Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate Toyota XM Smart Key

There is a list in Xhorse vvdi mini key toolkey tool max app using the XM smart key.  You need to have enough points to generate it demands at least 200 points and correctly put the board in the host.  Check XM prox remote generation guide below.


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -1



All Toyota remotes with PROX icon can be generated with the XM remote. Here we make a 0020 314 315 remote.

Insert Xhorse XM smart key board into induction coil


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -2



Press Generate Remote


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -3


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -4


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -5


Detecting and online calculating data


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -6


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -7


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -8



Generating remote in progress. Wait until burn success.


generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -9


Put Xhorse XM smart key into coil and read transponder information

generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -10

8A smart key was generated successfully.

generate toyota xm smart key with key tool max -11

Check the frequency.  It is 315FSK. The key is fine.


Xhorse Mini Key Tool Make Remote Says Storage Full


I have a vvdi mini key tool when trying to make remote says storage full.  any ideas how to delete storage?

Error: the storage space of reward point is full, please synchronize







Run a firmware upgrade will solve the problem.

Update through PC software.


1.Connect Xhorse MINI KeyTool with computer via USB cable.

2.Start xhorse update kit software, and choose VVDI Lark, click find device.

3.After find device, click upgrade.


5.Update xhorse app VVDI MINI Key Tool database.

Start VVDI MINI Key Tool, connect with xhorse app via bluetooth.

How to Clone 2015 Toyota Corolla Key with VVDI Super Chip

Today I’m gonna be cloning a Xhorse Super Chip by using VVDI Mini Key Tool for the 2015 Toyota Corolla key here.


So basically I have to put the key in the Mini Key Tool coil, super chip right on here. I already turned it on.






Then go to Mini Key Tool menu in Xhorse app,


Press “Transponder clone”


Put transponder into coil position as the picture shown, press “Read transponder”.







Follow the prompts to operate:

  1. Put original key into Mini Key Tool to recognize;
  2. Put the xhorse super chip into Mini Key Tool coil to initialize;
  3. Server calculated data;
  4. Transponder clone.






Detected vvdi super chip.

Initialize completed.

Calculate success.

Successful copy.









Actually I don’t have to wipe it out, with super chip you can just override it any time you want and it’s done.


Okay, let me hold the blade key with super chip on it to start the car. It can turn on the engine and works perfectly.







This is how to use Xhorse Mini Key Tool to copy a super chip from 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Programming had done.


VVDI Mini Key Tool Rewrite Super chip XT27A66

How to rewrite VVDI super chip XT27A66 multiple times with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool? Here we go to make a quick demonstration for reference.


Start up Xhorse app, connect it with Mini Key Tool, put xhorse super chip into the coil:

Transponder clone >> Read transponder









This is original information from XT27A66 chip, let’s go back to main page to rewrite it:


Generate transponder >> ID60~ID70(40bits) >> 65-Suzuki/Subaru >> Generate


Transponder generate success, press “Complete”.















Go back to read the XT27A66 chip again: Transponder clone >> Read transponder


As you seen, the information has been changed.




Okay, go back to select another car model to have a try:


Generate transponder >> ID46(PCF7936) >> ID46-Indian cars >> Indian Suzuki >> Generate


Transponder generate success, press “Complete”.


Now let’s read the vvdi super chip again: Transponder clone >> Read transponder











Alright, the information has been changed again. Rewriting XT27A66 super chip is successful!


Xhorse Super Transponder XT27A66 can be reused for several times. Working with VVDI Mini KeyTool is quite easy and efficient.



How to Modify Smart Key Button Distance with VVDI Mini Key Tool ?

How to use Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool to modify smart key button data? Locksmiths may need the tip when making a smart key. Here is the procedure with VVDI Mini Key Tool, it is suitable for VVDI Key Tool Max as well.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 1




  1. Go to main menu after connecting with VVDI Mini Key Tool.

Vehicle remote >> Chrysler >> All remotes >> Chrysler KeylessGo ID46 433M


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 2




  1. Modify button-distance >> Read

Smart key data will come out after press “Read”. If we found the “Lock” button is contrary to “Trunk” button, press them to correct the data.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 3




Modify “Lock” button from 2 to 4, press “OK”.

Modify “Trunk” button from 4 to 2, press “OK”.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 4




We can also modify the “Frequency” and “Baud1”.

It is benefit for the situation when the remote distance is too short to work well, it would be work. For example, the frequency is 433.899, we edit it from 433.899 to 433.919, and we edit baudi1 from 7800 to 7600. When the keyless go function does not work well, try to adjust baud2 from 7800 to 7700 either.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 5



  1. Write data to smart key

Press “Write” button to save the new remote control distance and sensing sensitivity data to smart key.


Write OK. It is done, no need to match the vehicle again.


VVDI Modify Smart Key Button Distance 6



This is a tech tip of fine tuning smart key remote control distance and sensing sensitivity data with VVDI Mini KeyTool.


Good luck!



VVDI Remote Charge Battery Test Review


  1. Does the vvdi mini key tool remote charge battery function work?
  2. Can I use the function with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max programmer?
  3. What vehicle models dose the function work for?


remote charge battery 1


remote charge battery 2




  1. Yes, it can work normally.
  2. Yes, remote charge battery function can work well with VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max.
  3. It is used for BMW old type EWS original rechargeable keys.


Remote charge battery test review


Works on VVDI Key Tool Max

“It is quite easy, the function can work without a problem. I have tried it on the VVDI Key Tool Max and it did work! It gave 10 minutes for charging.”


Works on VVDI Mini Key Tool

“I am also tried it on a VVDI Mini Key Tool, which did a few in the past months. It works fine. Today I replaced the battery on a BMW CAS diamond key. Measures 2.80v., it takes 5 minutes in VVDI Mini Key Tool, 3.20v.


Thanks to VVDIshop customer.


How to Set VVDI Super Chip to TP23 for Golf 5?

Why we cannot set super chip xt27 to TP23 with vvdi mini key tool. In menu i don’t have the option to set TP23.
Before this option was active,now its not possible ?
Yes, you can set vvdi super chip to TP23.
Do not select Special Function, but go to Generate Transponder option and go to ID48.


Go to ID48 and then it will give you a choice as to which one you want, Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat
i.e  if you want TP23 chip to use on golf 5, select Golf 5 -> mini online clone , use normal id48 or super chip, no need for precoded, normal id48 chip = 1 euro.
but you can also set one chip Tp23 and program with other working programmers.

Renew Renault Clio4 Proximity Remote with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Remote renew function is available in vvdi mini key tool. Here’s a demo on unlocking Renault Clio4 Proximity Remotes with Mini Key Tool.
*VVDI mini key tool requires a renew cable to unlock remote. You can use your old vvdi key tool renew cable or make your own.
Unlock  Renault Clio4 remote:
Run Xhorse App, pair mini key tool via Bluetooth
Select Special Function->Remote Renew->Renault->285974100 remote (Hitag-AES 433MHz)






Check remote wiring diagram
Remove remote case
Follow wiring diagram to connect remote pcb with renew adapter
Connect renew adapter with vvdi mini key tool
Renew remote in progress
Renew remote success.
Install remote case and test frequency.