“FEM unknown version“ VVDI BMW Solution

If your Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool meet the problem “FEM unknown version“, please use this function of VVDI BMW tool.
By the way, such device with durable development and free update ,it’s like a gift comparing with others expensive device could cost 5000$ and 6000$. -D
The author has collected some customers reviews and hopes to be useful to you.
Q: how do we suppose to know this. There’s no instructions
A: simple just choose FEm /calculate program file /program
Q: Vvdi2 came with instructions why not this one
A: it’s not vvdi2 , vvdi bmw
Q: I have this tool but don’t understand how to use.
A: it’s a professional software and you should work on yourself, we can help you and there is a limit and logic for help, first of all you should test and try and play , Xhorse team are giving you the chance to become professional in coding and programming and do not keep a simple locksmith.
Good luck.

How to Change Phone Number and Bind with Xhorse VVDI2?

If you require a new phone number to be bound the Xhorse VVDI2, how to do? If VVDI2 is bound with a new number, the bonus points will be cleared out?
vvdishop.com engineer will answer you one by one:
The answer is yes, you are allowed to change a new phone number bound on the Xhorse VVDI2. And yes, the bonus points will be as long as your account has device.
There are 3 steps to change the phone number bound on Xhorse VVDI2:
  1. Register one new user account.
  2. Login the old user account, give bonus points to the new account (Please make sure there is one or more devices activated, only then can new account obtain the bonus points)
  3. The devices will be unbounded from the old device one by one, and bound to the new account.
Attach 3 images of giving bonus points to others:





Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI MB 2019 Xmas On Sale

Xhorse is launching a 2019 Christmas Sale that rewards Loyal customers of VVDI2 and VVDI MB Tool. The purpose is to help more customers obtain free 96bit 48 calculation activation, MBQ
activatio, FEM activation and VV-03 VAG ID48. So that customers will have a happy Christmas.
Take advantage of this new offer, VVDI2 advanced version full complete package with every software activated:
VK-01 transponder programmer
Toyota H software activation
VP-01 Porsche IMMO data tool
VJ-01 Passthru J2534
VV-04 VAG ID48-96 bit
VV-03 VAG ID48
How can you save money from the following 3 promotion options?
Option 1: 2019 Xhorse Christmas Sale.
VVDI2 loyal customer buy VVDI MB TOOL
Required The SN of VVDI2 full (Advanced version)
Free Gifts The VVDI 2 will obtain the following functions for free :

l  96bit 48 calculation activation
l  MQB activation
l  FEM activation
l  VV-03 VAG ID48
Sale Price 1100$  (Was 2000$ ,SAVE up to 900$)
Shipping Cost Free by DHL
Option 2: 2019 Xhorse Christmas Sale.
VVDI MB loyal customer buy VVDI2 Advanced Version
The SN of VVDI2 full (Advanced version)
Free Gifts VVDI 2 will obtain the following functions for free :

l  96bit 48 calculation activation
l  MQB activation
l  FEM activation
l  VV-03 VAG ID48
Sale Price 1599$   (Was 2250$, save up to 651$)
Shipping Cost Free by DHL
Option 3: 2019 Xhorse Christmas Sale.
VVDI MB loyal customer buy VVDI2 Advanced Version
Required VVDI2 Full+VVDI MB TOOL Powerful Package
Free Gifts VVDI 2 will get the following functions for free :

l  96bit 48 calculation activation
l  MQB activation
l  FEM activation
l  VV-03 VAG ID48
Sale Price 2699$  (was 4250$, save up to 1551$)
Shipping cost Free by DHL
Xhorse Christmas Sale all rights reserved by www.vvdishop.com

Xhorse Super Chip Better than NXP chip in the wireless remote

Xhorse vvdi super chip supports more chips than nxp chip in wireless remote??
XT27 chip supports much more chips than the nxp chip.
nxp chip can only support 46 47 clone.
nxp chip can’t support 4D and 4C 8A clone, better use  super chip.
Xhorse VVDI super chip support list (Tested):
7935 33 40 41 42 43 44
7930 46
7930 47
7930 4D on board
7930 45 on board
7937 46 on board
7937 47 on board
4D 60 63 70 80 83 82G 67
4E 64
8A Toyota H/Hyundai
43 VAG/Honda
8E Audi/Honda
T3 Buick Model

Xhorse VVDI2 Program 2004 VW Tourage all keys lost

I was working a 2004 vw tourage, none original key could not program it, i had the pin and cs and no luck. we purchased the new original key from dealer and still no luck. is this a 4th generation immo? i am kind of new to vw key programming. I have tried that, and just regular key programming it opens the cluster, dash, and starts and dies. after turning the key in to off position, it won’t turn the cluster on, the steering is locked also. when I leave the ignition key in the on position, i can access engine control module, kessy also. I don’t know what else to do. any ideas how to get this keys programmed????? i have 2, original and aftermarket. this is a all keys lost situation.


From one User:
Your transponder PRECODING not correct. Must show DEALER key as “YES” then it will work.
From Xhorse engineer:
When using Xhorse VVDI2 to program 2004 vw tourage with 4th generation immo, Phaeton and A8 with K-line immo. In the first step, it prompts to pull out the key and insert it again, please do not pull out the key, just close and open is okay. When learning the key, please follow the prompts to operate, when you hear the ELS/ELV unlocking sound, please insert the dealer key that is generated. It won’t have prompts like 1-2, if the dashboard is not lit, turn the key continuously. After learning complete, to try to start the car, if failed, wait the key lit the dashboard for 5 minutes and start again.

How to use vvdi points to exchange Xhorse products?

Vvdishop.com now is rolling out a point-product exchange policy.
Your vvdi bonus points can be used to exchange free Xhorse Mini Key tool, tokens, VVDI MB adapters, VVDI Pro adapters, VVDI Super Chip, VVDI BE Key Pro, emulator etc.
Here’s the solution for you, to help gift your bonus points in Xhorse App and get Xhorse remotes/adapters/tokens for free.
And you will have possibility to get Xhorse tools below
As you can see, as long as your bonus points is over 1000 and less than 5000, you can get free devices, even incl. VVDI Mini Key tool (worth 150usd).
Bonus Points Gifts QTY Delivery
1000 VVDI Super Chip 10 Free
Xhorse Remote Tester 1 Free
Mercedes BE Key PCB + key shell 1 Free
VVDI MB Tool Token

1 Free
M35080/D80 Adapter 1 Free
XDPG14CH MC68HC05X32(QFP64) Adapter 1 Free
MC68HC05BX(PLCC52) Adapter 1 Free
Land Rover KVM Adapter 1 Free
BMW EWS3 Adapter 1 Free
1500 PCF79XX Adapter 1 Free
TB28F Adapter

1 Free
TMS370 (PLCC28\PLCC44\PLCC68) Adapter 1 Free
XDPG13CH AM29FxxxB (SOP44) Adapters 1 full set (incl. 4 adapters) Free
EWS4 Adapter 1 Free
1700 ESL/ELV Emulator for Mercedes 204 207 212 1 Free
2500 35160DW Chip 5 Free
XHORSE XKB501EN Volkswagen B5 Remote 1 Free
3000 Xhorse ID48 Chip Copy Data Collector 1 Free
Mercedes NEC ELV Adaptor 1 Free
Bosch ECU Cable 1 You shoulld pay for delivery yourself.
XHORSE XKA600EN VVDI X003 Audi A6L Q7 Style Universal Remote Key 10 Free
3200 Mercedes NEC Key Adaptor 1 Free
4500 VVDI Mini Key Tool 1 Free
Time: No limit
Delivery: Free delivery for almost all gifts, expect Bosch ECU cable (you should pay for shipment yourself)
IMPORTANT: You need download Xhorse App and have your own account.
Then, how to transfer the bonus points to us in Xhorse APP?
Note: Here I combine Mini Key Tool in the Xhorse APP. You can also combine VVDI MB Tool.
Step1: combine the device
Connect Mini Key Tool to your phone via Bluetooth
Go to [Device&History]
Go to [Combine device]
Step 2: give bonus points to others
Open Xhorse App
Tap [Bonus points]
This is the interface of bonus points; you can see how many you have (here: 0)
Tap [Gift bonus points to others]
Enter your friend’s cellphone number (must be real-name verified).
Enter the quantity of points will give in exchange for gifts
Confirm the info and then tap [Gift to others]
Your bonus points will go to your friend’s account.
Here, pls gifts points to the account: 13670251418
Then, the receiver will get your bonus points
Step 3: inform us and choose your gift
There are two ways to get your gift
– offline
Pls contact us
Skype: VVDIfactory.com
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147
Then tell us which tool you’d like to exchange your points for
Then your request will be dealt with
– online
You can go to our Xhorse site and will see points are displayed for some product pages
Pls contact us and your bonus points will be added to your account in the website for use
Skype: VVDIfactory.com
Whatsapp: +86 13559259147
Then, add the item to cart, sign in to use your points
(before sign in)
(after sign in)
Bonus points have been used!
  1. if you don’t have enough bonus points, you should pay USD for the left by PayPal
  2. if points and shipment are 0 (zero) and you pay 0, the PayPal button will not be displayed!
Tip: How to get bonus points
Here’s the list of items coming with bonus points:
  1. Remote bonus points
Item Bonus Points you will have
Xhorse Wired Remote 25
Xhorse Wireless Remote 40
Xhorse Super Remote 40
Xhorse Smart Key 60
That is, if you buy Xhorse keys above, bonus points will come to you.
  1. VVDI MB bonus points
VVDI MB bonus points differ from that thru remotes.
200 MB bonus points = 1 token for VVDI MB Tool
The token can be used for online password calculation!
The bonus points can be used for:
– copy transponder 48 96 bit using mini key tool, vvdi keytool or vvdi2 (100 points is required for online calculation)
– OBD copy transponder 48 using vvdi2 (100 points is required for online calculation)
– generate Toyota H chip (100 points is required unless you use VVDI super chip)
Also, you can use your bonus points for some Xhorse tools or authorization in Xhorse App – SHOP, incl. tokens for VVDI MB Tool

VVDI MB Device Not Found Error Solution

Issues with VVDI MB Tool: No USB Connection – Device Not Found
Hi there Folks…..
Hope all doing well here.
Well my MB tool after couple years of good use and many smiles suddenly is giving me some sadness.
All was working fine. Suddenly now when I plug it in then VVDI MB Tool software says ” CANNOT FIND DEVICE”.
I tried another USB cable, another USB port, Another Laptop with Win7. Nothing nothing nothing.
Doesn’t even show a port in Device manager. I then tried FTDI prog to see if that detects it and nothing……..

When I connect my VVDi2 and VVDi prog with the same cables and ports etc and all those working fine.
My MB Tool only green light comes on and that’s it. I opened the casing and checked it and nothing seems physically damaged or blown. I resoldered the USB connector and tested the continuity with a tester and all show fine.
Seems the USB interface chip is dead.
I really feel sad as this tool is in daily use and I really rely on it every day. I would hate to go back to my old Ak500 or anything else.
(It’s got nothing to do with software update as the Upgrade kit also doesn’t detect it)
Answer on how to do FTDI check:
Detecting fault isn’t an easy task if you are not skilled with electronics (low level let’s call it), important thing for ftdi to work is to have supply 5v usually taken from usb (pin 20 vcc pin 19 reset), usb data lines D+D- to FTDI pins also should be check these go to pin 15 & 16, then RxD and TxD (pin1 & pin5) these should go to main MCU.
Check FTDI designs and see how VVDI has done the configuration.
Check connections with multi meter (could be usb connector faulty), some designs have 22ohm on data lines D+ & D- and also a 1K resistor for reset FTDI during insertion on PC so device is detected properly.
Hope this helps a bit concerning FTDI check, since you said Mprog (ftprog) doesn’t detect the FTDI properly…, worst case could be faulty FDTI due some static discharge.
Check Attached schematic VCC,GND, RESET TxD & RxD are important for you (this is a example of using FTDI in some circuit).
Continue checking the fault:
Ok So at least I got some smiles back.
This machine does not have FTDI chip. I don’t know how it communicates… Maybe doesn’t need FTDI.
I measured voltages coming in from USB and on the closest component to the USB port I found that I had one pin with 5V and others nothing.
I opened up my VVDI2 and VVDI prog to compare and tested them and found that on the same component next to USB port I had one pin with 5v and other with 3v.
So I took the component from my VVDI prog as it’s the cheaper of the 2 to experiment with and moved it to my VVDI MB  and connected it up. Voila it works again. It appears in device manager and also software reads and everything working fine.
What component is it you may ask?
4 Pin SMD marked WR1. With some google searching, I find that it is PRTR5V0U2XESD Protection. Seems this is specifically designed to protect your device from any Surge from the USB port. This component acts like a fuse which will blow but prevent further damage caused by static / USB surge when connecting and disconnecting.
Cost of component is around $0.3 each or even less depends where you shop.


Job is well done: 
You have done well, STM32F4xx if I’m not wrong VVDI use and this MCU has USB witch can run as Virtual COM Port Host (CDC Host), USB HID etc.
For test purpose only when you had noticed the fault even with removed ESD protection the device should be detected properly, but mounting a new esd protection is highly recommended.
Thanks to @obeids & @ficho (DK Veteran).

Program Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Key using VVDI2 MQB Smart Key

Topic: how to add one new key for Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Remote Key via Xhorse VVDI2 & Xhorse MQB remote key XSMQB1EN.
This is Xhorse XSMQB1EN remote key with 3 buttons:


This is working original remote key:
Insert the original remote key to ignition and turn on.
Connect VVDI2 to Skoda Octavia via the OBD2 cable, open the VVDI2 software, click on “Diag” to read out VAG number, version, instrument type etc.
Click on “Read IMMO data”.
Click on “Ok”.
Choose login method 1, then “Next”.
The dashboard is dark…Please read the 7 tips, and click on “OK”.
Click on “OK” to use “Reset Instrument” to active instrument after all the operation is finished.
Click on “Save file”.
Click on “Reset Instrument” until you can see “Reset success”.
Press “OK” to load immodata.
Select “Skoda”, then option 2 ” Make OEM key with “VVDI Proximity remote”.
Click on “Check working key position”.
Pull out the original key from the ignition, and input it into the VVDI2 programmer.
Select “Key 2.”.
Finally click on “Next”.
Click on “Yes”, then “Add key”, then “Yes”






Click on “No” to not save the synchronize data.
Input MQB remote to VVDI2 programmer and continue. (“VVDI2 proximity remote” use VVDI2 transponder programmer -> prepare proximity remote” can prepare MQB remote).
Prepare dealer key success. Please learn the new dealer key to car.
Click on “Add key” and get message ” you should backup EEPROM and immodata before learning key.”
Input key number “2” then click on “Load immo data”.
Click on “Next”.
Car has no keyless.
Insert the dealer key into car and switch on for at least 2 seconds. the time for change key should smaller than 5 seconds. Press Okay button after all key is learned.
Then click on “OK”.
Start learning…
All keys successfully learned.
Test dealer key remote works or not.
Thanks to VVDI2 and the Xhorse MQB Remote key. They did a good job to add remote key for Skoda Octavia MQB 2017.

How to Add Passat 2017 MQB JC Keyless Remote by VVDI2 and OBD Helper

Only working with one OBD helper can VVDI2 add new keys on VW Passat MQB JC keyless remote key.
Immo type:
MQB -Johnson Controls
VAG OBD helper (with Network Connection)
One original keyless GO key
Video Guide
Step 1. Use OBD helper to read the MQB – NEC35XX part immo data
The original remote key can start the car, press the ” Engine start /stop” to turn on ignition on.


Install VAG OBD Helper V1.0.0 software on the computer, connect OBD Helper to the VW – Magotan.
Click on “Read car information” to have info of manufacture, VIN, Immo type, power, key count, KeyID etc.
Reading data…
Connecting to server…
MQB -NEC35XX part immo data success saved…


Step 2: Prepare dealer key first, then learn the new dealer key to car.
Unplug VAG OBD Helper from the VW – Magotan, then connect VVDI2 cable.
Open VVDI2 software, go to VW /Audi /Skoda Online Key Learn -> Special Function
Click on “Diag” and have message Johnson Controls will be supported in future.
Click on “Key Learn” -> “MQB platform instrument immobilizer” -“Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO).


Click on “Immo data prepare key” to load immo data.


Choose car manufacture “VW”, then “Next”.
Click on “Yes” to continue prepare normal dealer key.
Put the original key into the coil of VVDI2 machine.
Select “add key”.






Do you want to save the synchronize data? you can prepare a dealer key with synchronize data while lost all key.


Please input the new key (Xhorse key XSMQB1EN 3 Buttons)into device programmer.
Prepare dealer key success, please learn the new dealer key to car.
Click on “Add key”.
You should backup EEPROM and Immo data before learn key.
Input 2 learning key number.
Click on “Load immo data”.
Click on “Next”
Put the dealer key nearby car ignition switch.




Click on “Yes” to agree car has keyless.
Click on “Yes” to learn keyless GO key.


Learned key number /Total key number:1/2.
Please put 2 key nearby car ignition switch and the press ok.


Start learning…
All keys successfully learned.






Big thanks to VAG OBD helper, that VVDI2 can add new key for MQB -Johnson Controls keyless GO key.