Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Software Free Download

Where to download Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool software?


VVDISHOP.COM here provides software download free link on mega

VVDI MLB Tool software free download

Current software version:


vvdi mlb tool software 1


Language: English, Chinese

Update: update online (check Update Online tab)

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11


vvdi mlb tool software 2


NOTE: You need to bind MLB Tool with Xhorse App to perform immo data online calculation.

Go to Special Function->Bind device, scan QR code to bind device with xhorse app.

vvdi mlb tool software 3

There are 3 steps to calculate MLB immo data with the VVDI MLB Tool:

1.Identify key

Place the key in the device identification area for identification.

2.Collect key data

Open the original MLB key, connect the original car key PCB as shown in the diagram, click Collect Key data button after connection. The server takes approximately 10 seconds to calculate.

Save the calculation data when it completed.

3.Make dealer key 

Load the saved data above and generate dealer keys.

Then use VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool Plus to learn key.

vvdi mlb tool software 4

VVDI MLB Tool MLB Wiring Diagram Type 1 to Type 6

No need to remove chip. But need to remove two capacitors (100nF) and solder cable to original key according to different color as diagram.


Type 1 Audi/Lamborghini


vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 1


Type 2: Audi Lamborghini

vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 2

Type 3: Audi Bentley

vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 3

Type 4 Porsche

vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 4

Type 5 Porsche

vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 5

Type 6 VW

vvdi mlb tool wiring diagram type 6

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