VVDI2 Program Toyota 8A H Chip All Keys Lost No Remove Immo Box

Xhorse newly introduced special function will read Toyota type H Immobilizer data via 8A adapter without having to dismantle the Immobilizer box.  Toyota 8A all keys lost operation procedure is finally available here.
Device required:
The whole operation steps:
  1. Immobilizer Box off-line match




  1. OBD match: without disassembling immobilizer box.
1). Disconnect the battery positive.


2) Locate the #2 ignition switch relay position and unplug the relay at the same time.








3). Plug the vvdi device into the obd2 port of the Toyota car.
4). The connection of the VVDI2, Cable Vvdi Toyota 8A and the computer.
  1. Put VVDI super chip into vvdi2 key programmer
Click on “Check Toyota 8A adapter”, then “Immobox (8A all key lost- OBD Make master key directly)”.
Read data
upload data
compute data.
The device completes automatically.
When the device prompts the completion of the operation, we also need to restore the vehicle and then start the vehicle for testing.





How to Update VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini OBD?

Question: I received the xhorse vvdi mini OBD tool, impossible to update?
Yes. Update is done via key tool max upgrade.
You need Xhorse Keytool Upgrade Kit.
Install it on your PC, make sure Internet-connected online.
>>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instruction. This stage do not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max.
The upgrade kit will Auto Detect your device and update to the next version.
IMPORTANT update firmware version in sequence do not jump to the latest Version number.
Do it step by step until you get the latest version.
Finished>>>Switch on your Key Tool Max and pair (Bluetooth) with Mini OBD Tool, and you get screen pop-up menu on Key Tool Max.
There are 3 ways for KEY TOOL MAX connect to MINI OBD TOOL: 1) USB TYPE-C Cable  2) WIFI  3) Bluetooth

FAQ VVDI Toyota 8A OBD AKL Adapter

Q: Why we need this VVDI Toyota 8A adapter?
A: With this 8A AKL adapter, users can program Toyota 8A non-smart key ( on Levin, Corolla, RAV4, Parado, Land Cruiser, Camry, Highlander, Reiz, Sienna etc models) via OBD without disassembling immobilier box.
Q:Does this need a subscription for Toyota or is this a bypass..
A: Bypass.
Q: Does it support new 2020 Toyota keys?
A: Yes.
Q: Does a programmer of the degree need hello besides this adapter?
A: The adapter cannot be used alone. It should be work with vvdi2 or key tool max+ mini obd tool.
Q: Do you have instructions of the how to use (wiring diagram)?
A: Instructions and wiring diagram will be posted when it is for sale. Keep updating.
Q: Can it be used simultaneously with a barracuda?
A: No. Barracuda is a ecu programmer. The adapter require a OBD programmer to program key.
Q: Even without vvdi2 i can use it with mini obd tool?
A: The 8A adapter can be used with vvdi2, key tool max+ mini OBD tool.
Q: Toyota Aygo 2015 System H all keys lost. Does this kit program the chip?
A: Yes, it can.
Q: And what all do the Toyota 8A cable work on?
A: obd ready toyota for H type 8A could be 2019 or 2020
Q: Proximity or just keyed?
A: Not smart key. Just key.
Q: Possible to program smart key Land cruiser after 2016?
A: Yes, it will.
Q:Is possible to use Vvdi2 and VVDI key tool?
A: It can be used with vvdi2, but no vvdi key tool.
Q:How much for the whole kit (vvdi key tool max+ mini OBD tool + 8a adapter)
A: $697.
Keep updating…

VVDI Key Tool Remote Database V214 Updated Honda KeylessGo ID47

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool/ VVDI Key Tool Max remote/KeylessGo database V214 Update (2020-03-10)
+Add Honda Lead Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda Ablade Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda Vision Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda Vario Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda SH(2015-2016) Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda PCX (2015-2016) Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda SH (2017+) Moto KeylessGo ID47
+Add Honda SH300i (2017+) Moto KeylessGo ID47



+Add Toyota 314.3 Australia etc







VVDI Key Tool Max clone Kia ID46 Smart Remote

How to copy/clone a smart key using VVDI Key Tool Max? Here takes an example of Kia ID46 smart key cloning.
You’ll need:
A original smart key
Put original smart key into key tool max’s induction area
Select Remote Clone->Transponder Clone->ID46 online calculation->->Copy proximity remote
*Online calculation requires network connection.






Insert original key into card slot and put Key Tool Max close to the Start button for data acquisition
Calculation success
Put Xhorse smart remote to the induction area
Clone smart key success
Remote control works
The new xhorse smart key can start vehicle



VVDI Key Tool Max vs. VVDI Key Tool

VVDI key tool Max is available on vvdishop.com now. Compare with vvdi mini key tool, it has as the same function as keytool but has more obd function and has all build in, easy , fast and cheap and make life easier.
Look at vvdi key tool Max:
Cars support list:
Question: what vehicle’s are supported under immobilizer function via OBD adding key.?
Answer:  most of general cars (not including BMW & Benz. For BMW and Benz, go for VVDI2 and VVDI MB), as usual we will update list week after week.
vvdi key tool Max capabilities:
-> OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card (vvdi mini key tool doesn’t support)
Question: What obd applications the new tool brings?
Answer: obd key programming
->Support Smart card remote, super remote, Super Chip XT27A66
->Generate transponder
->Transponder Clone
->Generate Remote
->Remote Clone
->Be connected to Dolphin XP-005 cutting machine via Bluetooth to cut the key
->Enter the car directly using KEY TOOL MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
->Match the chip remote control for a wide range of car makes worldwide.
->Toyota H chip will be released first.
More functions will be coming soon.

Xhorse VVDI Key Max and OBD mini Tool Overview

Xhorse New Tool: Xhorse VVDI Key Max with Mini OBD Tool Bluetooth adapter, it is an upgraded version of Key tool, which is supposed to replace vvdi key tool.


Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max improvements:
5-inch touch HD screen
Support Wifi & Bluetooth wireless communication
More powerful copy & data collection function
What Functions will Key Tool Max have?
Support Smart card remote, super remoteSuper Chip XT27A66
Generate transponder
Transponder Clone
Generate Remote
Remote Clone
OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.
Be connected to Dolphin XP-005 cutting machine via Bluetooth to cut the key
Enter the car directly using KEY TOOL MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
Match the chip remote control for a wide range of car makes worldwide.
Toyota H chip will be released first.
More details will be upgrading…
Watch Xhorse Key Tool Max video demo:
Video Player

Overview of Xhorse Key Tool Max APP (menu, software version, firmware update etc)
More images of Xhorse Key Tool Max ports and cable