VVDI2 V4.8.0 Communication fault with server Solution

I would like to update my xhorse vvdi2 in last version 4.8.0/4.8.1 but impossible by update tool.
My remaining synchronization Time is 0 days !
I download in the support the last version, now i have error vvdi2 can’t find.
Maybe it’s server issue. You cannot reach Xhorse engineers these days because they are all on vocation and will be back in next Monday (Dec. 18th, 2017).
If you need to solve the problem urgently, try following:
If your VVDI2 has error “communication fault with server(5) “, try to switch to 3G mobile and try again, don’t use wifi or landline network.
If still doesn’t work, need absolutely use update tool in first before synchronize with the server if your remaining synchronization time is 0 days !

VVDI2 VAG Program VW 4th ID48 All Keys Lost

Guide to program VAG 4th generation immobilizer Magneti Marelli engine NEC+35XX all keys lost with Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer.
Tools used:
VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder Authorization (English version is not yet available)
Xhorse ID48 Chip (OEM key)


Step 1: Read 95320 eeprom data
Disassemble ECU
Read CPU IC 95320 eeprom data with VVDI Prog and save data
Step 2: Calculate CS and PIN
Open VVDI2 VAG software->Special Function-> EEPROM Dump Tool->Benzina MM7GV (Polo, Skoda) NEC35XX Dump 95320->Upload data
Calculate CS and PIN
Take a screenshot or write down CS and PIN
Step 3:  Program Dealer Key
Re-install ECU back to vehicle
Connect VVDI2 key programmer with vehicle
Select Key Learn->4th Immobilizer->Copy ID48 transponder
Select 2nd option: having dump CS and PIN
Manually enter CS and Pin calculated from Step 2
Select Collect data
Must connect laptop with internet to calculate key data
Then save data
Data generated can be used to copy key, generate key, generate dealer key and learn key.
Here all keys have lost, so press NO to continue
Put OEM key (ID48 chip) into VVDI2’s coil and click on YES
Generated dealer key completed and locked
Program key success. Try to start car with the new key.

Step to Program Porsche Cayenne 2008 All Keys Lost by VVDI2

Here’s the demo guide on how to program new key for Porsche Cayenne when all keys lost.
Fold keys are divided into two frequency, 315M is the ordinary fold, and 433M smart key, both of them can use write start all key lost. Below is operation procedure in detail.
For Porsche Cayenne Key Programming:
1.Dismantle the KESSY Module
Under the steering wheel to find KESSY computer, dismantle the KESSY Module. As shown below, a black box.
Open the shell, in the computer board near the CPU to find 8 pin chip, model num is 93C86. Use programmer, VVDI Prog, Xprog etc to read the data.
2.Write start key
Use TM100 Transponder Key Programmer, VVDI or other wirte start device to load the data that read from 93C86 chip. The following I use VVDI make a demo:
1)Open the VVDI2 Key Programmer Software,then select “Immo data processing tool”,”Porsche”, Car Model”Cayenne”,type”93C86″
2)Then load in the data form 93C86 Chip,VVDI2 will display the key information include “ID” and “Key Number” and so on.Put a new key into the VVDI2 coil.Click to generate dealer key,the device will generate a new 93C86 file(save it),and it will remind you that”the dealer key generate successful”.
3)Load the new 93C86 file into Xhorse VVDI2 to check 3 key information in the data as shown below.
4) Use the VVD2 write the new 93C86 file back in 93C86 chip and weld it back on KESSY Computer,assemble KESSY on your car.

How To Add New Key For Porsche Cayenne

For Porsche Cayenne made before 2004.06:
Read out immobilizer PIN,and then short circuit pin 3 to pin 7 of OBD port with 5053.
Then you can start program key
For Porsche Cayenne made from 2004.06 to 2006:
Read the immobilizer PIN by programmer,but it can not program key by common key programmer.(Only by VVDI Programmer or Original manufacturer device)
For Porsche Cayenne made from 2007 to 2010:
Some Porsche Cayenne made during this period can do key programed by VVDI device.
And for others,you need to remove the ECU,disassemble the storager chip,near CPU,typed 95160.
Read out the data file by programmer.
Open the data file.
The pin code locate at section 040 and 060,12th and 13th byte. Convert the hex system to decimalism,then you get the PIN.
Note:Before you program for next key,insert the key to ignition and turn it the “ON” position,but do not start the engine,and wait for 3 seconds,then you will sound the “beep” of unlocking.
Turn off the ignition,and then you can start programming next key.

How to Calculate Porsche Cayenne PIN Code

If you ever programmed keys for Porsche Cayenne,it needs PIN code for programming. But in some situation,you can not read out the PIN code by Key Programmer.And you must to remove the ECU,and read out the data file from a chip 95128,and then calculate data file to obtain the PIN.And here’s the guide on how to calculate PIN code for Porsche Cayenne and Tiguan 2009.
For Posche Cayenne and Tiguan made after 2009,you must remove the ECU to get the PIN code.
How to calculate PIN code:
1. Remove ECU form vehicle
2. Locate the chip 95128 near the CPU,and remove the 95128 chip from ECU PCB by soldering iron.
3. Read out the data file from 95128,and save it on the laptop.
4. Calculate the PIN code from data file.
AS below show,the 1A15 is the pin code. Convert it from hex adecimal to decimalism is 5402.

Xhorse VVDI2 Program Passat 2014 NEC+ 24C64 all keys lost

Here’s the guide to program smart key for VW Passat 2012 year when all keys are lost by using Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer.




Step 1:

Read key tooth with Lishi HU66 2-in-1 pick/decoder and cut a spare key with Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine.


Step 2:

Connect the fuse next to the left door, 2nd on Line 1 and 1st on Line 3

Dashboard turns on at this time


Step 3:

Connect VVDI2 with vehicle

Select dash type: 2012 VDO NEC+ 24C64


Enter 03 BAS

Take a photo of /write down the long code



Step 4:

Remove instrument, find out 24C64 CPU chip, read EEPROM data with ecu programmer, i.e VVDI Prog, Yanhua CKM100 etc






Save eeprom dump.


Step 5:

Open VVDI2 VAG loader

Select Key Learn->4th generation immobilizer->Dash-NEC+24C64


Select All Keys Lost


Select Generate service pattern 24C64 EEPROM


Save eeprom (do not replace the original eeprom file)



Re-write eeprom generated in service pattern back to CPU chip and reinstall to vehicle


Step 6:

Remove the coil of the steering column, follow step 2 to turn on the dash.


Connect VVDI2, select dash type

Complete following steps to program key:

1.Dashboard turns black, complete all these steps to reset instrument

2.Read eeprom data and save

3.Read immo data and save

4.Generate dealer key

5.Reset instrument

6.Add a key

7. Perform other functions


Upload eeprom data and write eeprom



Read Immo data and save



Select Generate dealer key


Reset instrument


Add a key


Backup eeprom and immo data before key learning


Learn key. Upload immobilizer data to add a key



Remove the fuse.

Program Passat 2012 all keys lost success.




Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 V4.7.5 Software

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG BMW Porsche PSA key programmer software released to v4.7.5(2017-10-16).
===== Support software version ====
VVDI2 VAG V4.7.5
VVDI2 BMW V4.7.5
VVDI2 Porsche V4.7.5
VVDI2 PSA V4.7.5
Passthru J2534 V4.7.5
Online Update Tool V4.7.5
Quick Start V4.7.5


You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software,

Mainly include:
1. Support copy 48 transponder(96 bit, All car with ID48 transponder), (Menu->Key Learn->Copy 48 transponder(96 bit, All car with ID48 transponder))
About copy 48 function on VVDI2:
(1). Authorize copy 48 function(96 bit) require buy license and a extra 48 emulator
(2). Every success calculate will cost 100 remote points or pay 10 USD
(3). Copy 48 function now support all the cars with ID48 transponder: VW, Audi, Skoda, Volvo, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, GreatWall, Zhonghua etc
(4). Copy 48 function no need OBDII connect

2. Bugfix

===== BMW V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Porsche V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== PSA V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== J2534 V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.7.5 =====
1. Fix some update problem
2. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V4.7.5 =====
1. Bugfix
Notes:because xhorse still building new server and running with high cost on electrical power,the copy 48(96bits) is optional function, currently remote points only for Chinese users, after server all ok the online calculation speed should be 3-5 minutes, calculation time also can buy (10 USD per/time).


Free Download VVDI2 v4.7.5 software




How to use VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder 96 bit Authorization

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer released new authorization: Copy ID48 Transponder (96 bit)function.


VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit) Function Authorization Service

1.Need to work with VVDI2 48 Chip Copy data collector (No Need Register Condor).
2.Big Sale 245USD till Oct 24th, 2017. When promotion is due,price will up to 319USD.

VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit) Function(VV-04 Authorization):

Can copy ID48 chip data without OBD connection to the car including. VW 2015-2017
Cannot program a new key when all keys are lost

No need shipping,please provide your VVDI2 serial number:

VW-04 now is available.
This is only VV-04 authorization,if you also need VV-03 VAG Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII Function Authorization Service,please check SV86-S2.

v4.6.0 Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer Software Download

Original Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software update to V4.6.0 (2017-09-27). The new upgrade adds new NEC+24C64 dashboard cars.
Software version: V4.6.0
Firmware version: V4.6.0
*** 2017-09-27
*** Require firmware V4.6.0
===== VAG V4.6.0 =====
1. Support the new NEC+24C64 dashboard after 2014.06, support Black/White, color TFT, 3D dashboard, include following cars:
VW T5 2014.06-2016
VW T6 2015.06-2017
VW Sharan 2014.06-
VW Passat 2014.06-2016
VW Caddy 2014.06-2017
VW Jetta 2014.06-2016
VW Scirocco 2014.06-
VW Tiguan 2014.06-
VW Touran 2014.06-
VW EOS 2014.06-
VW CC 2014.06-2016
VW Golf 2014.06-
VW Amarok 2014.06-
Skoda Yeti 2014.06-
Seat Alhambra 2014.06-
Audi A1 2014.06-
Audi Q3 2014.06-
Attention: Don’t support MQB platform
2. Bugfix for BCM2 dump tool
3. Bugfix===== BMW V4.6.0 =====
1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn
2. Support auto backup ECU ISN data, files saved at: My Document->VVDI2->FEM_BDC
3. Bugfix===== Porsche V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== PSA V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix for old wire remotes
2. Add english database, require change VVDI2 register area, contact dealer for help
3. Bugfix

===== J2534 V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

How to enable VVDI2 VAG ID48 Transponder Copy Function

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG ID48 transponder key chip copy authorization service is available in vvdishop.com.


How to open VVDI2 ID48 transponder key chip copy function?

Provide your VVDI2 S/N (serial number) to us and pay 100 USD for the ID48 copy authorization service.



Q: Do I need to register with condor to use the ID48 chip copy function?

A: No, don’t need to register with Condor key cutting machine.


Q: Is it required to have the authorization of the edc17 ??

A: No, no require to open edc17 authorization.


Q: Which transponder need to use?

A: You will need VVDI2 universal transponder and data collector  (shown as picture display). Will soon be available.




How to  copy 48 transponder with VVDI2?

1.Run VVDI2 Quick Start icon,and click VW car brand.Or run directly the VVDI2 Vag software icon.

2.Click Key learn>>4th immobilizer system – copy 48 transponder


3.Copy 48 procedure require PIN and component security bytes from cars.

4.Select Get component security from engine control unit via obdii.

5.Connect the emulator to VVDI2 commander and switch ON ignition with the emulator, switch OFF/ON for 3 times

(attention: it requires OBD when lost all key).

6.Decode the collected data via internet, and save the calculate 48 data. You can copy/prepare key with calculate 48 data.


7.Learn the new key with calculate 48 data. If the key was made by copy, it can start engine without key learn



Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer V4.5.0 Update Feature

Xhorse VVDI2 BMW,VAG, PSA key programmer software released to latest V4.5.0 on Sep. 7th, 2017 in vvdishop.com.
Software version: V4.5.0 
Firmware version: V4.5.0 
VVDI2 V4.5.0 Update Feature:
*** 2017-09-07
*** Require firmware V4.5.0 
************************************************* *********************
===== Note =====
1. All customer should update the software to V4.5.0, use the latest software to synchronize your device
2. Update firmware v4.5.0 require the latest online update tool v4.5.0 version
3. Please download latest install software first then update firmware===== VAG V4.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== BMW V4.5.0 =====
1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn
2. Bugfix
===== Porsche V4.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== PSA V4.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V4.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== J2534 V4.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
Free Download VVDI2 Key programmer V4.5.0 software

Xhrose VVDI2 Program Audi Q7 2007 Remote Key Step by Step

Here vvdishop introduces 2 ways to program remote smart key on a Audi Q7 year 2007 with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer by OBD.


Connect Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer with vehicle through OBD connector

Audi Q7 OBD diagnostic connector location


The remotes to be programmed use ID8E transponder




First, we show how one of the two remotes is deprogrammed

Original key can turn on the switch, remote key to be programmed cannot.



Method 1:

Open VVDI2 software



Select Audi->Key Learn-> 4th Immobilizer system-Audi-> A6L/Q7/Allroad

Turn ignition ON

We extract the necessary information (Pin Code and Security Code) of the vehicle to access and be able to perform the final process of programming (Key Learn)


Select Autodetect from engine (ECU)

Reading data, please wait

Reading data success

We observe on the above screen the information of security codes (Pin Code and Security Cop) extracted correctly


Let’s go to the final programming process (Key Learning)


Enter number of keys to learn: 2

and press Key Learning button


Insert the dealer key into car and switch on for at least 2 seconds. The time for change key should  within 5 seconds. Press OKAY button after all key is learned.


All keys successfully learned.



Method 2:

Next, we will see another method of programming.
In this case, more direct and automatic.
And with information on the status of immobilizer and possible vehicle lock by incorrect Pin Code or transponder to
real-time on-screen.

In VVDI2 Audi Menu


Select Key Learn->Key Learn


Auto detect vehicle: A6L/Q7/Allroad 2005+, CAN

Select Autodetect PIN/CS

Automatic detection / extraction of the security codes (Pin Code and Comp. Of Security)


Real-time status information of the Immobilizer: type of key / transponder and its status, access to units, number of keys programmed


Real-time information on possible vehicle lockout and remaining time for leaving it


PIN and CS Security codes successfully extracted

Enter key number in marked red area: 2

Press Learn button

Insert entry key and switch on ignition

We accept OK to finish the process once the steps are done correctly

Test the new programmed remote key.