Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program BMW CAS4 All Keys Lost via OBD

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad can program a key for BMW 520D F10 2011 CAS4 when all key lost via OBD successfully. As below is the procedure step by step.


Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus with OBD

A new BMW smart key


Identify Vehicle Model

Immo programming >> Europe >> BMW >> Select from system >> CAS4/CAS4+ Immo system >> Key function >> Start programming









Read Key Information

Generate keys via OBD >> Read key information >> Continue >> Continue

As you can see, the Key 3 position is blank, and the status of ignition switch is “No Key”.

Note: prepare dealer key and reset KM require unlock CAS4, enable key and disable key no need unlock CAS4!











Unlock CAS4

Unlock CAS4/CAS4+ >> Yes >> Save here >> Rename, press “OK”









Wait until updating flash finished…


CAS4/CAS4+ unlock success! You can make dealer key or reset KM via OBD!

After unlock or add a new key, try start engine first, if no start follow with prompts.


Press “OK” to continue.





Program Key

Prepare dealer key with ignition switch >> Select a key position: Key 3


CAS4 autodetect “Unencrypt version”, you’d better select “Unencrypt version” to prepare dealer key!

You can perform “Read ISN from working key” to confirm encrypt method!


Press “Yes” to use unencrypt version.

Press “No” to use encrypt version.

Yes >> OK











Insert a new key to ignition switch and turn on or put it close to emergency start position.

Press “OK”.


Learning key, please wait…


Key learn success! Press “OK”.


Go to read key information again, Key 3 is with new ID information.

Status of ignition switch is “Key 3”.









Let’s test the new key, it does work well.

Xhorse Key Tool Plus CAS4 Key programming has done!







This is a demonstration of how to use VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to program a key for BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 when all key lost.


Program Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch by VVDI

Xhorse SW-007 Smart Remote Watch is designed and manufactured by Xhorse & FIYTA. This is an introduction of using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to program SW-007 smart watch to your car, the tutorial is taking BYD as an example.


How to program?

Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus with car OBD;

Put Xhorse SW-007 watch on key slot.


  1. Generate remote

Remote program >> China >> BYD >> Select appropriate model (BYD all types_smart white sliding key) >> Generate remote







  1. Write password to watch

After generate successfully, press

Transponder clone >> ID46 online calculation >> Start clone >> Write BYD directly


Find out the password from original key, then write it into the smart watch.





  1. Program the watch

After completing step2, go to

Immo programming >> BYD >> Select by model >> Select appropriate model (SONG) >> Start >> Clear and match original key or vice key(no need password)


Completed! Now you have a new generated remote watch including keyless go function, locking/unlocking, trunk opening/panic function, etc.







Let’s test the watch, it can open and starts the car.

Programming has done!


Xhorse Smart Watch will bring much convenience for car owners’ daily life.


Xhorse Key Tool Does Not Have Unlimited Tokens?


Why I cannot buy MB unlimited tokens for the new Xhorse vvdi key tool plus?


No.  The Key Tool Plus does not have unlimited tokens policy.
How to get Mercedes Benz password online calculation token for Key Tool Plus?
3 Ways:
  • Way 1: Buy 1 token or 5 tokens. Require to provide device serial number to activate.
  • Way 2: You can also use VVDI BE key pro or universal remotes to get token from key.  200 points= 1 token.
Add key costs 1 token (200 points) one time and All keys lost costs 2 tokens (400 points).
1 VVDI BE key comes with 200 points. BE key points can be used for MB calculation only.
Generate xhorse universal remote will get bonus points.   You can exchange these points to MB token as well.
Wire remote: 25 bonus points
Wireless remote: 40 bonus points
Super remote: 40 bonus points
Smart remote: 60 bonus points
Link 1 xhorse key cutter get 1 free token per day.
Link 2 xhorse key cutters get 2 free tokens per day.
(If you bind 2 or more key cutting machines, you can get up to 2 tokens per day only.)
If you cannot see points in key tool plus pad,  where to check points & tokens? 

A: Go to Account and bind device you will see points.
same operation as in Xhorse App.
Q: What other token required when use the Xhorse Key Tool Plus?
  1. Benz online calculation token as above
  2. ID48 96bit cloning: you can buy 1 token or get token for bonus points (100 points for per cloning)
  3. Generate Toyota smart card:  200 points (only required in first generation, later it is free)
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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Add a Toyota Corolla Altis 2014 Remote

This is a demo of using new device Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to add a remote key for Toyota Corolla Altis 2014.






Prepare a working key & a new key to be programmed.

Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad with OBD.

Turn on ignition.


Immo programming >> Asia >> Toyota >> Select by type >> Smart key system >> Type 3(8A/4D+ CAN) >> Start programming >> Read the number of keys













Switch ignition on, press “OK” >> OK >> Add a key


Switch ignition on, press “OK”.







It shows the number of registered keys:2, and remains 5 keys can be registered. Press “OK”.





Keep touching the ignition switch with sign surface of a registered key, complete the operations within 30 seconds after clicking “OK”.


You will hear a beep when touching.


Change to the new key, and keep it touching the ignition switch.

You will hear 2 beeps when touching.









Make sure all steps are completed. Wait for registration to complete.

Key registration succeeded! Press “OK”.


The number of registered keys are 3 now, press “OK”.







Now check if the functions of new key are normal. Alright, it works good.





Program Toyota Corrola Altis 2014 a remote key successfully.


Xhorse Key Tool Plus is an all in one automotive solution tool for locksmith daily use.

How to use Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online Recognition

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad newly released Remote Online-cloud Recognition function which enable locksmith to quick and accurate recognize of your remote.


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition




How to use Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition?

Select Remote Program or Remote Clone

Then select Remote Online-cloud Recognition


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 1


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 2



Click Start, your remote can be easily recognized


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 3


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 4



The programming remote was obtained successfully


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 5


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 6


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 7



Sometimes, users need to choose the appropriate remote when recognizing multiple possible remotes

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 8


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 9



Select proper vehicle make and remote type


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 10


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 11


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 12


Xhorse Key Tool Plus Remote Online-cloud Recognition 13



Video reference: