V1.5.3 Xhorse update kit Free Download

If you are looking for newest Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.5.3, you come to the right place. Xhorse update kit makes Xhorse tools upgrade online more easily.
Xhorse update kit download on mega
30.7 MB
Security: 100% safe
Uploaded by Xhorse Company
  1. Download the mega link and unzip it.
  1. Double click “Upgrade kit.exe“, it will detect to the newest version and you can choose to update to the newest version.
  1. As you can see, it has many options including repair, calculate, bonus point, binding, language setting and device upgrade.
  1. Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.5.3 supports updating most Xhorse tools including:
BMW tool




Xhorse new APP in 2019:
This new APP running on the user’s phone is released for: VVDI mini key tool, VVDI key tool and Dolphin.
You can scan the following QR code to download and install this new APP.
or you can go to Google Play / Apple store and search “Xhorse”.



FAQ Xhorse VVDI2 Audi A3 All Keys Lost

Question 1: can you advice why this xhorse vvdi2 tool is not reading Audi A3 cluster Micronas cdc3217g? I know AVDI can read in 2min.
Never the less is it possible to get 7 byte CS from ECU to make dealer key?
Answer: You can get only 6 bytes from ECU. Reading Micronas in-circuit is also possible with a good programmer to get 7 bytes.
Question 2:Thanks mate I know but I do not want to go stripping instrument, can anyone confirm vvdi2 will not read micronas cdc3217g is this hard to answer yes/No
Answer: No…
Question 3:
Can any one confirm if with VAG obd helper able to read cluster Micronas cdc3217g?
Answer :
If you have working key you can take 6bytes from ECU thru obd and the 7th byte from working key.
Make dealer key and program it.
No need to strip anything.
Question 4: Lost keys or add key. Pretty sure i did some ass a add with VVDI. If Lost keys i use Carprog on it
Answer: Lost key mate otherwise I would not have been crying, are you shore Carprog can read? is this by OBD or solder way?
Question 5: Positive about Carprog mate.
Need some sort of “service mode”. Soic clip will do
Answer: Mate forget carprog on this vehicle, been told the chip in Audi A3 instrument cluster micronas cdc3217g have more memories therefore you have to read by solder connection or you can get a key from dealer and learn by obd tool.
Final Solution:
vvdi2 do it this car AKL
tested work 100%
read abs coding,take out dash read eeprom
make service mode ,write eeprom,put back to car,read immo data,save
and you have pin and cs.turn off ignition and write back orginal eeprom from obd
make dealer key and learning
all ok
tested 100%
car audi a3 2010 year engine 1,6d pcr2,1
VVDI2 works fine on Audi Micronas. For AKL you have to open dash. Without key it is impossible to enter bootloader mode. There is no tool that will get data from dash via OBD in AKL situation.
VAG OBD helper or pull the dash. No big deal.

How to Combine VVDI Mini key Tool Condor Dolphin in Xhorse App?

Xhorse launched new Xhorse app for VVDI Mini Key Tool ,VVDI Key ToolCondor Dolphin, VVDI2 and VVDI MB tools.
How to Combine VVDI Mini Key Tool/Condor Dolphin/VVDI Key Tool in Xhorse App?
Login Xhorse APP, connect device by Bluetooth, enter ‘Device & History’ to combine.
How to combine VVDI2 and VVDI MB TOOL in Xhorse App?
Run upgrade kit, device connect to PC by USB cable
Read device, select’Binding’, customer will get QR code automatically,
Login Xhorse APP, enter ‘Account’–‘Combine device’,
Then scan the QR code to combine to account.

Xhorse VVDI2 V6.5.0 released VVDI Super Chip

Xhorse VVDI2 BMW VAG PSA key programmer software update to V6.5.0 on April 23th, 2019.
VVDI2 Version: 6.5.0
*** 2019-04-23
*** Require firmware V6.5.0
************************************************** **********************
!!! VVDI super chip is released, require V6.5.0 software !!!
===== VAG V6.5.0 =====
1. Improvement for Audi A6/Q7(IMM4) adapt Gearbox
2. Bugfix for MQB35xx write immo data
3. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
4. Bugfix
===== BMW V6.5.0 =====
1. Improvement for FEM/BDC key learning
2. ECU/CAS ISN: Support load and decode B38/B48 ISN with EEPROM dump
3. KM repair: Support ALL eeprom read by VVDIProg M35080, 35160, 35128
4. Bugfix
===== Porsche V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== PSA V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V6.5.0 =====
1. Support VVDI super chip, you can change to any type in the list:
11, 12, 13, PCF7935, PCF7936, PCF7937, PCF7938, PCF7939, PCF7946, 48, 4C, 4D, 4D(80), 4E, 8A, 8C, 8E
2. Special transponder: Supprt use VVDI super transponder, it can use reusable, never lock
3. Copy transponder: Support clone 4D transponder
4. Copy transponder: Support clone 4E transponder
5. Copy transponder: Support clone Ford ID83, Kiv ID70
6. Copy transponder: Support clone Toyota H transponder – Require use VVDI super chip
7. Copy transponder: Support clone 8C/4C transponder – Require use VVDI super chip
8. Immobilizer data tool: Euro->Renault->Duster->2010- 95040
9. Immobilizer data tool: Euro->Chevrolet->Silverado->2011 9S08
10. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Toyota->Corolla->2004 93C66(ID4C)
11. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->SAIC->Roewe 360 95160
12. Bugfix for electronic monitor key
13. Bugfix
===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== J2534 V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Online Upate Tool V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V6.5.0 =====
1. Bugfix

VVDI Mini Key Tool send Free Toyota H Transponder Activation

Good news!!! Xhorse rolls out 2019 Easter Promotion. Buy VVDI Mini Key Tool, you’ll get
1.Free ID48 96bit Transponder cloning activation
2.1 Year token for ID48 96bit Transponder Copy (1 token each day)
3.Free Toyota H transponder function
Toyota H transponder Activation Authorization is free to VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool as well.

(Note: Everytime you do Toyota H chip function, VVDI2/KeyTool will take away 200 points. 200 points= 1 token. You can exchange token to points within upgrade kit.
You can obtain points by using VVDI remote keys as well.  )
Now you enjoy free points for 2 months.
Valid: 01/07/2019
After 2 months,
With Xhorse Super chip, free points all the time
Without super chip, take away 200 points each time.
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VVDI2 BMW BDC Coding1: Unknown version Solution

2016 7-Series (BDC system) trying to backup coding by obd using Xhorse VVDI2 BMW and never saw that screen any suggestions?
“Please use BMW E-sys software to read/restore coding!!!
Coding1: Unknown version- SWFL:00005FA8, BDFL:000064F8
unknown G012 type”


 Cause & Solution:
G-Series BDC is not supported with any tool at the moment.
What it means is that you will require another tool to carry out coding. Bmw e-sys dealer kit is an example. Maybe vvdi bmw will be able to help soon.

How to Learn Audi A6 Q7 Allroad Key with VVDI2

Here’s the solution for Xhorse VVDI2 prepares Audi A6/Q7/Allroad 4th immobilizer dealer key successfully but fail to star car.
Reason: The step for key learning is skipped/wrong.
please check guides below to to learn the key correctly.
Audi 4th Immobilizer system- Audi A6/Q7/Allroad
This type use MEGAMOS 8E transponder
If you want prepare a new dealer key, you must know the total 12 bytes CS.
But there’s only 6 bytes CS in ECU, so we need read the whole J518 EEPROM dump.
Read CS from ECU, only read 6 bytes CS and PIN. With 6 bytes CS and PIN help, VVDI2 can use OBD standard method to read/write EZS-Kessy EEPROM (J518), read/write VIN etc
Step 1: Autodetect from engine ECU
Step 2: Read and save EZS-Kessy EEPROM (J518)
Step 3: Load J518 eeprom dump file
Step 4: Make dealer key
Step 5: Key Learning
Note: OBD standard method only support 9S12DT128 type.
In J518 use 9S12DT128 chip (most cars before 2009 use this type).
But does not support J518 with 9S12DT(G)256 chip (most cars after 2009 use this type.)
That means 9S12DT(G)256 type doesn’t support prepare a dealer key with this method.
VVDI2 also can read J518 dump as service model what is only used for make normal dealer key, need to make sure which is chip model, VVDI will read wrong data if is no match, so first make sure what chip  it is.
Read dump with working key is only can be used for make normal dealer key, not for  OEM key, neither for write back to KESSY.
Step 1: Read J518 EEPROM Dump with working key
Step 2: Load J518 eeprom dump file
Step 3: Make dealer key
Step 4: Key Learning

Which Xhorse VVDI Tool and program key for Mini Cooper?

What Xhorse tool can you get for programming mini cooper?
VVDI KeyTool? That’s not for programming.
VVDI Key Tool is chip cloning, chip generator, frequency tester, remote generator dan can reset some used remote/smartkeys to the virgin state.
You need VVDI2 for key programming.
But from what i learn from many friends in many forums it’s quite good for BMW Mini Cas 1, 2, 3, 3+ and may be 4.
As far as i know most of them can be done via OBD (with the exception Cas 3+ in which you need to back up the Cas first by reading it on bench – needed VVDI Prog) but in case you are not really so sure make back up first.
We don’t do BMW or European cars here (not so often). Most of the time we deal with Japan cars.
Look here: how does Xhorse VVDI2 BMW program a new key to mini cooper
Car: Mini Cooper Hatch 3 2018
System: FEM / BDC system from BMW
Tip: How to know yours is CAS4 or FEM?
Method: on the table
There are 5 steps to program FEM/BDC key:
 Attention please!!!
– You can directly backup/restore coding
– You have to pre-setup the FEM/BDC module before deleting/adding keys or resetting keys
– You’ll be told other tools need to be used first to program the FEM/BDC system, then setup FEM/BDC via VVDI2. It happens when you do FEM/BDC key learning, and you don’t have a working software version
– You’d better not close the VVDI2 interface when you pre-setup FEM/BDC
– You need do with 95128(FEM) or 95256(BDC) chip when pre-setup FEM/BDC
Note: there are two 8-pin chips; do not disassemble the wrong chip; better refer to the wiring diagram
– You must restore original EEPROM data, restore coding when pre-setup FEM/BDC. If you fail to restore coding or the remote cannot start or something wrong with the window (or other failures probably) after coding restore and FEM/BDC installation, please use other tools to do re-coding FEM/BDC
– Ask tech support @vvdishop.com for help, if the replay sounds continuously after supplying power to the FEM/BDC. Usually, it needs programming.

How to exchange License between VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool?

If you have Xhorse VVDI2 with COPY 48 96 bit licence , you can share this service to vvdi key tool
Open Xhorse Upgrade Kit , select device you connect to PC, click DETECT and after detected click BIDING

New window will be open in website browser
Please login via Phone number or mail (use this same what you use when you register)
if you not register, please register your device

after proper login, you can see your devices registered

select VVDI2

and select SHARE authorization

If you have more Keytool for example, check if you share licence to proper serial number
(Please know, not all authorization can be shared)

Program Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 Key with VVDI2

How-to: Program Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 immo key when all keys lost using Xhorse VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.
Step 1: Read mcu data 




Disassemble IMMO Box and desolder IC chip MC68HC908 with a hot gun
Solder MC68HC chip to VVDIProg HC058x programming adapter following wiring diagram
select Type 2 MCU->Motorola-MC68HC(9)08->HC08A232_EEP_SECURED
Read and save dump data, i.e jeep 2000.bin
Step 2: Make dealer key
Open VVDI2 software, select Transponder Programmer->Immobilizer Data Tool
Select vehicle information and load eeprom dump just saved
USA-Jeep->Grand Cherokee->1999-hc68hc08
Select an unused key position and press Make Dealer Key
Insert new transponder into VVDI2 key programmer
Prepare dealer key success. It can start engine after write back new dump file or learn it to car.
Save new key dump file
Step 3: Write back new dump
Open VVDI Prog software
Open new key dump file
Press Write
Write data success
Reinstall the immo box back to vehicle.
Now the new key can start vehicle.