Can I Write BMW EWS3 EWS4 Key with Xhorse Super Chip?

Question: Is it possible to use an xhorse vvdi super chip to start an ews3+ bmw x3 or ews4?



Answer: You can use the super chip to generate all keys lost EWS3 and EWS4 no problem. But no clone (add key).

You just need to preload the chip first then just add key file.

Some people configure the super chip to an ID44 new 7935 to write the chip. It needs luck. A few started and a few did not.

Configure the Super Chip to an ID44 New 7935, if it’s id44 pcf7935, then generate one from xt27 and program it into ews.
super chip id44
Working experience:
Not trying to clone it. I’ve read the ews3+ chip and generated key. First set transponder type as 7935 then make dealer key from dump to position 1. If I select vvdi super chip it says clone start not supported in position so i select 7935 and it makes dealer key but my dump is not modified to write back to chip in ews module so says empty position. Car won’t crank.
Vvdi prog, vvdi2, super chip no problem. I generate once id44 (7935) with super chip and worked just fine.
3).  Ews4 didn’t start for me.


Generate id33 vw. Super chip WV id33 will always work, no problems.
If failed, use real 7935 and the original 7935 poof immediately works.

Failed to Generate Xhorse XSKF20EN Smart Remote by Repair

I had problems generating Xhorse XSKF20EN smart remote with vvdi mini key tool. Try all options, no luck, and ask to use PROX key.  Generate wired, wireless and super remote all working fine. any idea?


Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 1
Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 2


Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 3


Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 4


VVDISHOP Suggestion:

Update your mini key tool and database to the latest version, then try generate more remote options or VVDI Smart key repair under special function.

If all failed, the smart remo

Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 5

Failed to Generate Xhorse Smart Remote 6

Tips to Generate Toyota RAV4 19-21 Remote via Xhorse Remote

Some reported that they failed to generate Xhorse Toyota universal remote for 2019-2021 RAV4 US/JP model with vvdi mini key tool and were unable to learn to vehicle. Here’re working experience and suggestions.


Generate Xhorse Remote for Toyota RAV4 1




Use this key option (HYQ12BDM) and make sure you use a 4d-74 Toyota master chip.
You should learn in 2 steps, 1 key, 1 remote.
Generate Xhorse Remote for Toyota RAV4 2
Don’t use this option
Generate Xhorse Remote for Toyota RAV4 3
for future reference look the vehicle up on your key supplier’s website, then compare the FCC and IC numbers, that’s what you need to match up don’t go by the picture or description, go by the numbers.



Working experience:

Making progress. 2019 Toyota RAV4 built in Japan for US market. We have made multiple attempts at using Xhorse Universal remotes on 2019 and up RAV4 with no luck. I was out of stock on OEM keys and decided to once again try a universal. Following the advice above I made about these vehicles I flashed it for HYQ12BDM and it learned to the car, this FCC is neither a match for this rav or the previous ones and I have attempted with universal, but this one worked.

Generate Xhorse Remote for Toyota RAV4 4

Cannot Generate Xhorse Proximity Smart Key with VVDI Key Tool Max?

Some customers reported that they failed to generate xhorse proximity smart keys with vvdi key tool max or mini key tool. Some others failed to generate wireless remote control keys. They have tried different keys all with fresh batteries, but still not working,  even update the key tool max or mini key tool to latest version.  Everything else is working but will not generate smart keys.

Error “please use PROX key”
Error “can’t find any key”
Error “Please insert W-X key”
It is not the problem of xhorse smart keys or wireless keys. Xhorse engineer now is updating the remote database.  Current software may have bugs.
You can try these ways to fix it before they finish database upgrade
1.  Put on top with the buttons facing up or position the chip at the bottom of the antenna.  Some tested ok, some failed. 

 2. If remote control is not working after generation, the remote key is dead. Remove battery, press both UNLOCK and LOCK buttons for a few seconds, reinstall the battery, and wait a few seconds.
VVDISHOP.COM will make an announcement if the new database is ready.

Xhorse Benz BE Key and 3 Buttons Key Shell Review

This is a short review for Xhorse VVDI BE Key Pro + MB 3 buttons Smart Key Shell just bought from last week.


What’s in the Xhorse VVDI BE Key package?

  • Chrome Side Rails
  • Lower Cover
  • PCB Module
  • Upper Cover
  • Battery Cover
  • Key Retainer
  • Key Retain & Release Mechanism
  • Benz Emblem




Through simple assembly, the BE key can be used to program various Mercedes Benz models from 1997-2015.


Following I’ll try to assemble the PCB and key shell together, here we go:


How to assemble Xhorse VVDI BE Key?

It’ll requires one 3 volt lithium battery(CR2025).

  1. The default operating frequency of PCB is 315Mhz, remove “FRE” chip to change frequency to 433.92MHz.




  1. Install the PCB into upper cover, mate lower back cover to upper cover.





  1. Install all the parts that hold and release the emer key.








  1. Putting all together includes the side rails, battery and battery cover.

Check the process, all were good.






After installation, I’ve programmed the BE key to a 2008 Mercedes Benz E350 successfully. Use either Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus or VVDI MB BGA Tool will work.


It is exactly versatile and cheap, not as expensive as some other brands. Easy to install and friendly to use.


Possible to Program BMW PCF7935 Key with Xhorse Super Chip?


I have a problem to write BMW EWS key with ak90 and vvdi mini key tool.
Is it possible to do it with xhorse super chip or need OEM pcf7935?
Xhorse Super Chip be used to Write Key PCF7935 1
Xhorse Super Chip be used to Write Key PCF7935 2
Many people got problems with super chip signal being weak or losing programming.   All works fine but PCF7935 no.
Super chip works 100%. You need to know how to set it and write it.

Write Superchip as VW id33 first. 

Super chip WV id33 will always work, no problems.
FYI: pcf7935 much better to use on rolling code. Super chip on all other vehicles, but not bmw ews. If need to use on EWS, better write it as ID33.

Xhorse Smart Key Box Adapter User Manual

What’s Xhorse Smart Key Box?

It is an adapter that can be used to access a vehicle using a mobile phone app via Bluetooth connection.  With this adapter, you can add Bluetooth Connectivity to the Central Locking System / Keyless Entry System of any vehicle that you can configure an Xhorse Universal Remote to operate.


This adapter will allow wireless(via bluetooth) locking, unlocking, and remote start.  Keep in mind that this adapter does not add any of these features to the vehicle.  In order for this adapter to wirelessly lock, unlock, or remotely start the vehicle, these features have to already be functioning in the vehicle before the Xhorse Smart Key Box is installed.






A maximum of 6 mobile phones and 6 smart keys are supported by this device.


What vvdi tools can be used to program remote control?

vvdi mini key toolvvdi2vvdi key tool max and vvdi key tool plus


How to use Xhorse smart key box?

1. Soldering the circuit board
2. Key learning
3. Install smart key box
4. Test





Step 1: soldering the key diagnonally

Soldering the original key into smart key box





check the wiring diagram



Step 2:



Long press the learning key, the indicator light up to enter the learning mode
First learn the mobile phone and then press any key to learn the remote control
Long press the learning key, the indicator goes out to exit the learning mode



Step 3: Install smart key box 






if you use Bluetooth to control the ar only, no need to match more remotes, no need to install HF and LF antenna
Insert the LF antenna (long) into Port 1
Insert the LF antenna (long) into Port 1
Insert the HF antenna into the HF port



Connect one end of the power supply cable to smart key box
connect the signal pin in the OBD interface or connect the ACC signal line in the fuse box according to the model reference





Now test on car. Support panic and open trunk.


Scan QR code to check for information of smart key box.

How to Generate Toyota Camry Remote using Xhorse XM Smart Remote?

How to use Xhorse XM Smart Key to generate remote with VVDI Key Tool Plus? This is a quick demo to generate remote for Toyota Camry 2012-2015.


Go to VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, press

Remote program >> Toyota >> All remotes >> 0780 315 ASK







Put XM Smart Key into Key Tool Plus slot, press “Generate”.


Calculating, requires 5s, query after 10s…(cannot be cancelled)

Writing data, please wait until 100%

It takes about 1-2 minutes.


The LED on XM remote key is blinking during processing






Burn success.

Now it can be used to program into the car.


This XM Remote Key can put in many smart key shells, supports both Toyota 4D and 8D series smart key. Supports to renew & re-generate again. It is back in stock now.






Any questions welcome to contact us.

Xhorse Toyota XM Smart Key Questions and Answers

Xhorse XM series Toyota smart key XSTO00EN is now pre-order, will soon be available in a month or two.  Here collects some frequently asked questions and answers of the smart key.






Q: Is it for Toyota only? what about Lexus?

A: It is for both Toyota and Lexus.


Q: it has programmable ID?

A: Yes can change ID and frequency as you like.


Q: is XM key the old or new remote?

A: depends on the PCB code , check the xhorse App , all list is supported we tried on 2010-2013-2016-2018.


Q: There are only 315 frequency?

A: It has 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz optional frequencies.


Q: How much is the XM smart key?

A: Per smart key PCB takes US$51.99 free shipping.


Q: Do regular universal prox not work with the Toyota prox systems?

A: No, you need special ones. There is a list using the XM smart key.


Q: only mentioned xhorse key tool but no mentions of vvdi2 and mini key tool.  Can i use the XM key with vvdi2 and mini keytool?

A:  The Toyota XM smart key can be used with xhorse vvdi2key tool maxmini key tool and vvdi key tool plus pad.

Our engineer tested it with VVDI2,  2010-2015-2018 all working and proxy antenna is very good





Q: i have both mini key tool and vvdi2, the vvdi2 is for the transponder and the mini key tool is for the remote side of it?

A: mini keytool just to renew it and change frequency , generation is accurate and good via vvdi2.


Q: XSTO00CH TOY Toyota 8A Smart Key can be used on  toyota prius 2007-2014?

A: No, it cannot.


Q: Is there a car list of the Xhorse XM smart key?

A: Support version: 0020, 0010, 2110, 0182, 3330 etc

Supported Models:

Camry (08-17)
Alphard (-12)
GS400 (13-17)
CT200 (2015)
RAV4 (08-19)
Sienna (05-15)
GS430 (13-17)
NX200 (2016-)
Corolla (08-18)
Previa (07-)
IS200 (13-17)
RX450 (15-)
Levin (-18)
Wish (2018)
IS300 (13-17)
Land Cruiser (08-20)
E’Z (-15)
ES330 (13-17)
High lander (09-19)
Vios (08–13)
RX270 (14)
Crown (10-17)
GS3300 (13-17)
CX460 (2010)
REIZ (08-12)
ES300 (13-17)
Land cruiser Prado (08-20)





You can download xhorse app and check Toyota remote list,  the XM smart key can be used if there is red PROX icon.




Q: Does it require points to generate?

A:  You will need 200 points for the first-time generation. To get free points you need to generate VVDI universal remotes. Rewrite does not require points.



Q: Supports rewrite?

A: Yes, it can be renewed and rewrite.


Q: Can it also work for Lexus LX570 year 2014?

A:  No, it cannot.


Q: Does it come with key shell?

A: No, only key PCB.

How to Combine Xhorse Key Tool Plus in Account?

Where to check bonus points & tokens in Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad?

  1. Log in your account;
  2. Combine VVDI Key Tool Plus to your account.


Check Bonus Points

Bonus points details >> Combined device >> Add combination


Through clicking on “Combine device”, it’ll load up. All your combined devices and what you’ll notice is obviously. It’s got your devices what bonus points have been generated.


Send & input security code >> Add combination









Combined device success.

Xhorse Key Tool Plus has been added to account, so you can share bonus points and it will be all as part of your account.


Go to “Combined device”, the Key Tool Plus is in list with the rest of your devices.

Now you can therefore share all bonus points.









Check Tokens

Xhorse tokens has not yet to be seen directly, to be updated…



Read also:

How to get tokens for xhorse vvdi key tool plus?