What jobs need tokens when using VVDI Mini Key Tool?

Have a question with vvdi mini key tool:
What kind of work do tokens require?  do I need a token for all cloning? and what other jobs does the token require?
Xhorse engineer replied:
So far, ID48 (96 bit) online calculation requires token.
And Toyota H (8A) online calculation requires token or bonus points ( except you use Xhorse super chip that won’t require token).
You can login Xhose APP, enter menu “Transponder Clone” to details and instructions.

Xhorse Super Chip Better than NXP chip in the wireless remote

Xhorse vvdi super chip supports more chips than nxp chip in wireless remote??
XT27 chip supports much more chips than the nxp chip.
nxp chip can only support 46 47 clone.
nxp chip can’t support 4D and 4C 8A clone, better use  super chip.
Xhorse VVDI super chip support list (Tested):
7935 33 40 41 42 43 44
7930 46
7930 47
7930 4D on board
7930 45 on board
7937 46 on board
7937 47 on board
4D 60 63 70 80 83 82G 67
4E 64
8A Toyota H/Hyundai
43 VAG/Honda
8E Audi/Honda
T3 Buick Model