How to Sync Xhorse Multi Prog to Activate MQB and BMW ISN License?

Xhorse Multi Prog has built-in MQB48 (NEC35XX Lock) and BMW Bench ISN (MSV90/MSV80/MSD80/MSD81/MSD85/MSD87 ) reading licenses.

If you see licenses are not activated, need to sync device.


Xhorse Multi PROG MQB48 BMW ISN Unactivated


How to Sync Xhorse Multi-prog?

Connect multiprog device with PC

Go to Update Online tab-> Authorization management

Press Synchronization and press OK
How to Sync Xhorse Multi-prog 1

How to Sync Xhorse Multi-prog 2
*MQB48 license also needs to combine device with vvdi2 full or Key tool plus to activate it.

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