How to Calibrate Condor XC-Mini Plus Clamp and Cutting?

How to calibrate Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus automatic key cutting machine? This post is going to show the procedure in details.


Power on Condor XC-Mini Plus, press “Self Test” on main menu.





Step 1. Height Level Adjustment

To start this process, make sure the cutter is lower than the probe. Press “Height Level Adjustment”.



  1. Install and tighten Clamp M1. there is no need to put any key on the clamp.
  2. Cutter lever needs to be adjusted every time after changing the probe and the cutter.
  3. Then length of the A position should be less than 2cm.
  4. After the fixed installation of the probe and the cutter, then end tip of the probe needs to be lower than the cutter’s(see ex.I).
  5. Must use the original probe.







Press “Continue”, the cutter on XC-Mini Plus starts touching the clamp, you should lower the probe to be same height level. Press “Continue” again.


It will ask what type of cutter you’re using on Condor Mini Plus screen, today we are taking 2.5mm as example, so select “2.5mm”, then press “Confirm”.









Step 2. Clamp Calibration

Press “Clamp Calibration”, select the clamp type you’re using: M1/M2. Today we are using an M1 clamp, so select M1.








  1. before using this function, please confirm that “Height Level Adjustment of Cutter” is completed.
  2. Put a Hon66 blank key in the middle position of the clamp, then tighten the clamp.


Press “Continue”, XC-Mini Plus starts calibrating…


Calibrate OK, press “Confirm” to return.









Step 3. Cutting Calibration

Return back to upper level, press “Cutting Calibration”.


  1. This function can cut a blank key, mainly for calibration.
  2. Before accessing this function, please confirm that the “Height Level Adjustment of Cutter” is completed.
  3. Install and fasten clamp M1.
  4. Clamp a blank key Hon66 on the Clamp M1, then line the key up with the first location jaw, and fasten.


Press “Continue”, Xhorse condor starts cutting…











You are now set to use the Condor XC-Mini Plus key cutting machine.

Condor XC-Mini Plus Cut a Key for Fiat Ducato 2006-

What is going on, guys? Today I’m gonna use Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus to copy and cut a new key for Fiat Ducato year 2006 up. Here are 2 Fiat keys, the right one is original key, and the left one is new key to be cut.


Follow me, go to the Condor XC-Mini Plus tablet.


Key duplication >> Fiat >> Ducato >> After 2006 >> Confirm









Put the original key flat on M2 clamp, fasten it. Then put down the cover.


Press “Key Decode” to start.


XC-Mini machine starts decoding…









Decode completed.


Put up machine cover to take out the key, change to the new key fixing on.


Press “Cut Key” on tablet.


XC-Mini machine starts cutting…









Cutting key one side complete.


Sweep the burrs, take out and turn the key to other side, then fix it on again.


Repeat the operation as previous. Press “Cut Key” to continue.


Condor Mini Plus machine starts cutting again…


Cutting key complete!


Compare to the original key, they are same. Let me try it on the lock, alright it can work well.


This is how to copy and cut a Fiat Ducato key via Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine. It is so smart to automatically finish the job in 5 minutes.

How to work Condor XC-Mini and Mini Plus on Xhorse App?

Good News ! Now Xhorse CONDOR XC MINI & Condor XC-MINI PLUS can work on Xhorse App. Using same Dolphin database.
1. Support the Condor machine with the first 4 digits code of the serial number:
KM03” and “KM05
2. Users need to Upgrade the firmware and Xhorse App to latest version.
KM03 firmware version: 6.1.3
(App version 1.9.4)
KM05 firmware version 3.1.3
(App version 1.9.4)
How to make Condor Mini Plus work on Xhorse App?
Turn on Bluetooth connection on Condor
Run Xhorse App
Select device and auto search device


Bluetooth message received
Now you can use Condor mini on Xhorse app to cut keys





Will Xhorse Condor Cut smart fortwo 3 button key?

Have Smart fortwo 2003 with the button remote key. how do we cut this one? I have Condor XC mini and Condor Dolphin if that helps.
Smart 450 uses YM23.
Condor can make these 100%.
Also hu100r works fine.
Never by code.
If you measure up the cuts, you could select a similar keytype.
Or possible cut a depth of 1 on two positions.
The update tool allows you to create your own custom key files
I assume that your Condor mini can do the same as my master 007.
I have created a YM23 with 8 cuts. I placed it in the mercedes key folder.
Not sure that we can exchange theys files, but let us try.
Could someone load this custom KeyData.u file in there Condor.
Mini and or master.
Place the KeyData.u file in your condor file that contains: Condor 007 update software V1.0.5
Then open the CustomKeyTools,
Connect your pc with your condor using usb, and press synchronize.
Credits to @ rob h (dk member)

Condor Mini Plus Update Instacode Solution

Question 1: if you have an update for Instacode Live for the Condor XC-Mini Plus.  I already pay for Instacode and when I try to add my machine to my preferred cutting machine, it only has Condor Mini Bluetooth connection.
Question 2: After opening “CustomKey Tools”, I notice these options are under development, will you update in the near future?


condor-mini-plus-instacode-faq-2 engineer reply:
  1. In fact, Condor MINI plus Bluetooth communication port same as Condor XC-MINI, so if you activation authorization from instacode live, you can connect the machine to APP directly.
  1. For Xhorse customize key data software, same you can use KM03 software, after you make the new profile of customize keys, you can connect machine to PC, then run sync data function. (after sync you can find customize data from cut by bitting)