> Input the original vehicle ISN(the damaged one, no secondhand FEM/BDC ISN) >> Next >> Write FEM/BDC data


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 7


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 8
exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 9


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 10


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 11

After writing data completed, FEM/BDC exchange match has done!


In general, same model & year of FEM/BDC can work normally after replacement.

If there were error codes, please use professional tool to do programming and coding.


Note: Some BMW like MINI or X1 cannot turn on ignition & dashboard after FEM/BDC replacement, that is because the directional lock is not synchronized. Just disassemble the directional lock to revise data for synchronization, it can work as normal.




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