How to use VVDI2 to solve problems with E90 CAS3 (bricked)?

I dumped and modified the OL15Y chip in my CAS3 which seemed to go well, until I tried to start the car. The mileage was reading the same on the Dash and CAS readouts in INPA, but whenever I went to start the car, it would spin the starter motor but no start.
I tried to run the CAS>>DME sync in Inpa and also ISTAd to clear the fault for my CAS and DME to communicate, but it failed every time saying “incorrect start value during start value matching”. The fault codes are 4A62 and 4A63 (EWS tampering).
I purchased a spare CAS with the same hardware number and wrote my dump to it, but the car would not communicate with it
Tonight I’ve dumped from my original CAS that would not start the car to check the readout, all looked ok to me, [s]but now I’ve messed up with the soldering iron and damaged the CAS so it won’t respond.


Senior professional advice 1:
You have Xhorse VVDI2, it’s simple. RESTORE original dump to CQS. Choose “file make key” option and tick the box 16 or 64 attempts to start.
Program the key with programmer and try starting. When it doesn’t , put key in programmer and click the window where it says “not start”. After a few attempts it’ll fire up. Done.
If you try doing the same with OBD the tool will mess up your CAS eeprom which happened to me. Car will start once but then you’ll have a A0AA code in CAS.

How to Add Range Rover 2015+ Key with VVDI Prog and VVDI2

How-to: add a new key to Land Rover Range Rover 2015 up using Xhorse VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.   It is also work with all key lost by the same way.
Main steps:
Read KVM  RFA data
Write Key
Rewrite data
Step 1: Read KVM Data
Remove the KVM module
Locate IC Chip RFA MC95S12XET265
In VVDI Prog software, select Land Rover->RFA Unsecured (MC95S12XET265)
Check connection diagram
Connect KVM module with vvdi-prog through MC9S12 adapter
Read D-Flash and save data
Read EEPROM and save data
Step 2: Write Key with VVDI2
In VVDI2 software, select Transponder Programmer
Select Euro->Rover->-Rover/Jaguar 2015-
Load RFA DFLASH and EEPROM data respectively
select a unused key position
Insert new key into VVDI2 programmer
Select Make Dealer Key
Prepare dealer key success.
Write the new dump file to RFA module with programmer
Check key status
Show key ID.  The key can start the car.
Step 3: Rewrite Data 
In VVDIProg software, open EEPROM and write new dump to RFA module
Open and upload DFLASH and write new dump to RFA module
Install RFA module to vehicle.
Test thew new key.

How to avoid VVDI2 CAS3++ Istap Downgrade failure?

Question: What is the best way of preventing the risk of CAS3++ Istap failure when programming key via OBD only?
Using xhorse vvdi2 only.
Suggestion from whom have done many VVDI2 CAS3++:
1) Continuous 13 volts with a voltage stabilizer.
2) Voltage  it’s one thing you need to consider.
3) Voltage… I done lots off them no problems
4) The voltage drop can be the reason it fails.
5) Voltage is the biggest thing. Best way to do it is on the bench to be safe.
6)  The best way to prevent an issue with the downgrade is to not do it via OBD. Or pull the CAS out and read/save the eeprom prior…. It takes 5-10 minutes to do with some practice. Read CAS with programmer .. make key .. put all back ..job done ..
7) Make backup eeprom and flash via vvdi prog programer and than do downgrade or what ever you want
So if you need to do with VVDI2 via OBD. Go and get a battery stabilizer. It will work.
The best way is to backup eeprom and write key on bench.

How to Solve VVDI2 Can’t Find Error by Firmware Update

Have Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Basic Function, installed V6.6.6 software, when update the software, get error ” vvdi2 can’t find”. solution:
Please update the firmware of VVDI2 in the UpgradeKit.
UpgradeKit software free download here:
Size: 30.7 MB
Download the above mega link and unzip it.
Double click on “Upgrade kit.exe”, click on “Yes” to update the newest version.
Select Device: VVDI2
Click on “Find Device”.
Click on “Upgrade”.
Firmware upgrade successfully.




That’s right.

How to Change Phone Number and Bind with Xhorse VVDI2?

If you require a new phone number to be bound the Xhorse VVDI2, how to do? If VVDI2 is bound with a new number, the bonus points will be cleared out? engineer will answer you one by one:
The answer is yes, you are allowed to change a new phone number bound on the Xhorse VVDI2. And yes, the bonus points will be as long as your account has device.
There are 3 steps to change the phone number bound on Xhorse VVDI2:
  1. Register one new user account.
  2. Login the old user account, give bonus points to the new account (Please make sure there is one or more devices activated, only then can new account obtain the bonus points)
  3. The devices will be unbounded from the old device one by one, and bound to the new account.
Attach 3 images of giving bonus points to others:





Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI MB 2019 Xmas On Sale

Xhorse is launching a 2019 Christmas Sale that rewards Loyal customers of VVDI2 and VVDI MB Tool. The purpose is to help more customers obtain free 96bit 48 calculation activation, MBQ
activatio, FEM activation and VV-03 VAG ID48. So that customers will have a happy Christmas.
Take advantage of this new offer, VVDI2 advanced version full complete package with every software activated:
VK-01 transponder programmer
Toyota H software activation
VP-01 Porsche IMMO data tool
VJ-01 Passthru J2534
VV-04 VAG ID48-96 bit
VV-03 VAG ID48
How can you save money from the following 3 promotion options?
Option 1: 2019 Xhorse Christmas Sale.
VVDI2 loyal customer buy VVDI MB TOOL
Required The SN of VVDI2 full (Advanced version)
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l  96bit 48 calculation activation
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l  VV-03 VAG ID48
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Xhorse VVDI2 Program 2004 VW Tourage all keys lost

I was working a 2004 vw tourage, none original key could not program it, i had the pin and cs and no luck. we purchased the new original key from dealer and still no luck. is this a 4th generation immo? i am kind of new to vw key programming. I have tried that, and just regular key programming it opens the cluster, dash, and starts and dies. after turning the key in to off position, it won’t turn the cluster on, the steering is locked also. when I leave the ignition key in the on position, i can access engine control module, kessy also. I don’t know what else to do. any ideas how to get this keys programmed????? i have 2, original and aftermarket. this is a all keys lost situation.


From one User:
Your transponder PRECODING not correct. Must show DEALER key as “YES” then it will work.
From Xhorse engineer:
When using Xhorse VVDI2 to program 2004 vw tourage with 4th generation immo, Phaeton and A8 with K-line immo. In the first step, it prompts to pull out the key and insert it again, please do not pull out the key, just close and open is okay. When learning the key, please follow the prompts to operate, when you hear the ELS/ELV unlocking sound, please insert the dealer key that is generated. It won’t have prompts like 1-2, if the dashboard is not lit, turn the key continuously. After learning complete, to try to start the car, if failed, wait the key lit the dashboard for 5 minutes and start again.

VVDI Prog Read Ford Transit BCM MC9s12DG256

Has anyone successfully read a 2008, Ford Transit BCM, with MC9s12DG256 with mask 0L01Y mask with VVDI Prog programmer.
Try the wiring diagram below:
I think the processor is secured, so try this option first, if fails then unsecured option, don’t need to read ID just hit the read button.
Test report:
Managed to read it ok now. I read the ID just incase it needed to ID the mask before reading. Read it very quickly and a nice easy solder job, when you know where to solder too..
Xhorse Vvdi2 and clone tango are good to file make key.  Once you have a working chip you can add and delete other keys easily.

Program Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Key using VVDI2 MQB Smart Key

Topic: how to add one new key for Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Remote Key via Xhorse VVDI2 & Xhorse MQB remote key XSMQB1EN.
This is Xhorse XSMQB1EN remote key with 3 buttons:


This is working original remote key:
Insert the original remote key to ignition and turn on.
Connect VVDI2 to Skoda Octavia via the OBD2 cable, open the VVDI2 software, click on “Diag” to read out VAG number, version, instrument type etc.
Click on “Read IMMO data”.
Click on “Ok”.
Choose login method 1, then “Next”.
The dashboard is dark…Please read the 7 tips, and click on “OK”.
Click on “OK” to use “Reset Instrument” to active instrument after all the operation is finished.
Click on “Save file”.
Click on “Reset Instrument” until you can see “Reset success”.
Press “OK” to load immodata.
Select “Skoda”, then option 2 ” Make OEM key with “VVDI Proximity remote”.
Click on “Check working key position”.
Pull out the original key from the ignition, and input it into the VVDI2 programmer.
Select “Key 2.”.
Finally click on “Next”.
Click on “Yes”, then “Add key”, then “Yes”






Click on “No” to not save the synchronize data.
Input MQB remote to VVDI2 programmer and continue. (“VVDI2 proximity remote” use VVDI2 transponder programmer -> prepare proximity remote” can prepare MQB remote).
Prepare dealer key success. Please learn the new dealer key to car.
Click on “Add key” and get message ” you should backup EEPROM and immodata before learning key.”
Input key number “2” then click on “Load immo data”.
Click on “Next”.
Car has no keyless.
Insert the dealer key into car and switch on for at least 2 seconds. the time for change key should smaller than 5 seconds. Press Okay button after all key is learned.
Then click on “OK”.
Start learning…
All keys successfully learned.
Test dealer key remote works or not.
Thanks to VVDI2 and the Xhorse MQB Remote key. They did a good job to add remote key for Skoda Octavia MQB 2017.

How to Add Passat 2017 MQB JC Keyless Remote by VVDI2 and OBD Helper

Only working with one OBD helper can VVDI2 add new keys on VW Passat MQB JC keyless remote key.
Immo type:
MQB -Johnson Controls
VAG OBD helper (with Network Connection)
One original keyless GO key
Video Guide
Step 1. Use OBD helper to read the MQB – NEC35XX part immo data
The original remote key can start the car, press the ” Engine start /stop” to turn on ignition on.


Install VAG OBD Helper V1.0.0 software on the computer, connect OBD Helper to the VW – Magotan.
Click on “Read car information” to have info of manufacture, VIN, Immo type, power, key count, KeyID etc.
Reading data…
Connecting to server…
MQB -NEC35XX part immo data success saved…


Step 2: Prepare dealer key first, then learn the new dealer key to car.
Unplug VAG OBD Helper from the VW – Magotan, then connect VVDI2 cable.
Open VVDI2 software, go to VW /Audi /Skoda Online Key Learn -> Special Function
Click on “Diag” and have message Johnson Controls will be supported in future.
Click on “Key Learn” -> “MQB platform instrument immobilizer” -“Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO).


Click on “Immo data prepare key” to load immo data.


Choose car manufacture “VW”, then “Next”.
Click on “Yes” to continue prepare normal dealer key.
Put the original key into the coil of VVDI2 machine.
Select “add key”.






Do you want to save the synchronize data? you can prepare a dealer key with synchronize data while lost all key.


Please input the new key (Xhorse key XSMQB1EN 3 Buttons)into device programmer.
Prepare dealer key success, please learn the new dealer key to car.
Click on “Add key”.
You should backup EEPROM and Immo data before learn key.
Input 2 learning key number.
Click on “Load immo data”.
Click on “Next”
Put the dealer key nearby car ignition switch.




Click on “Yes” to agree car has keyless.
Click on “Yes” to learn keyless GO key.


Learned key number /Total key number:1/2.
Please put 2 key nearby car ignition switch and the press ok.


Start learning…
All keys successfully learned.






Big thanks to VAG OBD helper, that VVDI2 can add new key for MQB -Johnson Controls keyless GO key.