Xhorse vs. Keydiy Remotes

Do you generate remotes with Xhorse or KeyDIY? Which do you prefer and why? Arguably they are both the same with just a different brand and programming device. What is your opinion and why? Did you start using KeyDIY first and don’t want to change? Do you prefer the generating devices of one or the other?
Here we collects some customer test reports and reviews:
I have both, they have their own pros and cons.
Have both I find Xhorse app easy to use with my iPhone also database expanding all the time and love the superchip remotes. KeyDiy is still excellent value the app is a little bit clunky and not as easy to use.
I started with Keydiy but bought the Xhorse in case it did a remote that I couldn’t do.
I started with KEYDIY but as with profession, I got the VVDI Key Tool and some Xhorse remotes too.
From experience, KEYDIY has extensive coverage of remotes while xhorse has its strength in Smart Keys.
Again, xhorse has it’s remotes very well organised compared to KEYDIY. This makes finding remotes for a vehicle and its generation simpler compared to KEYDIY.
Another ease with use is the super chip/remote from xhorse. This is enables wide chip coverage of vehicles.
Then exchange of point for tokens/products. Because I have VVDI MB tool, I find this service very very useful for me.
Xhorse have better remotes (quality) and superchips.
Keydiy have some more options on the remotes (cloud remotes).
But keydiy is in lack to fix there old problems (like renewing and kia/hyundai remotes) instead of fixing old bugs and stuff they keep on producing new products and that’s bad..
To be honest i would love to switch completely to Xhorse and a little bit done on Keydiy.
I had keyDiy first but when xhorse key tool. came out it was much better and works off the iPhones so I use that a lot. The keydiy asks for Android so I rarely use that on although I have the KDX tool for cloning so I can do both. Prefer the vvdi mini key tool now.
Xhorse seem to have the edge on releasing the newer remotes and do some that kd still can’t.
I like to stock both,you never know if a generated remote will work on a certain car so keep the option of a different company to try incase.
Xhorse quickly over taking Keydiy with coverage. Keydiy is ageing quickly and losing control of the market they invented.
Keydiy is stronger in Toyota’s they both have there pros and cons.
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Xhorse Wired, Wireless, Smart and Super Remote Differences

How to tell the differences among the Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote in 4 methods.
All vvdi remotes are available here:  http://www.vvdishop.com/producttags/vvdi-remote.html
Method 1: Xhorse remote differences in outlook  
Xhorse wired remote: packed in red color, XK series
Xhorse wireless remote: packed in blue color, XN series
Xhorse smart remote: packed in orange color, XS series
Xhorse super remote: in packed purple color, XE series.
Method 2: Xhorse remote differences in PCB
After tearing the pcb board, you will find they are the same in the shell, one question:
How to tell the difference among Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote, the method is to use a screwdriver to open the shell and plwe know their differences.
Note: It is easy to have static electricity in winter. You need to find a metal to discharge the static electricity on your hand before opening.
1). Wired remote PCB
Comes with socket for cable connection programming remote. No Chip.
You need to add a immo chip (like 46 chip) into the wired key before starting the car normally.
2). Wireless remote PCB
No socket (support generation or cloning directly without cables, no need to disassemble remote shell).
With NXP chip (supports the Hitag series, i.e ID46 and ID47), it generates chip in the method of wireless induction.
Wireless remote comes with nxp immo chip and can generate new key directly.
3). Super remote PCB
Built-in with Super Chip XT27A66, support more chip types the wired & wireless remote.
4). Smart/keyless go remote PCB
With 3 inductances.
Folding key.
Support newest cars.
FYI, the buttons of wireless / keyless go / super remote is much better.
Method 3: Xhorse remote differences in price
Single Wired remote price: less than 5 dollars
Single Wireless/Super remote price: 5 dollars to 7 dollars
Single smart remote price: 9 dollars to 10 dollars.
All Xhorse remote price list here: http://www.vvdishop.com/producttags/vvdi-remote.html
Method 4: obtain different bonus points
When generate Xhorse remote for the first time, you will get bonus points.
Wired remote = 25 bonus points
Xhorse wireless remote =40 bonus points
Xhorse super remote =30 bonus points
Xhorse smart remote =60 bonus points
With the bonus points, you can exchange some free Xhorse products i.e mini key tool, tokens, vvdi mb adapters etc.
On the first page of Xhorse APP, click on “Shop”, then “Bonus points”, then “Function”, scroll down and select what you want with your bonus points.


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VVDI Remote and Bonus Points FAQs

How to get bonus points from VVDI Remote?
Bonus points comes only from remotes, cannot be purchased. you can only buy tokens.
You can get
25 points from remote with cable ,
40 points from wireless remote
and 60 points from universal smart key, the point will be record in your device once you use it at the first time.
Remotes can be coded, decode /prepare many times but points you can take from remote only once.
If you use VVDI BE Key pro, you will get 200 points for free. But the token can be used to exchange to token for VVDI MB online password calculation only.
How to check the Xhorse Points?
The bonus points can be stored on the Xhorse points server by using Xhorse Upgrade Kit software.
The bonus points can be easily checked from the Xhorse Customer self-service system .
FAQ VVDI Bonus Points System:
Q1: Can anyone explain what the Bonus Points Reward System is please?
Are there any further expenses to be paid to Xhorse after the initial purchase of the vvdi key tool (other than extra remotes and chips)?
For example is there an annual fee for the latest software updates?
The bonus point system is meant to reward you with points each time you use the Xhorse remotes.
Once you accumulate enough points they can be exchanged for freebies or money of software authorizations for other Xhorse programmers etc.
Q2: Does the Remote have region limitation?
A2: One thing to be aware of though regards these remotes.
All English version remotes can be used for all overseas device (Except India(in) Malaysia(ma)/China(cn)version), such as Europe(eu)North American(na) they can use the same version remotes.
Q3: Update for free except the extra remotes and chips?
A3: As it stand at the moment, there is no fees associated with using the tool, and all updates are free.
Q4: VVDI Key tool Clone 48 96bit authorization
A4: The only thing that you will need to pay for (if you want this function once released for key tool) is the 96bit ID48 cloning.
Keytool user can buy a Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018
1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDI2
since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activations in VVDI2 can combinate Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well.
Q5: How much points does VVDI Remote function give you?
A5: From Xh remote with cable you get 25 bonus points, from Xh-wireless remote you get 40 bonus points.
Q6:How to collect the point? Mine Is always collecting 0 points.
maybe somebody use your remote before you get it ?
A6: once you generate points from remote – you can not get it again simple check points via Upgrate Kit.
Related manual:

Read 2014 Kia Sportage pin code and Program Remote with VVDI Key Tool

As titled, here’s the step-by-step guide on 2014 Kia Sportage keyless entry remote fob programming using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator.
Device used:
VVDI universal remote for VVDI Key Tool
Step 1: Read PIN Code
Insert original remote into left coil of Keytool
Select Automatic Detection Clone
Detect remote type: ID46 HITAGS PCF7936
Connect vvdi remote pcb with VVDI Keytool
Select Remote Program->Asia->Kia->Sportage->NYODD4TX1306-TFL 14-16


Remote frequency 433MHZ
Writing data
Write data success.
Now start to read the pin code via the key
Select Mode1 data acquisition mode
Put the KEYTOOL head antenna near the ignition coil, press OK to sniff data
Insert the original key into the left coil and press OK to start the calculation.
In calculate progress, don’t move the key.
Calculate success.
Move to get More Function
Select Hyundai Password
VVDI Key tool read password success.
Step 2: Program remote
Now we will do remote programming with Xtool X100 PAD2
Select Immobilizer->Kia->Program Immobilizer/Remote->Select from type->Program remote->16 PIN->Type 1->Program remotes




Switch on ignition and turn off, then remove key
Program remote: press LOCK or UNLOCK for more than 1 sec.
Remote programming complete, click YES to program next remote.
Press LOCK or UNLOCK button of vvdi remote key for more than 1 sec
Program complete
Step 3:  Make key programming
Now we make key programming process
Select Type4 (CAN)->Program keys
Insert a key to be programmed, turn ignition on.
Xtool X100 PAD2 will ask pin code to access.
Enter pin code read by VVDI Key Tool
1st key program success
Press YES to program next key.
Insert next key to be programmed. Turn ignition on.
2nd key program success
Turn ignition off, wait for 10 seconds, then turn ignition on
Programming is completed.
Test the new vvdi remote, works no issue.


How to choose a better car remote renew tool

We know
Positive point: First in this work, many remote on list, additional option like “HITAG emulator”
Negative point: PRICE

VVDI KEY TOOLhttp://www.vvdishop.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool.html
Positive point: We can add this adapter to renew keys without soldering, it’s optional and NOT mandatory http://www.vvdishop.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-renew-adapter.html
Thanks to RIMKACHIP for his share:

I have vvdi key tool if you want to know if your key is good just go transponder clone and read key if you see locked not good and unlocked is ok .

for vvdi key tool no need to buy adapter use wires cable same mk3 works fine for some keys not all . If you want to know if your key is good just go transponder clone and read key if you see locked not good and unlocked is ok .


Positive point: Price around 200$
Negative point: Limited list of car


Negative point: it’s a sub for 1 year!!!
700€ including 1 year sub.


No feedback


Negative point: EXPENSIVE tool!!! Awesome and sub, limited car list,

Avdi is expensive if you don’t already have avdi basic hardware, but for people (like me) who already have avdi, adding the renew function is not expensive, but the coverage is small still.

1260€ If you have already AVDI + AMS, otherwise it’s 1260+888 = 2148€



Negative point: In addition need virgin files



RemUnlocker :
Positive point: good coverage
Negative point: the tool seem not have a user manual, and the info around the web are not much.

If i have forget some tool write it please.
Welcome for feedback and experience (good and especially bad)

Credits to didi_du_93000 (DK veteran)

Best Choice and Feedback for RENEW Remote