Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Questions and Answers

Here we collect some frequently asked questions of the new Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool.

Q: The tool just copies a working key data and transfers it to a new blank key?
A: It doesn’t copy a working key , it just calculate the CS from that key , in order to make a dealer key with other key . And then add key by obd always with VVDI2 or VVDI Key Tool Plus  , just load the file MLB tool makes you save and with that CS it will start key learning process.
Q:It is a copy of KYDZ?
A: No, they are difference, VVDI MLB tool is better by far and faster.


Q: Only add key, how about sync data?
A: Only add key, cannot do all keys lost. Add key don’t need sync data.


Q: Does it require tokens?
A: If OEM key require 200 points, if specific mlb xhorse key points not required.
Q:What key to use?
A: OEM key or Xhorse MLB key (coming soon).


Q: Original key can renew?With this tools.
A: No, it cannot.


Q: Is learning completed through something like ODIS or can vvdi2/Key tool plus do it after dealer key is made?
A: learn key with vvdi2 or key tool plus after generate dealer key.
Q: What is the whole process of adding the key?
A: Reading data, making dealer, learning.

Here is an example

How to Use Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool with VVDI2 or VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Q: is it possible to make all keys lost?

A: No, only add key.


Q: is it compatible for the European market?

A: Global market.


Q: Where can i download software for PC?

A: Download software here

Free Download Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Software


Q: Is it free update?

A: Yes, firmware and software update online for free. Just click Update online tab.


Q: just copy one working key to a xhorse universal, or will it precode oem/aftermarket keys so you can do add a key?

A: Precode OEM key to add a spare key.



Q: Need to remove chip?

A: No need to remove mcu chip.


Q: Does it work with key tool plus pad or only vvdi2?

A: The VVDI MLB Tool works with both vvdi2 and key tool plus.


Q: How to do key calculation by vvdi2 ? Is not possible

A: Calculate immo data with MLB tool and learn key with vvdi2 or key tool plus.


Q: So do we need to take out capacitors/resistors, or completely solder free? (I know no need for CPU removal) also-will there be PCB adapters for Bentley and Lamborghini? Thanks

A: Need to remove 2 capacitors. The MLB tool works on Bentley and Lamborghini as well.




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