How to Repair Xhorse VVDI2 if not connected with OBD2?

Here’s the customer solution to Xhorse VVDI2  not connected by OBD2 problem.
You are at your risk.
Today my VVDI2 is no longer connected by OBD2, it has been short to negative.
This component was burned (make smoke), I took it and at least UDS protocol is working, I did not test in Kline.
Can you tell me which component to send and replace on the board?




DIY Solution:
A2SHB component should be replaced.
A2SHB Datasheet – Vds=20V, N-Channel MOSFET
Part Number : A2SHB
Function : N-Channel 1.25-W, 2.5-V MOSFET
Package : SOT23 Type
Manufacturers : Vishay, NXP
Image :
N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor in a plastic package.
1. Very fast switching
2. Logic level compatible
3. Subminiature surface mount package.
1. Battery management
2. High speed switch
3. Low power DC to DC converter.
If you have any problem of Xhorse tools, please contact us at any time.

VVDI2 possible to change Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC cluster?

Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC change cluster with VVDI2 OK? If not, how to do?
Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC, i want to change the cluster, but vvdi2 wouldn’t read the old IC.
It’s 8P VDO dash with Fujitsu. VVDI does not support them. Read Immodata from ECU (CS, Login, MAC and immo id) get 7th byte from key and transfer to new dash.
Thanks your reply. I got all data what i need.
From ECU: CS 6 byte, PIN, MAC, VIN, ImmoID, powerclass
From keys: transponder ID and CS 7 byte
After transferred to the new dash, all ok on bench, no SAFE
Installed to the car, SAFE on dash.
I did a short video, no immo fault, strange
If you disconnect ECU, does SAFE go away and you get mileage instead?
If so, I guess it is related to powerclass or MAC.
Upload your immoblock from dash and EDC16 eeprom dump or data.
ECU confdata and cluster immoblock here
ECU cluster:
Your MAC is wrong:
971F1053 is correct one.
Status : 14000051FF is fine
Back to the car and test:
Finally, Works fine.
Credits to @exe123 and @ zolee33 from DK forum.

FAQ Xhorse VVDI2 Audi A3 All Keys Lost

Question 1: can you advice why this xhorse vvdi2 tool is not reading Audi A3 cluster Micronas cdc3217g? I know AVDI can read in 2min.
Never the less is it possible to get 7 byte CS from ECU to make dealer key?
Answer: You can get only 6 bytes from ECU. Reading Micronas in-circuit is also possible with a good programmer to get 7 bytes.
Question 2:Thanks mate I know but I do not want to go stripping instrument, can anyone confirm vvdi2 will not read micronas cdc3217g is this hard to answer yes/No
Answer: No…
Question 3:
Can any one confirm if with VAG obd helper able to read cluster Micronas cdc3217g?
Answer :
If you have working key you can take 6bytes from ECU thru obd and the 7th byte from working key.
Make dealer key and program it.
No need to strip anything.
Question 4: Lost keys or add key. Pretty sure i did some ass a add with VVDI. If Lost keys i use Carprog on it
Answer: Lost key mate otherwise I would not have been crying, are you shore Carprog can read? is this by OBD or solder way?
Question 5: Positive about Carprog mate.
Need some sort of “service mode”. Soic clip will do
Answer: Mate forget carprog on this vehicle, been told the chip in Audi A3 instrument cluster micronas cdc3217g have more memories therefore you have to read by solder connection or you can get a key from dealer and learn by obd tool.
Final Solution:
vvdi2 do it this car AKL
tested work 100%
read abs coding,take out dash read eeprom
make service mode ,write eeprom,put back to car,read immo data,save
and you have pin and cs.turn off ignition and write back orginal eeprom from obd
make dealer key and learning
all ok
tested 100%
car audi a3 2010 year engine 1,6d pcr2,1
VVDI2 works fine on Audi Micronas. For AKL you have to open dash. Without key it is impossible to enter bootloader mode. There is no tool that will get data from dash via OBD in AKL situation.
VAG OBD helper or pull the dash. No big deal.

How to Learn Audi A6 Q7 Allroad Key with VVDI2

Here’s the solution for Xhorse VVDI2 prepares Audi A6/Q7/Allroad 4th immobilizer dealer key successfully but fail to star car.
Reason: The step for key learning is skipped/wrong.
please check guides below to to learn the key correctly.
Audi 4th Immobilizer system- Audi A6/Q7/Allroad
This type use MEGAMOS 8E transponder
If you want prepare a new dealer key, you must know the total 12 bytes CS.
But there’s only 6 bytes CS in ECU, so we need read the whole J518 EEPROM dump.
Read CS from ECU, only read 6 bytes CS and PIN. With 6 bytes CS and PIN help, VVDI2 can use OBD standard method to read/write EZS-Kessy EEPROM (J518), read/write VIN etc
Step 1: Autodetect from engine ECU
Step 2: Read and save EZS-Kessy EEPROM (J518)
Step 3: Load J518 eeprom dump file
Step 4: Make dealer key
Step 5: Key Learning
Note: OBD standard method only support 9S12DT128 type.
In J518 use 9S12DT128 chip (most cars before 2009 use this type).
But does not support J518 with 9S12DT(G)256 chip (most cars after 2009 use this type.)
That means 9S12DT(G)256 type doesn’t support prepare a dealer key with this method.
VVDI2 also can read J518 dump as service model what is only used for make normal dealer key, need to make sure which is chip model, VVDI will read wrong data if is no match, so first make sure what chip  it is.
Read dump with working key is only can be used for make normal dealer key, not for  OEM key, neither for write back to KESSY.
Step 1: Read J518 EEPROM Dump with working key
Step 2: Load J518 eeprom dump file
Step 3: Make dealer key
Step 4: Key Learning

Program Land Cruiser 2013 Smart Key with VVDI2 and VVDI Prog

Our customer has successfully programmed a smart key to a Toyota Land Cruiser GXR 2013 Middle East model using VVDI2 and VVDI Prog programmer when all keys have lost.
Step 1: Read EEPROM data
Remove IMMO box under dashboard
Desolder IC 93C86 EEPROM chip with a hot gun
Solder the EEPROM chip to adapter and connect vvdi prog with laptop
Open vvdi-prog software
Read and save data. i.e Land crozer 2013.bin 
Step 2: Prepare dealer key
Connect Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer with laptop
Open VVDI2 software, select Transponder Programmer function
Select Immobilizer Data Tool->Asia->Toyota ->Smart Systems->93C66 (86)
Load EEPROM Dump just saved by vvdi-prog
Press Make Dealer Key
Prepare dealer key success. It can start engine after write back new dump file or leant it to car.
Add another new key need load the new data file.
Press OK to save the new dump file
Save new dump file, i.e land crozer 20132.bin
Step 3: Write data back
Open new dump file land crozer 20132.bin
Press Write
Write success.
Now the new key can start vehicle.
If you need to do Toyota all smart keys lost via OBD, go for Tango or Lonsdor K518, both require emulator key to work with.

How to Make VAG 4th IMMO key with VAG OBD cable and VVDI2

When we cannot read immo data from OBD using OBD device, we cannot continue making new keys.

With VAG OBD Helper cable, you can obtain immo data easily via OBD, especially VAG 4th immobilizer system (NEC24C32 NEC24C64, NEC35XX, Johnson MQB A4, A5 etc BCM), both add key and all keys lost.
Here’s the guide to program new dealer key using VAG OBD cable and Xhorse VVDI2. (The cable can be used with other programmers, Lonsdor, SMOK etc as well)
Step 1: Connect VAG OBD cable with vehicle via OBD
Here’s the test equipment, so we disassemble the instrument.
Step 2: Read immo data and engine system information
Open VAG OBD Helper software
Press Read car information
Step 3: Online calculate immo data
Enable network connection and upload data to calculate.
Step 4: Immo data calculated successfully
Save the immo data calculated. The data can be uploaded to other OBD programmers


You can prepare new dealer key and learn key with this immo data in other OBD device.
Press OK will auto open immo data folder
Here we use VVDI2 vag programmer
select VVDI_NEC24C64_IMMO data
Step 5: Connect VVDI2 VAG with vehicle
Open VVDI2 software
Select Key Learn->Key Learn
Auto detect type
Press Immo data prepare key
Press OK to load immo data (support all keys lost data)
Step 6: Load the immo data calculated by VAG OBD helper
Step 7: Choose immo type
Press Next
Use this data to generate dealer key and learn key
Choose dealer key type
Here select Prepare OEM key
If the vehicle state is abnormal, the tampered information or this is no original vehicle key ID in the system,
the data cannot be calculated.
Press Check working key position
Input exist working key to VVDI2. The key position will turn gray once detect success.
Follow VVDI2 prompts to make key until success.
This method can be used for both add key and all keys lost.

How to Enable Free MQB Activation for Xhorse VVDI2

Good News!!!  Great gift from Xhorse. Since today is able to enable for free MQB activation (VV-05) for all user who have VVDI2 Full.  You can buy ID48 96bit cloning and get free MQB, but if you no need copy 48, you can request free MQB.

1.Just for oversea VVDI2 users.

2. Make sure your VVDI2 is full version

(VV-01)VAG 4th immobilizer YES
(VV-02)VAG 5th immobilizer YES

3. Provide your device Serial Number to our customer service.

Along with your full name, country, address, email and telephone number.


4. We’ll inform you when authorization is done.

5. Update your firmware and check free MQB activation.





Xhorse VVDI2 V5.6.0 adds JLR Remote Proximity Programming via Dump

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software Update V5.6.0 on  20th June 2018.
No Firmware Upgrade required
Update Online via Upgrade Tool Now
What’s New Highlights
Finally 1st in the world
all working Remote / Proximity for all JLR – Jaguer & LandRover via RFA/KVM dump, starting + all functionality will work instantly no extra Security Learning OBD programming required.Land rover 2015 all keys lost via transponder prog

VVDI2 V5.6.0 Update Feature:
*** 2018-06-20
*** Requires firmware V5.5.0
===== VW V5.6.0 =====
1. Improve the automatic diagnosis of the public security system
2. Refresh the original firmware (frf, odx, sgo): Supports fast, medium, and slow 3 refresh modes
3. Other bug fixes
===== BMW V5.6.0 =====
1. Repair BMW FEM/BDC backup and recovery code, support to version ISTAP64.2
2. Other bug fixes
===== Porsche V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Peugeot Citroen V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Key Programmer V5.6.0 =====
1. Fix remote copy instability
2. Fix the issue of smart card generation
3. Add write startup: Europe -> Land Rover -> New Land Rover/Jaguar (2015-) MC9S12EXT256/MC9S12EXQ384
a. Need to load KVM/RFA DFLASH and EEPROM data
b. Support emergency start function, need to write back BCM DFLASH data
c. After the key is generated, write new data back to the KVM/RFA module. The new key is started directly. The remote control is intelligent and effective. No additional matching is required.
d. support to erase the lost key
4. Other bug fixes
===== 96-bit 48-copy V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== J2534 V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Online Upgrade V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes
===== Quick Start V5.6.0 =====
1. Other bug fixes

VVDI2 Golf 5 EDC16U1 K-line Data Upload Failed Solution

Hi, I have with Xhorse vvdi2 vag v5.5.0 problems with edc16u1 ecu and dashboard.
It can’t read golf 5 2005 year. Something not ok with it
It looks like K line not working.
picture attached:
Error “Can’t connect to device. Switch ignition OFF/ON and retry”
Error “Non-standard upload data failed”
Here’s the customer solution:
I test it this morning and all works fine now.
I removed soldering ball and i reinstall drivers and all working fine.
It reads now over kline it detects edc16 ecus and it read immo data eeprom and also dashboard it can read now.
I check k line from vvdi2 db25 connector on PCB to the optocupler (relay) omron, and from it to the ADG1606B multiplexer then from multiplexer to the L9637 interface. Then from it to the mcu Rx and TX line. All is ok. Even replace from vvdi 1 L9637 ISO 9141 interface. Didn’t work. Then I measured supply to the omron optocoupler relay it has 1.2 v when activate Kline communication. Check also 120ohm pull down resistors, check supply to the multiplexer ADG1606B it is ok 3.3v ako also on iso 9141(L9637) interface, and also I have on oscilloscope TX and TX signals from mcu to the L9637 it send data when It activate Kline. And in the end I found one solder ball between legs of multiplexer. You can see it on picture that I send you before. First time i open it. That was the main problem and USB drivers.
this is all i tested on this interface. Now all is fine and i can work now 😉
Interface is very high quality production, but this is something that happens from time to time.
Hope this helps.

Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 Configuration File Database

Attention: VVDI2 database file released newest version: V1.0.0, Please update
your software with VVDI2-Update tool.
VVDI2 database file lower version may cause some function failed. WE
Update VVDI2 Configuration File via upgrade kit
Or download VVDI2-Configuration file database here directly: