3 Steps to Exchange BMW FEM/BDC Module with Xhorse VVDI2

The answer is Yes. BMW F chassis FEM/BDC module should be exchanged in case it was damaged due to misoperation when matching keys or repairing. Using Xhorse VVDI2 to replace FEM/BDC module directly will be much faster and economical.


How to exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2?


Step1. Preparation

Find a same year & model of FEM/BDC as the damaged one, new or secondhand is workable.


FEM/BDC module requires programming before exchange, the way to program new module is same as key matching.


Connect FEM/BDC with VVDI2 programmer on car/ bench for programming.

(It will prompt if the FEM/BDC should be programmed, if not, please go to step3 “Exchange FEM/BDC” directly)


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 1



Step2. Programming FEM/BDC System

FEM/BDC key learn >> Get key info >> Programming FEM/BDC system


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 2




Follow the notes to operate step1 – step5:

Backup coding >> Prepare service EEPROM file >> Programming >> Restore original EEPROM file >> Restore coding


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 3




Step3. Exchange FEM/BDC with VVDI2 BMW

Go to “Exchange FEM/BDC” after programming completed.


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 4




Read FEM/BDC data >> Revise 3 options including:

  1. VIN, the VIN of damaged FEM/BDC;
  2. Frequency(The remote will not work if selecting wrong frequency);
  3. Key/CAS security key, fill in the original vehicle ISN(it can be acquired by reading engine data)


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 5


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 6



Change FEM/BDC ISN >> Yes >> Has a working key or not? No(select according to situation) >> Input the original vehicle ISN(the damaged one, no secondhand FEM/BDC ISN) >> Next >> Write FEM/BDC data


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 7


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 8
exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 9


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 10


exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2 11

After writing data completed, FEM/BDC exchange match has done!


In general, same model & year of FEM/BDC can work normally after replacement.

If there were error codes, please use professional tool to do programming and coding.


Note: Some BMW like MINI or X1 cannot turn on ignition & dashboard after FEM/BDC replacement, that is because the directional lock is not synchronized. Just disassemble the directional lock to revise data for synchronization, it can work as normal.




Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program Toyota Camry 2015 Key via XM Remote

How to to program a XM Smart Key for Toyota Camry 2015 with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad? Having got a working key, here we go to show the steps below.


After connecting VVDI Key Tool Plus with OBD, let’s check the working key first.

It is a 8A Toyota keyless go learned working key, FSK 312.1 MHZ/ 314.35 MHZ frequency.









Generate Remote

Remote program >> Toyota >> All remote >> 0020 312.1/314.35 FSK


Put the XM Toyota Smart Key into Key Tool Plus slot, press “Generate”.

The LED on XM PCK will be flashing.


Wait processing until 100%…


Burn success.

Put Xhorse XM Smart Key into Toyota shell.








Add Key

Immo program >> Toyota >> Select by model >> Camry >> 2010- >> Smart key system(8A/4D+ CAN) >> Start programming >> Read the numbers of keys


Switch ignition on.

The number of registered key: 1

Press “Add a key”.


Switch ignition on.

The number of registered key: 1

The number of keys that can also be registered: 6











Keep touching the ignition switch with sign surface of a registered key(working key), complete the operations within 30s after clicking “OK”.


Keep touching the ignition switch with sign surface of the XM Toyota Smart Key within 30s.

Note: if key sound once, take the key farther away. If key sound twice, it is programming successfully.


Keep the key touching the ignition switch…


Key registration succeeded!

The number of registered key: 2

The number of keys that can also be registered: 5











Check if the functions of XM Smart Key are normal.

Remote function is OK, and it can start the engine.




Added Xhorse XM Smart Key for Toyota Camry 2015 successfully. It supports 4D and 8A series, can be programmed by VVDI2Key Tool Max & Mini Key Tool as well.


Xhorse Smart Key Box Adapter User Manual

What’s Xhorse Smart Key Box?

It is an adapter that can be used to access a vehicle using a mobile phone app via Bluetooth connection.  With this adapter, you can add Bluetooth Connectivity to the Central Locking System / Keyless Entry System of any vehicle that you can configure an Xhorse Universal Remote to operate.


This adapter will allow wireless(via bluetooth) locking, unlocking, and remote start.  Keep in mind that this adapter does not add any of these features to the vehicle.  In order for this adapter to wirelessly lock, unlock, or remotely start the vehicle, these features have to already be functioning in the vehicle before the Xhorse Smart Key Box is installed.






A maximum of 6 mobile phones and 6 smart keys are supported by this device.


What vvdi tools can be used to program remote control?

vvdi mini key toolvvdi2vvdi key tool max and vvdi key tool plus


How to use Xhorse smart key box?

1. Soldering the circuit board
2. Key learning
3. Install smart key box
4. Test





Step 1: soldering the key diagnonally

Soldering the original key into smart key box





check the wiring diagram



Step 2:



Long press the learning key, the indicator light up to enter the learning mode
First learn the mobile phone and then press any key to learn the remote control
Long press the learning key, the indicator goes out to exit the learning mode



Step 3: Install smart key box 






if you use Bluetooth to control the ar only, no need to match more remotes, no need to install HF and LF antenna
Insert the LF antenna (long) into Port 1
Insert the LF antenna (long) into Port 1
Insert the HF antenna into the HF port



Connect one end of the power supply cable to smart key box
connect the signal pin in the OBD interface or connect the ACC signal line in the fuse box according to the model reference





Now test on car. Support panic and open trunk.


Scan QR code to check for information of smart key box.


Program 2004 Mercedes C240 AKL by Xhorse VVDI Prog and Key Tool Plus

Today I’m going to use the Xhorse VVDI Prog & VVDI Key Tool Plus to program 2004 Mercedes Benz C240 when all keys lost on bench. I took out the EIS to program key in a fast way.



A Mercedes 209 EIS

Xhorse VVDI Prog

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

W211(ST12) EIS /EZS Adapter

A Benz Smart Key


There are W209/211 ZGW and W209/211(HC12) adapter in my box, but I won’t be reading it as a 209. Instead I’ll read it as 211, different variations of this 209. So what I’m going to use is the W211(ST12) adapter.


Install EIS on W211(ST12) adapter, connect it with VVDI Prog & computer.

Let’s start:










Read & Save EIS Data via VVDIProg

Start VVDI Prog software, select correct info on right side options, click

EEPROM >> Read >> Operation success

Verify >> Check success >> Save


FLASH >> Read >> Operation success

Verify >> Check success >> Save


Everything was good, save EEPROM & FLASH file success.

Transfer the files to Key Tool Plus for next step.








Program Key via VVDI Key Tool Plus

Disconnect VVDI Prog, replace Key Tool Plus for connection, press

Immo program >> Europe >> Benz >> Select from system >> Prepare key file >> Start programming >> Prepare key file >> OK >> Load EEPROM file >> Yes >> OK >> v051


Insert Benz Smart Key into the infrared antenna of Key Tool Plus.

Calculating require 30s, please wait…


OK >> Save here >> OK

It is preparing all keys, wait until 100%…


Key file generation completed, press “OK”.












Go back to

Read write key >> Read/write key via IR >> Start programming >> Infrared identification key information >> OK >> Continue >> Erase the BE key >> OK

Erase success!


Infrared identification key information >> OK >> Continue >> Write BE key >> OK >> Load data file >> OK

Writing data success.


If key is smart key(BE), please install battery and wait 1 minute before learn key to car!(The key LCD will flash during this time!)






Activate Key

The activation key generally directly inserted into the car to activate, if you cannot activate, please try the following methods:

  1. Manual activation by select from “system >> read write key >> read/write key via IR >> activate”;
  2. Read EIS data again and generate key file again;
  3. Try to unplug the OBD connector, inset BE key into EIS to activate.


Unplug the W211(ST12) adapter, setup the EIS back to car together.

Insert the key into ignition, it can start the engine, and its remote works.




Using VVDI Prog + Xhorse Key Tool Plus is much faster than Autel. The Autel is telling to take 20-40 minutes for password calculation while Xhorse does not. Take out the EIS to read & program by Xhorse tools rather saved me lots of time.



Ford Transit FO21 Key Duplication with Dolphin XP005

Use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine installing with M3 Fixture Clamp can cut  FO21 key for Ford Transit. This is a quick demonstration about how to cut.


Decode Key

Here are 2 keys: original key & new key blank.

Insert the original key into M3 clamp, fix the clamp on machine firmly.






Go to Xhorse app to control, press

Vehicle database >> Ford >> Transit >> FO21 >> OK >> Decode key


Follow the notes to operate:

Rotate the key to A position 1 switch(as shown in the pic), press “Continue”.


Dolphin XP005 machine starts decoding…

Key learning success.


The key bitting codes will be shown as well. It is 414241.









Cut Key

Remove the original key to fix a new key blank in clamp, press

Cutting key >> Continue


Dolphin XP-005 machine starts cutting…

Note: It will prompt several times to switch key, just follow the steps to operate.


Rotate the key to A position 2 switch.

Rotate the key to A position 4 switch.

Rotate the key to B position 2 switch.

Rotate the key to B position 4 switch.

Rotate the key to C position 1 switch.

Rotate the key to C position 2 switch.

Rotate the key to C position 4 switch.

Rotate the key to D position 2 switch.

Rotate the key to D position 4 switch.










Process complete.

Take out the key to have a try.


It is actually same as the original one, and it can open the lock.

Key cutting has done!







More questions welcome to contact us.


How to Combine VVDI Key Tool Plus and Condor Dolphin?


1. How to combine the xhorse dolphin xp005 with the vvdi key tool plus pad to get the daily free token?

2. If i have my dolphin combined with my key tool plus how do you know when you get a token per day when combined?
3.  I need to combine dolphin to this tool and should I remove from my VVDI MB?




1. If you combine xhorse key tool plus with Condor XC-Mini,  Condor Mini PlusCondor XC-002Dolphin XP007 or Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine, you will have 1 free token per day for online password calculation.

Send a photo of your key tool plus serial number and dolphin/condor SN with your identity card (Passport, Driving License etc) to vvdishop.com and we will activate your MB token per day. 
This token works only for MB.  All required information must be shown in a single picture. For example:





If combine Condor or dolphin with key tool plus, follow this path to check free token:

User account –  My bonus points – Bonus points composition





3. A key cutting machine can be combined with one key programming device ONLY. If your condor/dolphin has combined with the vvdi mb tool, you must unbind the vvdi mb from the combination. Then combine key tool plus with condor/dolphin.

But one key programmer can be combined with up to 2 key cutting machines to get up to 2 free daily tokens.  For example, you can combine keytool plus with both condor mini plus and dolphin xp-005 to get 2 daily free tokens.



How to Generate Toyota Camry Remote using Xhorse XM Smart Remote?

How to use Xhorse XM Smart Key to generate remote with VVDI Key Tool Plus? This is a quick demo to generate remote for Toyota Camry 2012-2015.


Go to VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, press

Remote program >> Toyota >> All remotes >> 0780 315 ASK







Put XM Smart Key into Key Tool Plus slot, press “Generate”.


Calculating, requires 5s, query after 10s…(cannot be cancelled)

Writing data, please wait until 100%

It takes about 1-2 minutes.


The LED on XM remote key is blinking during processing






Burn success.

Now it can be used to program into the car.


This XM Remote Key can put in many smart key shells, supports both Toyota 4D and 8D series smart key. Supports to renew & re-generate again. It is back in stock now.






Any questions welcome to contact us.


Xhorse VW MQB AKL File Not Supported Solution

Some users may have this error when programming VW MQB all keys lost with xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad. For example, VW polo 2016 akl MQB done online calculation, generate key failed.

the operation goes below, select Generate dealer key, load immo data, select brand, all keys lost -you should have synchronize data, the last step failed. It said file is not supported by current module. Any idea?

xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 1


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 2


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 3


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 4


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 5


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 6


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 7


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 8


xhorse vw mqb akl file not supported 9


Cause & Solution:
You don’t have synch file.   

You just have online immo data, to make AKL you need to pay extra to get synch data. 
Add key does not need sync data.
How do I obtain the VW MQB AKL sync file? 
Xhorse engineer as well as vvdishop.com don’t provide sync file for sale.
You have to contact third party to pay them to get the data.
For example, this guy deals with MQB cars.
https://wa.link/msxhyj  (WhatsApp +972 55-991-2746)

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 vs Panda XA-006 Key Cutting Machine

We had a customer asking the difference between the Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 and Panda XA-006 automotive key cutting machine. Here’s a table comparison.

Note: Panda XA-006 now is only limited to regional agents.  Machine not available for European and American market.  We don’t have it for sale.

Clamp M1, M2 in default, M3, M4 optional A1 All-in-one
Cutter 1.5mm, 2.5mm 1.5mm, 2.00mm
LED working light YES YES
In-built battery YES NO, supports 12V external power supply
Input Voltage 24V DC 12V DC
Power 150W 80W
Axis Rotation Speed 12000 rpm 11000 rpm
Working Temperature 0-50 C (-4-158 F) 0-45 C (-4-113 F)
Humidity 10-90% 10-90%
Net Weight 15 kg 10 kg
Gross Weight 18 kg 13 kg
Machine Size 315mm*218mm*270mm 316mm* 184mm*234mm
Package size 510mm*315mm*345mm 415mm*360mm*310mm
Key Database Support Full as on Xhorse APP Full as on Xhorse APP
All key lost work support (AKL) Yes Yes
Daily AKL Query Unlimited 1 free, then 100 bonus points need
Software Updates Free Free
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Panda XA-006:


with external power supply

all-in-one clamp

smaller and lighter

1 free AKL token each day only


Keep updating more differences.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus unlock BMW BDC Module on bench

This is a demonstration on how to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus to unlock BMW BDC on bench.




Having been connected BDC module & Key Tool Plus, press

Immo programming >> Europe >> BMW >> Select from system >> FEM/BDC IMMO system >> Key function >> Start programming


Read Key Info.

Go to read key information, it says

“Prepare dealer key and reset KM require programming FEM/BDC, enable key and disable key no need programming FEM/BDC!”

That means the BDC is locked.








Continue >> Continue >> Programming FEM/BDC system >> Process Wizard mode >> Begin

Note: wizard mode will process automatically, other buttons requires manual operation according to steps.


Open BDC module, connect it with VVDI Key Tool Plus & Solder-free Adapter to read EEPROM dump.

Press “OK” to view the 95128/95256 chip position.











  1. Power off BDC module;
  2. Unplug Key Tool Plus with OBD connection;
  3. Make sure adapters are connected.

Yes >> Read >> Continue >> Rename, OK

Read successfully


Write Data(Unlock BDC)

OK >> Write >> Continue

Restore BDC module, provide +12V and connect OBD.

Press “Yes” after reassembly.










Key Tool Plus will start to programming automatically…


Open BDC shell, write the original EEPROM data read in the step2 to 95128/95256 chip.

Make sure the connection is same as before.

(Power off BDC module, disconnect OBD, connect Solder-free Adapter)


Yes >> OK >> Write >> Continue

Write successfully.


Restore BDC system, power and connect OBD.

Continue after finish.

It will write coding automatically…


Do you want to verify the write coding? Yes


BDC programming success, you can make new dealer key from the main window!






Go back to read key information again.

It says “This unit no need programming, you can perform other operation directly!”.

That means the BDC is unlocked already.




Now you can go continue to program keys or reset kilometers, either performing by OBD or on bench is workable.


This is using VVDI Key Tool Plus + Solder Free Adapter to unlock BMW BDC module on bench successfully.