VVDI2 2017 BMW X1 Backup Coding Failed Solution

Trying to read backup coding for 2017 bmw X1 with Xhorse vvdi2 and this appears
Any suggestions
“Please use “BMW E-sys software” to read/restore coding!!!
Coding1: Unknown version!- SWFL:0000074F, BDFL:0000074B”
Only F series is supported your car is G series. You model is not supported… vvdi2 did not go through.
It needs coding, autohex or bmw explorer or avdi could do this. Or you need to do coding with ISTA-P.

2017 VW Caddy Key Programming Tips with VVDI

Purpose: do a spare key


Key: older style 3 button remote


Car: 2017 VW Caddy


What to do:

I’ve done 2016 exact same yes

But I know in 2016 2017 cars is also possibility to be aes 48 chip
Which cannot clone so check TP type with VVDI Mini key tool.

In another word, check chip with VVDI key tool before doing anything.


If it is AES48 chip can spare key be done with VVDI2.

but you can’t buy aes chips on their own so you’d need an original remote key I believe !
IT won’t take an ordinary id48 if it’s using aes system without modification to eeprom. So best to get correct key.

Hopefully it’s standard 48.


vvdi2 should be able but you need the right key(tp and remote) if mqb..


VVDI tech support: www.vvdishop.com


BMW E series F10 CAS4 Odometer Reset by VVDI Prog & VVDI2

Have CAS BMW E series F10 for odometer program, looking for the best.
Tools and results:
  1. R270: cas dont work ( only shows wait for decode) and eeprom in dash only 160d0wq is ok but 95320 don’t work
  1. i’m still prefer HexTag and original xprog.
HexTag: very good tool for cas 4 read/write ..eeprom functions has many supported features erase and edit automatically ….
Autohex  II + hextag Best for complete job on bmw .
  1. vvdi prog +VVDI2 do very well job on cas 1-4…
    For chips cluster u need to erase chips and after write modified dump on it!
Here simple steps on using vvdi pro & VVDI2 to change km on CAS4:
1). Use VVDIProg to read out the data, save D-flash and P-flash.
2). Use VVDI2 to load D data to change KM, and then save new data.
3). In the VVDI-Prog, select “Unlock” to read/write, click on “Unlock”, after unlock successfully, load new data to D data, then click on “Write”.
4). Click on the right corner, VPP, input FF, finish.
When using VVDI to change BMW CAS4 KM, need to remove the CAS. Remove it out to read, and after writing successfully, solder back.

How to Repair Xhorse VVDI2 if not connected with OBD2?

Here’s the customer solution to Xhorse VVDI2  not connected by OBD2 problem.
You are at your risk.
Today my VVDI2 is no longer connected by OBD2, it has been short to negative.
This component was burned (make smoke), I took it and at least UDS protocol is working, I did not test in Kline.
Can you tell me which component to send and replace on the board?




DIY Solution:
A2SHB component should be replaced.
A2SHB Datasheet – Vds=20V, N-Channel MOSFET
Part Number : A2SHB
Function : N-Channel 1.25-W, 2.5-V MOSFET
Package : SOT23 Type
Manufacturers : Vishay, NXP
Image :
N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor in a plastic package.
1. Very fast switching
2. Logic level compatible
3. Subminiature surface mount package.
1. Battery management
2. High speed switch
3. Low power DC to DC converter.
If you have any problem of Xhorse tools, please contact us at any time.

How to Share License between VVDI2 and Key Tool in new Xhorse App?

In previous post, we have discussed how to share ID48 96 Bit copy between VVDI2 and VVDI Key Toolin old VVDI Key Tool App. How about the new Xhorse App?
Here’s the tips:
1). Customer need to log in the APP and combine VVDI2 and VVDI key tool (check how to combine devices?).
in that account what customer use to login
3).  Enter the account to share the authorization of ID48 copy from vvdi 2 to vvdi keytool , as
Go to Account->Customer Self-Service 


Select Share Authorization 
Note: Product bonus points under the same account can be shared without transfer (except VVDI MB tool)
Each vvdi 2 only can share with one vvdi keytool, and both device need to be combined in same account.

Which tool to Program VW Golf 7 All Keys Lost?

Confirmed: There is no tool on the market that can do MQB platform all key lost …..yet
only dealer + dealer key order
Works with working key only.
  1. Since VVDI2 V6.1.0 Update:
Improvement for MQB prepare dealer key.
Support change MQB key ID (support GEKO online), require use VVDI proximity remote.
VW MQB add new type: Dashboard version 0555, 0556.
Support generate MQB proximity remote: require use VVDI proximity remote and download latest remote database.
How-to’s of
  1. How to program Skoda Octavia 2015 MQB keyless go with VVDI2
  1. How to program Seat Leon MQB remote key with VVDI2 VAG?
  1. How to use VVDI2 to program new keys to VW MQB NEC35XX?
  1. Abrites diagnostics for VAG: Works with working key only.
Key programming for vehicles based on the MQB platform from 2012 onwards. The VN009 special function will allow you to program keys to those vehicles if you have a working key. You can use new keys and keys previously programmed to the particular vehicle.
Supported models:
Audi A3/S3 2014+
Audi A3 8V (2012-2014)
Audi Q2
Seat LEON 07.2014+
Seat LEON 3 5F (2012-2014)
Skoda RAPID 06.2015+
Skoda OCTAVIA 3 5E (2012-2014)
Skoda FABIA/OCTAVIA III 07.2014+
Volkswagen Crafter 2017+
Volkswagen Golf VII (2012-2014)
Volkswagen Golf 7/Polo/Tiguan II/Touran II 07.2014+
Volkswagen Passat B8
Please note: Vehicles with JCI clusters and virtual cockpits are not supported at the moment.
This special function requires an Abrites PROTAG Programmer, internet connection and an active AMS.
A new AVDI Interface or active AMS is required to purchase this special function.
Source: abrites.com

VVDI2 possible to change Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC cluster?

Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC change cluster with VVDI2 OK? If not, how to do?
Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC, i want to change the cluster, but vvdi2 wouldn’t read the old IC.
It’s 8P VDO dash with Fujitsu. VVDI does not support them. Read Immodata from ECU (CS, Login, MAC and immo id) get 7th byte from key and transfer to new dash.
Thanks your reply. I got all data what i need.
From ECU: CS 6 byte, PIN, MAC, VIN, ImmoID, powerclass
From keys: transponder ID and CS 7 byte
After transferred to the new dash, all ok on bench, no SAFE
Installed to the car, SAFE on dash.
I did a short video, no immo fault, strange
If you disconnect ECU, does SAFE go away and you get mileage instead?
If so, I guess it is related to powerclass or MAC.
Upload your immoblock from dash and EDC16 eeprom dump or data.
ECU confdata and cluster immoblock here
ECU cluster:
Your MAC is wrong:
971F1053 is correct one.
Status : 14000051FF is fine
Back to the car and test:
Finally, Works fine.
Credits to @exe123 and @ zolee33 from DK forum.

V1.5.3 Xhorse update kit Free Download

If you are looking for newest Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.5.3, you come to the right place. Xhorse update kit makes Xhorse tools upgrade online more easily.
Xhorse update kit download on mega
30.7 MB
Security: 100% safe
Uploaded by Xhorse Company
  1. Download the mega link and unzip it.
  1. Double click “Upgrade kit.exe“, it will detect to the newest version and you can choose to update to the newest version.
  1. As you can see, it has many options including repair, calculate, bonus point, binding, language setting and device upgrade.
  1. Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.5.3 supports updating most Xhorse tools including:
BMW tool




Xhorse new APP in 2019:
This new APP running on the user’s phone is released for: VVDI mini key tool, VVDI key tool and Dolphin.
You can scan the following QR code to download and install this new APP.
or you can go to Google Play / Apple store and search “Xhorse”.



FAQ Xhorse VVDI2 Audi A3 All Keys Lost

Question 1: can you advice why this xhorse vvdi2 tool is not reading Audi A3 cluster Micronas cdc3217g? I know AVDI can read in 2min.
Never the less is it possible to get 7 byte CS from ECU to make dealer key?
Answer: You can get only 6 bytes from ECU. Reading Micronas in-circuit is also possible with a good programmer to get 7 bytes.
Question 2:Thanks mate I know but I do not want to go stripping instrument, can anyone confirm vvdi2 will not read micronas cdc3217g is this hard to answer yes/No
Answer: No…
Question 3:
Can any one confirm if with VAG obd helper able to read cluster Micronas cdc3217g?
Answer :
If you have working key you can take 6bytes from ECU thru obd and the 7th byte from working key.
Make dealer key and program it.
No need to strip anything.
Question 4: Lost keys or add key. Pretty sure i did some ass a add with VVDI. If Lost keys i use Carprog on it
Answer: Lost key mate otherwise I would not have been crying, are you shore Carprog can read? is this by OBD or solder way?
Question 5: Positive about Carprog mate.
Need some sort of “service mode”. Soic clip will do
Answer: Mate forget carprog on this vehicle, been told the chip in Audi A3 instrument cluster micronas cdc3217g have more memories therefore you have to read by solder connection or you can get a key from dealer and learn by obd tool.
Final Solution:
vvdi2 do it this car AKL
tested work 100%
read abs coding,take out dash read eeprom
make service mode ,write eeprom,put back to car,read immo data,save
and you have pin and cs.turn off ignition and write back orginal eeprom from obd
make dealer key and learning
all ok
tested 100%
car audi a3 2010 year engine 1,6d pcr2,1
VVDI2 works fine on Audi Micronas. For AKL you have to open dash. Without key it is impossible to enter bootloader mode. There is no tool that will get data from dash via OBD in AKL situation.
VAG OBD helper or pull the dash. No big deal.

How to Combine VVDI Mini key Tool Condor Dolphin in Xhorse App?

Xhorse launched new Xhorse app for VVDI Mini Key Tool ,VVDI Key ToolCondor Dolphin, VVDI2 and VVDI MB tools.
How to Combine VVDI Mini Key Tool/Condor Dolphin/VVDI Key Tool in Xhorse App?
Login Xhorse APP, connect device by Bluetooth, enter ‘Device & History’ to combine.
How to combine VVDI2 and VVDI MB TOOL in Xhorse App?
Run upgrade kit, device connect to PC by USB cable
Read device, select’Binding’, customer will get QR code automatically,
Login Xhorse APP, enter ‘Account’–‘Combine device’,
Then scan the QR code to combine to account.