Program Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch by VVDI

Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch is designed and manufactured by Xhorse & FIYTA. This is an introduction of using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to program SW-007 smart watch to your car, the tutorial is taking BYD as an example.


How to program?

Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus with car OBD;

Put Xhorse SW-007 watch on key slot.


  1. Generate remote

Remote program >> China >> BYD >> Select appropriate model (BYD all types_smart white sliding key) >> Generate remote







  1. Write password to watch

After generate successfully, press

Transponder clone >> ID46 online calculation >> Start clone >> Write BYD directly


Find out the password from original key, then write it into the smart watch.





  1. Program the watch

After completing step2, go to

Immo programming >> BYD >> Select by model >> Select appropriate model (SONG) >> Start >> Clear and match original key or vice key(no need password)


Completed! Now you have a new generated remote watch including keyless go function, locking/unlocking, trunk opening/panic function, etc.







Let’s test the watch, it can open and starts the car.

Programming has done!


Xhorse Smart Watch will bring much convenience for car owners’ daily life.

Xhorse Key Tool Does Not Have Unlimited Tokens?


Why I cannot buy MB unlimited tokens for the new Xhorse vvdi key tool plus?


No.  The Key Tool Plus does not have unlimited tokens policy.
How to get Mercedes Benz password online calculation token for Key Tool Plus?
3 Ways:
  • Way 1: Buy 1 token or 5 tokens. Require to provide device serial number to activate.
  • Way 2: You can also use VVDI BE key pro or universal remotes to get token from key.  200 points= 1 token.
Add key costs 1 token (200 points) one time and All keys lost costs 2 tokens (400 points).
1 VVDI BE key comes with 200 points. BE key points can be used for MB calculation only.
Generate xhorse universal remote will get bonus points.   You can exchange these points to MB token as well.
Wire remote: 25 bonus points
Wireless remote: 40 bonus points
Super remote: 40 bonus points
Smart remote: 60 bonus points
Link 1 xhorse key cutter get 1 free token per day.
Link 2 xhorse key cutters get 2 free tokens per day.
(If you bind 2 or more key cutting machines, you can get up to 2 tokens per day only.)
If you cannot see points in key tool plus pad,  where to check points & tokens? 

A: Go to Account and bind device you will see points.
same operation as in Xhorse App.
Q: What other token required when use the Xhorse Key Tool Plus?
  1. Benz online calculation token as above
  2. ID48 96bit cloning: you can buy 1 token or get token for bonus points (100 points for per cloning)
  3. Generate Toyota smart card:  200 points (only required in first generation, later it is free)
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Xhorse VVDI Mini OBD Read Nissan Navara 2011 Pin code

Xhorse VVDI MINI OBD Tool can read pincode for a Nissan Navara 2011 successfully. This is a quick guide of how to read.


Insert VVDI MINI OBD Tool into OBD port of Nissan.

Connect it via Bluetooth in Xhorse app.


Go to MINI OBD function page,

IMMO programming -> Nissan -> Read BCM code and release ELV90 (4 digits access code)


VVDI MINI OBD Tool Read Navara 2011 Pincode 1




Start execution -> Wait loading until 100%


VVDI MINI OBD Tool Read Navara 2011 Pincode 2




Select “Read BCM code”.


Turn ignition on, press “OK”.

Note: please turn on double flash lamps first if all key lost.


BCM No. (body computer number): C7060 was read out.

Use “5-digit BCM code calculation password” function to get the password to match!

(This function requires online)

Press “OK”.


VVDI MINI OBD Tool Read Navara 2011 Pincode 3




Whether to calculate the password directly? Press “Yes”.


Calculate success!


Passwords were read out! (BCM code, old password, new password & fixed passwords)

Press “OK” to finish.


VVDI MINI OBD Tool Read Navara 2011 Pincode 4




VVDI MINI OBD pin code reading has done!

Working with Xhorse Key Tool Max can perform remote functions, such as generate/clone remote, generate/clone transponder, OBD matching remote, etc.

Tips to Program Honda CRV 2020 AKL by Xhorse Key Tool Max

Here’s some easy tips on generating 2020 HONDA CR-V remote and made all keys lost with  Xhorse key tool max in 20 minutes for those interested on how it was done .


You’ll need:

Xhorse vvdi key tool max + Mini OBD tool

Xhorse universal remote 

(No pin code required)



  1. Generate this universal remote in accordance to the original version 433Mhz immediately and did that the the transponder automatically rhymes with the CR-V transponder which is ID47 PCF7938.






From then you go to the car with the vvdi mini obd tool connected the tool and chosed AKL option from there just followed the orders from the tool switch ignition on and off till it came on and car started


For CR-V 2020 you choose this option and worked (Honda smart key system 2013-)







How to Download Dump File from Xhorse Data Center?

Here’s an easy guide to download a dump file from Xhorse website on Windows PC to your xhorse vvdi key tool max or key tool plus device.

Turn on key tool max

Go to Setting on the top right corner




Select Scan function




Browse Xhorse website on Windows PC which will give you a QR Code to login

Scan the QR code




Scan successful

You need to read the dump data and upload dump to Xhorse data center


Then go to Key tool max, select Special Function->Immo Data Tool->Select region->Car brand and model, i.e European BMW EWS4







Go to File Management->My data





Now you can choose correct bin file from File management




You are allowed to download dump file to the new Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad as well.

Select “Programmer” function of the key tool plus, and choose “Data edit”>>“Scan code & login”, then scan the QR code on the xhorse website and login.


Xhorse VVDI2 Program Golf 4 Transponder Key via Super Chip

This is an operation tutorial of how to use Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer and vvdi super chip to program a key for VW Golf 4.



Start up VVDI2 quick start, click VW, wait until connecting to device successfully.


Special function >> K-line instrument/immobox >> Read EEPROM


Connecting to device, please wait…


Start transfer/receive data…


Reading address…


Reading data success.


Copy the PIN code 04376, close the window, go access to “Transponder Programmer”.











Click “Autodetect Transponder” to get transponder information.


VVDI super chip >> Set transponder type >> MEGAMOS 48 >> Reset VVDI super chip >> Yes















Exit to click “Autodetect Transponder”, the transponder information has changed.


VVDI super chip >> Set transponder type >> MEGAMOS 48 >> Set


Setting Xhorse super chip type…success


Exit to click “Autodetect Transponder” again, the transponder information is same as first time.









Close the window, go back to VW


Key learn >> Key learn


Paste the pin code 04376 on “Login(PIN)”, click “Learn”.


Switch ignition off for 5 seconds, then switch on, click “OK”.


Switch off ignition. Insert every key to ignition and switch on at least 2 seconds. Click “OK”.


Adaption finished.
















Above are a quick demonstration of using VVDI2 full Commander to program super chip for a VW Golf4. Thanks to

Program Mazda CX5 2017 All Keys Lost by VVDI Mini OBD Tool

How to use Xhorse VVDI Mini OBD Tool to program new keys for a 2017 Mazda CX-5 when all key lost?


I am gonna use the Mini OBD Tool to add these 2 smart keys. Insert Mini OBD Tool to Mazda, connect it with smart phone via Bluetooth, let’s start:


Immo programming >> Mazda >> CX-5 >> 2017 >> Start execution


Wait until 100%…


Turn on the ignition switch.







Take all smart key out of car, press “OK”.


Press start button of vehicle for 10 seconds, then press start button again when the indicator light of start button changes to yellow. Press “OK”.


Operations finished, press “OK”.




All key lost >> OK >> Turn on the ignition switch, press “OK” >> Yes


Reading the password…


Press “OK” continue to match.


Configuring the system, please wait 7 minutes…








Turn off ignition switch, press “OK”.


Turn on ignition switch, press “OK”.


Keep the logo end of the smart key close to smart button, press “OK” to confirm.




1 key matched successfully! Press “OK”.


Whether to continue? Yes.


Repeat the operations as previous: OK >> OK


2 keys matched successfully!




Whether to continue? No.


Follow the notes to complete key programming, press “OK”.


Operations finished!






This is using VVDI Mini OBD Tool to add new smart keys for a 2017 Mazda CX-5 when all key lost. Perfect to be done in 4 minutes.

How to Program Audi Q7 2010 Kessy Key with VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad new test report: successfully added a new key on an Audi Q7 4th generation immobilizer.


Main Steps:

1. Read EEPROM

2. Make dealer key

3. Learn key




Connect key tool plus pad with vehicle

Insert original key into ignition

Turn on vvdi key tool plus pad, select IMMO Programming->Audi->Select by Type->4th IMMO System-Audi->A6L/Q7/Allroad












Begin to program key
Select Read EZS Kessy EEPROM by OBD->Read J518 EEPROM (9S12DT128)







Most car before 2009 use chip 9S12DT128, most car after 2009 use chip 9S12DT(G)256
but there’s some car in 2009, you need try yourself
Start transfer/receive data



Read EEPROM data successfully
Switch OFF ignition, then switch ON






EZS Kessy EEPOM J518 read successful, save it and use this file to make dealer key and learn key

If instrument dashboard lose power or can’t start the engine, cut the power for car battery and connect again



Save file success






Select Make Dealer Key



Place an unlocked 8E chip into the coil, click OK to continue






Select eeprom file just saved



VVDI Key Tool Plus makes dealer key success
Select Key Learn function




Enter number of keys you desired to learn
Start learning key
Insert the dealer keys into ignition switch in turn, and keep firing for 2s. the key change interval should be less than 5s, click ok after complete the programming







All keys successfully learned

Test all keys, remote control and start vehicle








How to Modify Smart Key Button Distance with VVDI Mini Key Tool ?

How to use Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool to modify smart key button data? Locksmiths may need the tip when making a smart key. Here is the procedure with VVDI Mini Key Tool, it is suitable for VVDI Key Tool Max as well.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 1




  1. Go to main menu after connecting with VVDI Mini Key Tool.

Vehicle remote >> Chrysler >> All remotes >> Chrysler KeylessGo ID46 433M


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 2




  1. Modify button-distance >> Read

Smart key data will come out after press “Read”. If we found the “Lock” button is contrary to “Trunk” button, press them to correct the data.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 3




Modify “Lock” button from 2 to 4, press “OK”.

Modify “Trunk” button from 4 to 2, press “OK”.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 4




We can also modify the “Frequency” and “Baud1”.

It is benefit for the situation when the remote distance is too short to work well, it would be work. For example, the frequency is 433.899, we edit it from 433.899 to 433.919, and we edit baudi1 from 7800 to 7600. When the keyless go function does not work well, try to adjust baud2 from 7800 to 7700 either.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 5



  1. Write data to smart key

Press “Write” button to save the new remote control distance and sensing sensitivity data to smart key.


Write OK. It is done, no need to match the vehicle again.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 6



This is a tech tip of fine tuning smart key remote control distance and sensing sensitivity data with VVDI Mini KeyTool.


Good luck!

VVDI Remote Charge Battery Test Review


  1. Does the vvdi mini key tool remote charge battery function work?
  2. Can I use the function with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max programmer?
  3. What vehicle models dose the function work for?


remote charge battery 1


remote charge battery 2




  1. Yes, it can work normally.
  2. Yes, remote charge battery function can work well with VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max.
  3. It is used for BMW old type EWS original rechargeable keys.


Remote charge battery test review


Works on VVDI Key Tool Max

“It is quite easy, the function can work without a problem. I have tried it on the VVDI Key Tool Max and it did work! It gave 10 minutes for charging.”


Works on VVDI Mini Key Tool

“I am also tried it on a VVDI Mini Key Tool, which did a few in the past months. It works fine. Today I replaced the battery on a BMW CAS diamond key. Measures 2.80v., it takes 5 minutes in VVDI Mini Key Tool, 3.20v.


Thanks to VVDIshop customer.