VVDI2 Changed Seat Ibiza EDC17U01 Immo Data in EEPROM

Here vvdishop.comm presents how work Xhorse VVDI2 VAG for change immo data in eeprom from Seat Ibiza EDC17U01 .


Run VVDI2 Quick Start->Seat->Special Function->MED17/EDC17 dump tool




Load EEPROM File,  upload original Ibiza EDC17U01 eeprom




Load Flash file, upload original EDC17U01 flash file


Then press Decode


Decode ECU information, incl. ECU Type, CIN, CS, PIN MAC, Immo type


Save as TXT

Upload EEPROM file and Flash File you want to change respectively




Then Decode
missing IMMO ID, Load from TXT saved previously




Decode success. Save new EEPROM dump.




Open txt file to check ECU information



change EDC17 immo data in eeprom success.




How to Replace and Program Xhorse VVDI Mini ELV Emulator?

How-to: replace/program Mercedes C300 ELV by using VVDI mb and elv emulator.
Model: Mercedes Benz C300 W207 year 2006
Device required:
A working key
12V adapter
Make Connection
connect VVDI MB with EIS, Benz test platform and 12V adapter
power on the test platform
Run VVDI MB software, Go to EIS Tools> Read EIS Data
Reading data success. EIS is normal.
Go to Password Calculation-> select Chassis W172, 204, 207 with ELV -> Data Acquisition
Insert working key to EIS before press OK
Take working key out of the EIS
Insert working key into EIS again before press OK
Take out working key
Then insert working key into vvdi mb IR reader
Data acquisition in process
Insert working key to EIS
Reading data success. Save data.
Data acquisition finished. Upload the saved data with “Upload Data” for password
Upload success.
Tick Auto reflash and press Query result
Calculate password online success. Save pass.
Copy the password
Go to EIS Tools, paste password to corresponding area
Save EIS data
Save as HC05 format
Press Get to search erase password
Find erase password success
Save and replace previous EIS data
Save and replace HC05 format file


Go to ESL Tools-> Read ESL data -> Load ESL data
Upload ESL data read previously
Tick Auto clear TP and personalized
Press Write
Confirm use ESL emulator for the ESL
Writing data success.
Read EIS data again
Test the ELV emulator on car

How to Replace BMW FEM Module with VVDI2?

I have BMW FEM with water ingress.
Old Fem is damaged
How can I replace with used one?
Possible to replace it using vvdi2?
Yes, it is possible to replace with a used one.
Unlock fem old and save backup file fem. unlock fem new and write file backup (write vin/isn ecu)
The ISN from ECU, you need isn save from old and write to new. Try the new vvdi prog bosch ecu cableto not have to opening ECU .
eeprom 95128 or 95256 need read and write.
Xhorse VVDI2  it okey. You can replace fem to other fem (both new and used FEM. This is confirmed by Xhorse engineer). Its 15 min.


if not connect you must have new fem ordered or used fem write new key and DME ISN and 8HP reset ISN ! change VIN IN FEM !
with vvdi bmw, autohex or BMW Explorer.

How to Update VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini OBD?

Question: I received the xhorse vvdi mini OBD tool, impossible to update?
Yes. Update is done via key tool max upgrade.
You need Xhorse Keytool Upgrade Kit.
Install it on your PC, make sure Internet-connected online.
>>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instruction. This stage do not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max.
The upgrade kit will Auto Detect your device and update to the next version.
IMPORTANT update firmware version in sequence do not jump to the latest Version number.
Do it step by step until you get the latest version.
Finished>>>Switch on your Key Tool Max and pair (Bluetooth) with Mini OBD Tool, and you get screen pop-up menu on Key Tool Max.
There are 3 ways for KEY TOOL MAX connect to MINI OBD TOOL: 1) USB TYPE-C Cable  2) WIFI  3) Bluetooth

Xhorse Wired, Wireless, Smart and Super Remote Differences

How to tell the differences among the Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote in 4 methods.
All vvdi remotes are available here:  http://www.vvdishop.com/producttags/vvdi-remote.html
Method 1: Xhorse remote differences in outlook  
Xhorse wired remote: packed in red color, XK series
Xhorse wireless remote: packed in blue color, XN series
Xhorse smart remote: packed in orange color, XS series
Xhorse super remote: in packed purple color, XE series.
Method 2: Xhorse remote differences in PCB
After tearing the pcb board, you will find they are the same in the shell, one question:
How to tell the difference among Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote, the method is to use a screwdriver to open the shell and plwe know their differences.
Note: It is easy to have static electricity in winter. You need to find a metal to discharge the static electricity on your hand before opening.
1). Wired remote PCB
Comes with socket for cable connection programming remote. No Chip.
You need to add a immo chip (like 46 chip) into the wired key before starting the car normally.
2). Wireless remote PCB
No socket (support generation or cloning directly without cables, no need to disassemble remote shell).
With NXP chip (supports the Hitag series, i.e ID46 and ID47), it generates chip in the method of wireless induction.
Wireless remote comes with nxp immo chip and can generate new key directly.
3). Super remote PCB
Built-in with Super Chip XT27A66, support more chip types the wired & wireless remote.
4). Smart/keyless go remote PCB
With 3 inductances.
Folding key.
Support newest cars.
FYI, the buttons of wireless / keyless go / super remote is much better.
Method 3: Xhorse remote differences in price
Single Wired remote price: less than 5 dollars
Single Wireless/Super remote price: 5 dollars to 7 dollars
Single smart remote price: 9 dollars to 10 dollars.
All Xhorse remote price list here: http://www.vvdishop.com/producttags/vvdi-remote.html
Method 4: obtain different bonus points
When generate Xhorse remote for the first time, you will get bonus points.
Wired remote = 25 bonus points
Xhorse wireless remote =40 bonus points
Xhorse super remote =30 bonus points
Xhorse smart remote =60 bonus points
With the bonus points, you can exchange some free Xhorse products i.e mini key tool, tokens, vvdi mb adapters etc.
On the first page of Xhorse APP, click on “Shop”, then “Bonus points”, then “Function”, scroll down and select what you want with your bonus points.


To be upgrading…

VVDI Key Tool Max vs. VVDI Key Tool

VVDI key tool Max is available on vvdishop.com now. Compare with vvdi mini key tool, it has as the same function as keytool but has more obd function and has all build in, easy , fast and cheap and make life easier.
Look at vvdi key tool Max:
Cars support list:
Question: what vehicle’s are supported under immobilizer function via OBD adding key.?
Answer:  most of general cars (not including BMW & Benz. For BMW and Benz, go for VVDI2 and VVDI MB), as usual we will update list week after week.
vvdi key tool Max capabilities:
-> OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card (vvdi mini key tool doesn’t support)
Question: What obd applications the new tool brings?
Answer: obd key programming
->Support Smart card remote, super remote, Super Chip XT27A66
->Generate transponder
->Transponder Clone
->Generate Remote
->Remote Clone
->Be connected to Dolphin XP-005 cutting machine via Bluetooth to cut the key
->Enter the car directly using KEY TOOL MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
->Match the chip remote control for a wide range of car makes worldwide.
->Toyota H chip will be released first.
More functions will be coming soon.

Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool Pros and Cons

An increasing number of users have Xhorse VVDI BMW tool, so I’d like to put together its test reports good and bad, wish help more people who are interested in Xhorse VVDI BMW.
vvdi bmw tool Ok list…
  1. Support instrument cluster memory M35080 v6 – done
  1. I was able to connect and code the test kit I built with cas3, kgm, kombi, ahl, where communication is via d-can cable. I was able to code two controllers and program the meter. In fact, before these activities, the program downloaded data from the internet. Today I tried to connect to E83 and failed, and should also code this car. We managed to change the mileage in CAS3 + through obd and change the mileage from read m35080v6 memory. For now, I have not tried to do more on the car.
  1. Key programming in 2004 E60 with CAS2 successful.
  1. I think that key programming is well done because vvdi2 has had CAS3 ++ keys for a long time.
  1. Got the vvdi bmw tool and for now I did two keys – one for E63 CAS2 and second for E87 CAS2. Both without problem, 3-4 minutes job, but actually, this is no big achievement .
In F15 it reads FA and coding properly, but can’t recode. Also, after loading dump from EWS3 it shows that mileage is 0km – of course not so big problem.
  1. I’ve read ISN from MSD80 from 2008 E92 335i US. Not thru OBD port, but by doing little harness on bench like in diagram.
vvdi bmw tool failure list…
Currently it is not possible to code or read the FA car of the 2004 E60.
But the 2009 car from CAS3 was able to be read from FA
Can identify car, but reading FA/VO fails. Entering FA manually shows only blank tables. Tried on bench setup with cas3++
To be upgrading…

VVDI BMW CAS Downgrade Failure Fixed by CAS EEPROM

When you BMW CAS+ downgrade failed, no more sweating and pain. VVDI BMW Tool released a “Fixed CAS EEPROM” function.
Use VVDI BMW function to Fix eeprom boot mode of CAS BMW.






Q:  Is this function all through obd2?
A: Need to load eeprom and then write back to the unit.
Q: No hooking up to the eprom?
A: need, you fix the problem anyways
Q:Does this function will come also for cas4+ in the future?
A: CAS4 will be added in the feature.