4 Steps to Program Benz S500 W221 All Keys Lost with VVDI MB

How-to program Mercedes Benz W500 Year 2008 chassis W221 key with VVDI MB BGA Tool when all keys lost.
Step 1: Read EIS Data
Choose chassis W221 and read EIS data
Reading data success.
Save EIS data
Save HC05 format file
Step 2: Calculate password
Select Password Calculation
Select IR mode and chassis W221
Press Data Acquisition
Connect VVDI OBD cable to OBD on bench before continue
Connect IR adapter to VVDI MB before press OK
Take out and insert again if already inserted
Wait until calculate password success
Step 3: Prepare key file
Go to Prepare Key File->Load EIS file
load EIS file
Select key format v51 and press Prepare Key File
save key file
Step 4: Write Key
Go to Read Write Key
Identify key and Load Key file
load a key file
choose key file format v51 and press Write
VVDI MB Tool write key success
Test EIS status/Working Key->Test working key
Insert working key to VVDI MB IR reader before press OK
Insert working key to EIS
Insert working key to VVDI-MB IR reader
Test working key okay.
Start vehicle with the new key.

VVDI MB Renew SIM4LE ECU Wiring Diagram

Used VVDI MB V5.0.3 for renew ECU successfully before, but today get error “connecting to unit…failed”. What’s the matter?
Xhorse Engineer solution:
Please take a picture of VVDI MB software error; and a picture of the engine number.
Here you can see the error images:
After seeing the above images, engineer share the correct wiring diagram to follow:
Let us look forward to the good news of this user.
Good luck to him.

Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI MB 2019 Xmas On Sale

Xhorse is launching a 2019 Christmas Sale that rewards Loyal customers of VVDI2 and VVDI MB Tool. The purpose is to help more customers obtain free 96bit 48 calculation activation, MBQ
activatio, FEM activation and VV-03 VAG ID48. So that customers will have a happy Christmas.
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VVDI MB cannot read ESL emulator data (solved)

Recently some customers reported that they failed to read ESL/ELV emulator data when program ESL using VVDI MB tool.
You don’t need to return the emulator. Here’s the working solution provided by Xhorse engineer.
File download:
Free Download ESL.bin for VVDI MB
Connect  ESL emulator with vvdi mb and laptop
Read ESL data
Fail to read data
Now Load ESL data you download above
Read ESL data correctly
Write ESL
Write data success.

VVDI MB Device Not Found Error Solution

Issues with VVDI MB Tool: No USB Connection – Device Not Found
Hi there Folks…..
Hope all doing well here.
Well my MB tool after couple years of good use and many smiles suddenly is giving me some sadness.
All was working fine. Suddenly now when I plug it in then VVDI MB Tool software says ” CANNOT FIND DEVICE”.
I tried another USB cable, another USB port, Another Laptop with Win7. Nothing nothing nothing.
Doesn’t even show a port in Device manager. I then tried FTDI prog to see if that detects it and nothing……..

When I connect my VVDi2 and VVDi prog with the same cables and ports etc and all those working fine.
My MB Tool only green light comes on and that’s it. I opened the casing and checked it and nothing seems physically damaged or blown. I resoldered the USB connector and tested the continuity with a tester and all show fine.
Seems the USB interface chip is dead.
I really feel sad as this tool is in daily use and I really rely on it every day. I would hate to go back to my old Ak500 or anything else.
(It’s got nothing to do with software update as the Upgrade kit also doesn’t detect it)
Answer on how to do FTDI check:
Detecting fault isn’t an easy task if you are not skilled with electronics (low level let’s call it), important thing for ftdi to work is to have supply 5v usually taken from usb (pin 20 vcc pin 19 reset), usb data lines D+D- to FTDI pins also should be check these go to pin 15 & 16, then RxD and TxD (pin1 & pin5) these should go to main MCU.
Check FTDI designs and see how VVDI has done the configuration.
Check connections with multi meter (could be usb connector faulty), some designs have 22ohm on data lines D+ & D- and also a 1K resistor for reset FTDI during insertion on PC so device is detected properly.
Hope this helps a bit concerning FTDI check, since you said Mprog (ftprog) doesn’t detect the FTDI properly…, worst case could be faulty FDTI due some static discharge.
Check Attached schematic VCC,GND, RESET TxD & RxD are important for you (this is a example of using FTDI in some circuit).
Continue checking the fault:
Ok So at least I got some smiles back.
This machine does not have FTDI chip. I don’t know how it communicates… Maybe doesn’t need FTDI.
I measured voltages coming in from USB and on the closest component to the USB port I found that I had one pin with 5V and others nothing.
I opened up my VVDI2 and VVDI prog to compare and tested them and found that on the same component next to USB port I had one pin with 5v and other with 3v.
So I took the component from my VVDI prog as it’s the cheaper of the 2 to experiment with and moved it to my VVDI MB  and connected it up. Voila it works again. It appears in device manager and also software reads and everything working fine.
What component is it you may ask?
4 Pin SMD marked WR1. With some google searching, I find that it is PRTR5V0U2XESD Protection. Seems this is specifically designed to protect your device from any Surge from the USB port. This component acts like a fuse which will blow but prevent further damage caused by static / USB surge when connecting and disconnecting.
Cost of component is around $0.3 each or even less depends where you shop.


Job is well done: 
You have done well, STM32F4xx if I’m not wrong VVDI use and this MCU has USB witch can run as Virtual COM Port Host (CDC Host), USB HID etc.
For test purpose only when you had noticed the fault even with removed ESD protection the device should be detected properly, but mounting a new esd protection is highly recommended.
Thanks to @obeids & @ficho (DK Veteran).

VVDI MB or CGDI MB to add FBS4 key?

The answer is only dealer can add FBS4 keys. VVDI MB tool V5.0.2 can disable FBS4 key, CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys.
1. Since VVDI MB V5.0.1, it adds FBS4 disable key function(Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support
W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type.
2. CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys:
CGDI can read FBS4 keys and knows if it’s in a working status or if the key is damaged;
That is CGDI can’t make calculation for FBS4 . Only Read to know the status.


FBS4 applicable models: April 2013 to Present, Model W212; July 2013 to Present, Models 166, 207, V212; September 2014 to Present, Model 218; November 2014 to Present, Models 117, 156; April 2015 to Present, Model 172; MY-AII, Models 205, 217, 218, 222, 231.
MY2013, Model 166 with Code 803, Models 207 and 212 with Code 804.
Besides, you can check SA Codes on vehicle data card or use any suitable online vin decoder to see SA codes related to your vin. You are looking for the presence of SA code 803 or 804, depending on the Model this means vehicle is FBS4 related.

VVDI MB Tool V5.0.1 Update Features

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool released to V5.0.1 on Sep. 9th, 2019.  This new version adds FBS4 disable key function.
VVDI MB Software V5.0.0/5.0.1
1. Password calculation: Improvement for W169 password calculation while all key lost
2. Password calculation: Improvement for the all key lost diagram
3. Password calculation: Improvement for the online calculation interface
4. Add FBS4 disable key function (Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type
5. Bugfix
Update via Upgrade Kit App
Free Download VVDI MB software V5.0.1
Note:  vvdi mb v5.0.0 has bugs. Xhorse fixed it already, New version came out 5.0.1, Tested and this version works.

VVDI MB W164 2010Y All keys lost without gateway

I made W164ML 2010Y
but not working for all keys lost, but can only read the info.
Attach the error images:








  1. When you collect the EIS data, you should choose W164 not W166.
  1. Choose “IR” to read the EIS, to see if it can read out successfully.
The result is: Of course I did. You cannot use password calculation. Reading of EIS data is possible.
yesterday W216 key making.
  1. For W164, it needs to connect the gateway.
Finally, W164 all keys lost key programming done.
I didn’t use the gateway, nor the extra adapter, I used W221 cable.
After all hundreds of times the old-fashioned and withdrew key.

VVDI MB Tool Software V4.8.0 Update Features

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer software released to V4.8.0 adding Mercedes W215, W220, W230 password calculation when all keys have lost.
VVDI MB TOOL latest software version V4.8.0 update
************************************************** **********************
*** 2019-01-27
*** Require firmware V4.5.0
************************************************** **********************
===== BENZ V4.8.0 =====
1. This update no need update the firmware
2. Support W215, W220, W230 calculate password while all key lost:
a. No more need MCU’s de/soldering, very safe and quickly
b. Support W215, W220 get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 2-3hours)
c. Support W230 get key password with slow method (All KEY LOST, 2-3hours)
VVDI MB support all the FBS3 EIS while all key lost:
W166, W197, W212, W218, W246
W172, W204, W207
W164, W251 (-2009)
W164, W251 (2009-)
W169, W209, W211
W202, W208, W210
W215, W220
W203, W463, W639
3. Bugfix