Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate 40 bit 4D Ford Transponder

Here is the using tips of xhorse vvdi key tool max on generating 40 bit 4d ford transponder key.


Use super chip and generate the chip by selecting the option for the chip (New 4D chip (40 bits)).
key tool max ford 4d 40bit
Ford 80 bit chips are backwards compatible with the 40 bit keys. Just stock the 80 bit and you good to go.
Don’t delete keys as you can only use 1 super chip and need 2 keys minimum to program in or car won’t start.
Just add key, don’t do akl (all keys lost), you can add 1 key without another key by selecting add key instead of AKL.

Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max Program 2013 VW CC 95320

How to use Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max to program a dealer key M95320 for 2013 Volkswagen Passat CC? Today I’ll demonstrate it on bench.


Read & Save EEPROM

Remove the outer shell to take out chip.

Hold and push Mini Prog straight down on the M95320 chip.

Press on Key Tool Max meanwhile,









EEPROM and FLASH >> ST >> M95XXX >> M95320(pressure) >> Read >> EEPROM >> Start operation >> Continue >> Rename, OK


(Note: DO NOT lay down Mini Prog during reading.)


Read & save EEPROM file successfully.

The Mini Prog screen will show an OK button, which means “Done”.












Program Dealer Key

Switch to Xhorse Key Tool Max function page, press

Special function >> Immo data tool >> Europe >> VW >> Passat >> Comfort ID48 – 95320 >> Start execution >> Load EEPROM file









Select an unused key position: key 4, press “Prepare dealer key”.


Select “Megamos 48”.

Place a new key into Key Tool Max coil.

OK >> OK


Prepare dealer key success.

It can start engine after write back new dump file.

Press “OK” to save the new dump file.

Rename, save >> OK











Let’s go back to Xhorse Mini Prog page to write new dump file.

EEPROM and FLASH >> ST >> M95XXX >> M95320(pressure) >> Write >> EEPROM >> Start operation >> Select dump file to load


Turn on Mini Prog and hold it straight on M95320 chip again.

Start operation >> Continue

(Note: DO NOT lay down Mini Prog during writing.)


Write completely.

Key programming has done!







Program 2013 VW Passat CC a M95320 key with Xhorse Key Tool Max & VVDI Mini Prog was successful!